Possible Regrets
An Inkheart ONESHOT
By: Indigo March

Note: Read this if you thought Farid was icky, kissed too many girls that WEREN'T Meggie, and if Doria totally ROCKS your SOCKS!


He was losing her. He felt it.

This was confirmed when he saw her laughing with him by the fire, their fingers laced together, her head resting too casually against his shoulder. He looked too comfortable with his stupid dimpled smile and his eyes twinkling at her like that.

As much as Farid tried to hate him, he couldn't. Doria was too nice and, as much as he despised admitting it, perfect for Meggie—much better than Farid would ever be.

He had spent so much of his time away from her with Cheeseface, sneaking kisses from the maids, worrying about Dustfinger, that he had pushed her away, and rather quickly too. He had broken her heart.

And it had come to this: Farid feeling utterly alone while Meggie fell in love with the boy with stiff fingers.

He sighed, unaware of the accusing eyes of Silvertongue—nothing got past Mo. He knew more or less everything that went on in the camp of the Strolling Players.

Farid only became aware of Meggie's father when he sat down beside him with a loud sigh. "Well, Farid, what are you planning on doing now? Running off with Briana?"

Farid looked at him like he was crazy. "Briana hates me."

Silvertongue smirked. "She does, doesn't she?"

Farid frowned. "So, apparently, does Meggie."

"She doesn't hate you," said Mo. "You just broke her heart."

"Which gives her reason to hate me," Farid pointed out.

"Well…yeah, pretty much."

Farid looked at him. "Aren't you, as the adult, supposed to make me feel better? Isn't that what adults do?"

"Farid, you're nearly an adult yourself," said Mo, raising an eyebrow. "Make yourself feel better. Maybe you should've thought more about Meggie and less about what you wanted." Mo looked over at his daughter. "She's happy now, Farid. And you've chosen Dustfinger over her."

Farid opened his mouth to object but Mo held up a hand. "You always have."

Without another word Mo stood up and walked over to Theresa, who was sitting by the fire with Roxane, a hand on her bulging belly.

"Farid!" Dustfinger called, standing on the edge of the camp. "We're out of here!"

Farid stood up from his spot close to the fire, Roxane doing the same and walking over to Dustfinger. Farid stole one last glance at Meggie, who was blushing as Doria whispered something to her.

He was distracted in the form of Jink, who climbed on top of his shoulder, hissing at Gwin as he bounded past them to Dustfinger, who was helping Roxane up onto her horse.

"Ready to go?" Dustfinger asked him.

Farid, not trusting himself to speak, only nodded.


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