A/N: Slight rape scene. Not actually going into the details of the rape but it's clear it was rape. I'll highlight it if you would like to skip it, only 5 or 6 lines.

Chapter 15: The Darkness

Kyuubi's eyes slapped opened and immediately began to frantically search the room for Naruto and her daughter. At first glance it was a normal hospital room but closer examination was that this room had no windows and only a single door. She could tell this was meant to not be seen. She got up and immediately ripped off her gown. Damn itchy hospital gowns.

"That solves one problem. Now to find Naruto-kun." Kyuubi walked over to the doorway which lead to a case of stairs. After a grueling 5 minute walk up the stairs Kyuubi opened the door to find the regular hospital. Kyuubi let out a quick chakra pulse and began walking towards the nurse's station. The nurse looked up at her with a smile.

"Ah Tsunade-sama! What can I do for you today?" Kyuubi smiled.

"Naruto-kun, where is he?" The nurse tilted her head.

"Uhh. You told me that he was to be released hours ago. I assumed he left." Kyuubi growled softly.

"Nevermind then. I thought he was still here. Carry on." Kyuubi left a confused nurse. Once Kyuubi stepped outside she could smell him. She walked down the street sending out chakra pulses every hundred feet or so to keep up the illusion. Kyuubi stopped in front of her destination, a small house in the middle of town. She narrowed her eyes and carefully made her way into the house. She climbed the stairs and finally arrived outside the door where Naruto's scent was. She smelled who else was in there and sighed annoyed. She opened and found what she was looking for in front of her. Tsunade, Naruto and the newborn were standing in front of her. Tsunade was the first to speak.

"Drop the illusion Kyuubi. We all know it's you." With a final chakra pulse Kyuubi was revealed to them. Tsuande stood up and spoke. "What do you want?" Not even bringing up the topic of her being naked. Kyuubi just looked at Naruto who was holding her child. The next few moments passed slow as they stared at each other, not really knowing how to begin this conversation. Finally Naruto broke the silence by standing up and walking over to her. Naruto smiled up at her.

"Would you like to hold her Kyuubi-chan?" Kyuubi didn't need to give a response, her transfixed face said it all. Naruto carefully handed Kyuubi the child. Small squeals and grunts came from the small newborn. Though she seemed human, the whisker marks and the red pupils were clear traits of her mother. Kyuubi could only stare into the eyes of her daughter and remember the incident so long