Since the story "No one would Listen but her" got such great review, and nonstop e-mails asking me to do another FemKyuubixNaruto story, which I LOVED writing by the way… I decided to take their advice and do another. I don't know how long I'll write this for but it will begin on Naruto's 19th birthday.

Chapter 1: She was there, the unseen angel.

Naruto was surrounded by a few of his friends as Tsunade brought out a birthday cake. As he stared into the candles, he remembered he used to resent the day he was born every year. He remembered the scar and beatings he received when he was a kid as the flame flickered in his mind. Without knowing it his eyes began to tear in front of all his smiling friends. Tsunade was the first to notice the tears in his eyes.

"Naruto-kun what's wrong?" Tsunade asked looking into his eyes. She swore his eyes had dulled from blue to absolute black. Tsunade gasped as she could see the darkness in his eyes absorb all the sadness in the world. Ino and Sakura had noticed as well followed by Hinata, Kiba, Kakashi, and the rest of the group of people that crowded his apartment. They all saw the dark in his eyes as Tsunade tried to snap him out of it. Naruto couldn't hear her or anyone. The black aura his body produced seemed to start to affect everyone. Soon everyone in the room felt the burdens, a glimpse of the pain, and fears Naruto carried. Naruto's mind heard a voice as his body lay down in front of the cage that he knew so well. He heard the voice of the masculine Kyuubi call out to him.

"So the Kit has returned… To what do I owe this… pleasure?"Naruto kept his eyes closed. Moments flew by as the Kyuubi got more impatient. "What's the matter kit? Cat got your tongue? If he doesn't I'll be happy to take it from your mouth." The voice once again spoke as a pair of gleaming eyes watched over him. "Hey Kit this may be your mind but you're in my domain and…" Naruto had enough. Naruto lunged forward into the cage and punched the Kyuubi in the neck. His anger clouded his judgement as he didn't notice the silky feel of the Kyuubi's fur as he gripped the fur to hold on.

"Shut up… Just shut the hell up for once!" Naruto begged crying into her fur.

"You got a death wish or something? Coming in here and attacking me like that…" Kyuubi said pissed off. Naruto continued to cry into the fur as his grip tightened on the fur. "Answer me!"Kyuubi demanded as Naruto's mind was nearly ready to break.

"It's all your god damn fault you asshole fox…" Kyuubi growled at him.

"What the hell did you say to me?" She got pissed and wanted to shake him off as she heard his voice crack.

"What the hell did I ever do to deserve the treatment of this village? What the hell did I do? My friends help null the pain, but I can never fully get rid of it!" He began pounding at her skin again. "It's your fault all this happened. It your damn fault because you are such a heartless…piece of…SHIT!" (the… means a pounding of Kyuubi's skin) Naruto cried as he continued to pound at her neck. Kyuubi understood the boys rage but something inside her felt sorry for him, some feeling like she deserved anything he did to her. With her anger slowly subsiding watching the nearly broken Naruto stab at her neck with an imaginary knife, he began to remember the darkness that plagued him…

The cold rain started beating down in Konoha as Naruto found himself another cardboard box to crawl into for the night, or so he had hoped. A woman slowly approached the alleyway with a metal dulled edge kitchen knife. She turned down the alley way as she was told this is where the 'monster' slept in the rain. No one bothered him during the rain here. It was hoped he'd catch hypothermia and die. She approached the box seeing Naruto shiver in fear and of his body feeling freezing under the conditions. She kicked the box, watching as the box flew over the fence behind him. Naruto's eyes widened with fear as he tried to crawl away. She lunged forward like she was undead and grabbed him. She spun him around and slammed him into the muddy concrete, nearly smashing the back of his skull. He stared up at her and watched as she began to cry on top of him.

"His name was… nothing, I had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and I hadn't even named him yet…" She cried down at Naruto. "I heard him cry as they checked him. He was perfect they said." Naruto turned his head to see the knife gleaming from the nearby street light. "Then the roof of the hospital collapsed and I watched as they took him out of the room to be crushed later by debris. I wondered for such a long time what he did to deserve that fate? What did I ever do to deserve such a thing" She watched his eyes cower in fear of the knife. She looked over at the instrument, the tool she carried. "They say you are the creature that killed my son that day. They say you are a monster that needs to die in order for there to be justice done for who were lost on that day." She looked back down at him with cold dead eyes. "Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. I don't care at this point. If you aren't I'll end your life so you won't have to live in pain anymore. If you are the monster that did this to me, I'll have my justice." She lifted the knife above her head. Naruto wanted to run but was paralyzed in fear.

"I swear I didn't do anything… I'm not a monster! I'm just a kid!" She looked down at his in almost pity.

"So was he…" She said slamming the knife down into his stomach. Naruto screamed louder than he ever did before as she thrusted the dull knife over and over again downwards into his skin, blood flying everywhere. She thrusted for the last time not to hear a sound come out of him. She looked down as the alley, including the walls, were splash painted with a crimson mask. Naruto's body lay gashed in fresh wounds. Sticky blood flowed from his wounds and mouth as he lay there motionless. She placed her hands together. "If there is a god, or gods. If there is a higher power… forgive me and forgive this child or demon. I know not which he is but I'm sure he's in your hands right now. Judge him as he is and by his actions through his life." She said splitting her two hands apart and walking away. Naruto lay there in his pool of blood, the Kyuubi barely able to save him as his wounds slowly heal.

"Just let me die…Whatever you are… just let me die…" Naruto begged as he knew something was healing him. He blacked out as more then 2x his entire body worth of blood had been spilled. 'why…' he thought. 'why…'

He stared at the Kyuubi's neck and began to thrust down as she did to him all those years ago. Kyuubi barely felt it but can tell he was losing it.

"Kit calm the hell down!" Kyuubi roared at him but he remained in the trance. "Kit!" Kyuubi screamed "KIT!" She screamed using her paw to swat him off her. His body flew into the bars and fell lifelessly to the floor. "Shit… I did that too hard…" Kyuubi said not sure it was out of self preservation or something more. She looked down at his body and found that he was motionless as his stared into darkness, in which his heart had been overcome with. Kyuubi knew that look in his eyes. "Snap out of it kit!" she once again roared at him. She saw no movement in his body. She bit her lip. "Damn it kit!" She said transforming herself into her naked human form. She ran over to him after opening her round eyes. "Kit get the hell up… KIT!" She raised her hand and slapped him hard against the face. Naruto snapped out of it. Looking at the ground of the cell, he tried to re-call where he was. He looked up to the girl that was holding him.

"Who are you?" He said forgetting where he was.

"Hold still, I'm going to heal you." She began to heal the essence that is Naruto as his mind and thoughts returned to him. He looked around to notice he was in the Kyuubi's cage. Naruto's eyes shot open as he looked back at the girl healing him.

"You're the damn fox aren't you?" Kyuubi tried to not let it show that that comment hurt her.

"Not now kit, I'm still healing you." She looked down towards his legs and started to heal a wound as his hand reached out and grabbed her breast and squeezed it slightly. Kyuubi slapped his hand away after grunting in pain. "No touching…" She said felling his hand return to her breast, but this time her nipple. She smacked his hand away again. "What part of 'no touching' don't you understand?" Naruto laid there with rage still inside him but curiosity got the best of him.

"You're a girl?" Kyuubi sighed.

"Yes Naruto I'm a girl… got a problem with that?" Naruto shook his head no. "Good now let me help you." She boldly claimed as that comment sent a wildfire through Naruto's mind.

"Help? You want to help?" Naruto said feeling his anger take him over again. "Go lie in a fucking ditch and die!" He saw now swatting her hand away from him.

"Hey… what the hell kit… that kind of hurt." She said looking over at the boy.

"Bullshit! If you had one, just one scrap of kindness or good in you, then why did the villagers attack me thinking I was you? They just too damn happy to see you?"

"Kit I made some mistakes, can't you at least forgive me and we clean the slate?"

"No, I'm tired of all this… I'm sick and tired of having you inside of me!" Kyuubi's pointed ear bent down hearing Naruto like this. "Just tell me how to get you the hell out of me!" Naruto screamed looking around the cage for something, then remembered the seal on the bars. "Is that it huh?" Naruto yelled pointing to the seal.

"Kit calm down."

"I won't!" Naruto screamed almost scaring her.

"I'm not a monster kit, I have a heart and soul just like you…" Kyuubi said hearing Naruto chuckle and laugh like he was a madman.

"Well… the Kyuubi no Kitsune has a heart huh? What is it the size of a damn pea? Raisin?" He chuckled some more. "and she has a soul she says… well I hope it burn in hell!" He suddenly got loud. She slapped him across the face.

"That's enough… I admit I haven't always been good, but I want to redeem myself."Naruto's head went limp after the slap.

"Then finish what you started with me." Kyuubi got confused, wondering if he was still in his insanity. "I will release you, you will kill me and never return to this place again…"

"No." She said cutting him off.

"place again and you will…"

"No." She once again stated. He grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her close so their eyes were close.

"If you have a heart, if you have a scrap of goodness in you, then you will end it for me. You won't let me live the rest of my damned life unhappy!" After a moment of pause, he continued again. "How can I continue to live knowing I'll always be alone because of you! Even my friends fear me at some point because of you and your power! Let alone I'll never find someone to love! What point would be there to live?!" He demanded "Tell me!" He yelled, his voice breaking and tears falling from his eyes.

"Naruto then how about I redeem myself by pledging my loyalty to you. I'll be yours to command until the end of your days. I'll be by your side no matter what. You may do whatever you deem fit to me. You may use me as a tool to fight for you. Anything you want, it will be yours. I will obey you without question." Naruto looked at the cage floor for a second.

"Then take it a step further… "Was that possible? ", If you truly want to make me happy and redeem yourself then help me get a girlfriend so I can be happy for once in my life!" Kyuubi thought about it for a moment. "Just once in my life I want to know how not to be alone at night! For once!" Naruto shouted. Kyuubi was somewhat hurt that he never considered her to be there for him but at the same time knew she knew what she was and most of what she had done. She wasn't a saint and did try on many occasions to kill him. She sighed.

"So all you want me to do for you, for you to forgive me is to find you a girlfriend?"Kyuubi's heart was almost screaming 'Pick me! Pick me!' Naruto nodded. Kyuubi's life was empty to. She wanted to be human, to live and love. Not be some monster that everyone is afraid of. It is what made her heart love Naruto so much. He would demand things of her, never afraid of her. He would barge into her cage like he was king, and to her, he was. She loved the fact she wasn't feared for once in her life. In return, she would give Naruto what he wanted, her power. After he left her, every time she wondered just what kind of boy he is. As the years went by he came often demanding her power or sometimes asking. She almost enjoyed giving it to him as a reward for being so brave. She wanted to date this boy, she wanted to know everything that she didn't already know. She wanted him.

"Will you do it?" Naruto asked looking into her eyes. Kyuubi wanted to say she already found him a girlfriend, she would do it. She wanted to beg him to take her as his girlfriend, slave… whatever he wanted of her, but her personality at doing this was one of only cruelty and harshness. She thought about it for a moment, trying to find the right words. "Will you?" Kyuubi decided on the best course of action.

"I will, but only if you let me out of this cage." Naruto scoffed.

"I'm not stupid, I know I was angry before and I said something about letting you out but I was angry. I won't let you out that easy." Naruto explained. Kyuubi smiled… at least he wasn't dumb.

"Then how about putting me on a leash and…" Damn her kinky side… she had to watch her words. She was lucky she stopped herself from saying some obscene things. "and only allow me certain things in reward for helping you." Phew… that was tough to say without her mind going hentai. While she had never mated, her mind still thought of these things.

"What do you mean?" Kyuubi materialized a contract from nowhere.

"This contract will allow you to control just how much freedom I get. When you sign it you will, for lack of a better term, own me. You will take out the contract and tell it what I am allowed to do. I then may only do what you tell it I can do. If you tell it I can't breathe for example, I won't be able to breathe. I did list in here basics that I'm allowed to do. Such as talk, walk, eat, sleep etc." She looked at him before sticking her arm out to him. "Will you do it?" Naruto took the scroll hesitantly and read the entire thing, nearly pissing off Kyuubi from waiting so long.

"What do I do to sign it?" Kyuubi pointed to the bottom of the paper.

"Sign it like you would a summon contract and then issue the command word of 'activate.'" Naruto put his name down first, then placed his bloodied hand down on the scroll. He looked up at Kyuubi before issuing the command word.

"Activate." He watched as his blood glowed as it became sealed in the paper itself. Then a small symbol of the fox appeared above it also in blood, but not his. Kyuubi felt the change occurring as her body reacted to the deal they had struck. She looked down at him, still kneeled over the contract.

"May I ask you to let me out of your body now?" She asked putting on a smile. Naruto thought about it for a moment. What could it hurt? She was already bound to him.

"So how do I do that?"

"Like I said before, tell the scroll what I am allowed to do but only you are allowed to tell it." Naruto looked down at the scroll.

"Scroll thing… the Kyuubi no Kistune may leave my body and the seal but only when I let her." The scroll glowed. Naruto smiled but turned around as he heard the emergence of fire on the cage itself. He watched as the seal on the cage burned away and was replaced by a new seal. He turned back around to Kyuubi who had a smile on his face.

"Can we finish this outside please? I'd rather not be in the place anymore. I've seen too much of it."Naruto nodded and they found themselves outside his mind and body. Naruto returned to see all his friends gathered around him.

"Your finally awake…" Tsunade said with a large sigh. "I was worried about you there. What happened?" Before Naruto could let words ring from his mouth.

"I can answer that." Kyuubi said drawing the attention of all Naruto's guests as they turned around to see a 6'11'' naked woman. Every guy in the place fainted from a fountain of blood spurting from their noses as the girl's mouths dropped at the naked sight. Tsunade was the only one to notice that her round crimson eyes with slit pupils with hair of orange and red weaved beautifully into a long thick hair that put any 'fiery' red head to shame. She stood arms crossed against her nipples. Kiba smelled that she reeked of foxes, which either meant she was a fox or bathed with them. Kiba never thought of the correct answer but was forced to decide to confront her about it.

"So just who the hell are you? You smell like foxes and you body is…" Kiba sniffed one more time. Kiba blushed at what he smelled. She was aroused and furthermore, she was near leaking.

"None of you need to know who I am. Just know that Naruto is my primary goal." She said trying to walk forward but was stopped by a kunai to her throat by Tsunade. "Why do you want to get in my way?" Kyuubi asked getting pissed at the reception she was given.

"Who do you work for?" Tsunade demanded putting the kunai into her throat on the verge of breaking skin. Kyuubi growled which made Tsunade realize she wasn't just another woman as she slit her throat to find a shadow clone. "How the hell does she know that?" Kyuubi laughed reemerging next to Naruto.

"Because Naruto here taught it to me." Tsunade looked at Naruto like she wanted to rip off his head for teaching an enemy ninja… or whatever she was such a forbidden jutsu.

"Baa-chan this isn't what you think! She's…" Naruto wanted to not say who she really was. "a friend of mine that I've known for a very long time." It seemed to fly as most of Naruto's friends lowered their weapons.

"So how come we've never seen her?" Naruto was screwed. He couldn't think of a response to that.

"Let's just say that I've known Naruto for a long time but never really hung out with him much. He comes to visit me often to ask for favors. I've probably never been seen because when we are together it's in a secret place." Pretty much the truth but not quite everything… PERFECT! Naruto sighed in relief.

"Then why are you here now and why are you naked?" Tsunade continued on.

"I'm here now cause it's his birthday. Why I am naked? I've never worn cloths and hope never to wear them. They are itchy and I tear them, and my back, to shreds when I wear them." Naruto sighed in relief that Kyuubi was really smart.

"You could just wear a little?" Tsunade said looking at the fact she didn't even bother to cover her most sensitive parts.

"Why the hell would I? Not like these kids are never going to see what a woman looks like."She said almost deliberately spreading her legs out just a smudge more. "Besides, it's fun to watch human males fall back in nose bleeds." Kyuubi started laughing not realizing her screw up with the word 'human.'

"What do you mean human males?" Tsunade demanded once more. Kyuubi stopped laughing realizing her mistake. She smiled and wanted to unleash all nine of her tails and scare the living shit out of them but they were Naruto's friends so… not right now.

"As that boy said I reek of foxes and that is because…I am known to you as a demon." Suddenly everyone other then Naruto gasped and stared at the girl wide eyed. Tsunade put two and two together.

"A demon… foxes… You don't mean you're the…" Tsunade said reaching into her back pocket to try and find something to help them subdue her. She felt a clone of the woman stop her hand as she held it behind her back.

"No wonder why you're the Hokage… you're just soooooooooooooo smart!" Kyuubi mocked as she wrenched her arm. Tsunade screamed as Kyuubi grinned at the power she had over the woman. Naruto gritted his teeth as he had to stop her.

"Kyuubi-chan is not allowed to touch Baa-chan!" Naruto screamed hoping that the scroll heard him. It did. Kyuubi grunted in terror as a bolt of lightning struck her arm through Tsunade and threw her into the wall. Kyuubi growled as two of her tails emerged, her eyes became sliced and her skin letting off orange chakra.

"Don't ruin my fun like that Naruto!" She growled at him.

"Then stop hurting my friends!" Naruto yelled at her. "Or I swear you will never see the outside again!" Naruto continued to threaten her. Kyuubi didn't want it to end like this. She wanted him to love her, not to hate her, but her fun side wanted to play around with them. She didn't want to hurt anyone, but she got carried away.

"Please forgive me Naruto… I haven't been out in awhile. I got carried away." Everyone's eyes turned back to Naruto who was calming down slightly but he was still mad at her. The question on everyone's mind now was, 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!' but it was once again Tsunade who spoke up first.

"You can control her?" Tsunade said making the connection between his wording before and her response to it, along with the fact after he said it she was thrown into a wall and blamed Naruto for it.

"He can control what I can and can't do. His father made sure of that." Kyuubi said drawing the attention back to her and this time without tails or chakra hovering around her. "He told me so on the day he died…"


Minato stood on top of Gambunta finishing the preparations for sealing the Kyuubi away. He knew that the nine tailed fox couldn't die while on this realm of existence. She may only be killed were she was created, were she was born. Only while there may she die, but she can be sealed away. Kyuubi watched as Gambunta charged her and she dodged with ease when suddenly the control over her was broken. She now stood confused as to what was happening. She remembered something happened then nothing. There was nothing to explain why she was bloodied and in this world. She saw as Minato screamed as she felt her very being ripped as she was pulled into a new born child with yellow hair. Jiraiya was too late to give Minato the message about her. It was done and there was nothing he could do to stop his death. Jiraiya swore on that day, he would bring the person responsible for this down. Jiraiya ran to the place were Minato and Naruto lay side by side in the rubble of a ruined building outside the leaf village that Kushina and Minato would go to to have a nice relaxing, romantic evening.

"Forgive me, Naruto-kun. I'm not going to be around you to see you become the great man I know you will be. Your mother and I saw so much potential in you the day you were born. We had such dreams and hopes for you. We wish we could have been there for you. I only wish that you were old enough to hear this." Minato noticed Jiraiya standing outside the rubble.

"Minato-sama, the Kyuubi was being controlled, she wasn't doing this by choice." Minato smiled.

"I already knew that." Jiraiya grew wide eyed.

"Then why did you…?" Jiraiya wasn't sure what to think right now.

"Because she will help him, she must help him. When I learned of the Kyuubi's attack, it sounded nothing like what she would do. The nine tails can get enraged but out of the blue like this was too strange. I figured whoever was controlling her must be an Uchiha. They hadn't really liked us very much lately, but at the same time their brothers and sisters were in the fight as well, they died so I wondered who could it be? The only way anyone would ever know would lie in my son. She knows the answers. It is why I sealed her in my son. He will not be her jailor, but her protector. He will guide her and make sure that next time we are prepared against such an attack. She will do this because she will be with him. We expect great things from you Naruto-kun." He placed a kiss on the forehead of the child. "It's up to you now, to carry on our names." Minato's mouth began to bleed blood as he knew Jiraiya had started calling out to him but could no longer hear him. "You are my son, you will be this village's greatest…" Minato fell to the floor with a smile upon his face 'Hero, Hokage and legend…' Minato's eyes never closed as Jiraiya began to shake him and cried as he watched Minato's life die from his eyes. After Tsunade arrived she shook her head and declared him dead. She looked over at the baby boy and asked what Minato wanted for him. Jiraiya looked over at the boy, while knowing it was Minato's son, couldn't help but feel hate for the boy causing the death of one of his closest friends and teacher. He wanted to say he wanted him dead but looked at Minato's smile and figured that the least he can do is want his son safe. He remembered the words he spoke, telling Jiraiya that he was sacrificing himself for his son. His son will live.

(End of flashback)

Naruto's friends nearly teared up listening to the story of Minato's final plight.

"His son has become all of that. He has always been this village's greatest hero and mine as well. Minato-sama's sacrifice wasn't just to protect himself and the village. It was to protect everyone, including myself. Naruto-kun has complete control over me because Minato-sama wanted him to protect me from those who would use me against you." Everyone looked at Tsunade who looked down towards the floor.

"Is that true Tsunade-sama?" Tsunade nodded.

"Jiraiya told me the same thing a long time ago. I'm wasn't sure before that is was true, but I suppose it is." Tsunade turned to Naruto. "Your father left this for you." Tsuande said taking out an envelope that he could tell had been put through 19 years of weather. "I haven't read it and I wasn't sure you were ready yet but I guess you are." Naruto took the letter as he carefully opened it. Everyone gathered around as he began to read the worn note.

Hey son,

I know you probably already know that I died from the sealing of the Nine tailed fox, and if not I told Jiraiya-kun to burn this message. Since you are reading this, it means I did die and the Kyuubi-no Kitsune is sealed inside of you. I know it will be hard to understand why you, but let me explain something about her. The Kyuubi no Kistune is a magnificent woman. She is fiercely loyal and provided me with some laughs from time to time. I say this because what I am about to tell you not even the Hokage truly understands. A long time ago, back when the village was first created, the first hokage had all nine tailed beasts sealed inside rings, which he used to make himself extremely powerful. He gave tailed beasts to other forming villages as a sign of friendship and loyalty, but always kept the nine tails to himself. She spoke to him through the ring he wore and struck a deal with him. She would be set free in return for her loyalty to the leaf as its secret protector. She kept her word for many years and from time to time stopped in to check on the progress in the village. We never really did find out where she went all the time but she stayed within the village. Mostly dressed as a civilian. I tell you this because despite her first attitude towards you, she will come to love you I know it. Anyway, I sealed inside you, with her, the scroll you can use to control her movements until she settles down, she has a worse temper then your mother you know…

The paper seems to have indications of a struggle as he tried to make out what happened. He continued down the page until he found words he could understand

Sorry about that, I don't have time to write a new page and you mother is mad at me right now. Just know that we both love you and know you will come to do great things for this village. Our village and home.

Love always,

Your mother and father

Namikage Minato and Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto cried for a moment before standing up and walking towards the Kyuubi. She watched him as he slowly dragged his feet across the room and approached her. No one moved as Naruto's hair fell in front of his face and spoke.

"My father… what was he like?" He said softly. She wouldn't have heard him if she didn't have acute sense of hearing.

"A brilliant man who in many times asked for my assistance in battle. He created a jutsu that made him known as the 'Yellow flash' and with me at his side we helped defeat many enemies."

"And my mother?" Naruto asked with tears still streaming down his face.

"A near replica of me. She was smart and well educated, mannered and always knew how to draw a smile out of people. You remind me a lot of her. She had a bad temper if you ever saw it but most of the time she was well spoken. She never shut up once about how much she said she would love you after you were born. She would always rub her stomach and say that she felt your very life inside her and that would brag how he would become such a noble and respectable man like his father." She paused to watch it soak into Naruto's mind. She then smiled and chuckled. "Everyone would tell her she was crazy but she was right after all. You became strong and loyal to your friends. You have the respect of all of them through earning it. You have truly become what you father and mother expected of you." Naruto began to cry softly, gradually becoming louder as he heard more. Naruto's voice cracked but he still spoke.

"Kyuubi-chan…" He said startling her with the –chan. "please forgive me." He said wrapping a large hug around her and cried into her shoulder. Kyuubi didn't mind, she was expecting Naruto to break down sooner.

"It's alright Naruto-kun. I'll be there for you." She said throwing her naughty thoughts aside and giving him a hug back. Tsunade watched as most of his friends couldn't believe what they saw or heard but it was only the beginning.

Chapter 1 end.

This will not be a one shot, this will not be a 2 chapter story. I will make this story longer so long as I know will continue to read it. College has me swamped most of the time so I'm sorry if I'm delayed in getting out chapters but I will make every free second working on it and creating the story I expect from myself and you expect from me. To make it simple: More chapters will come!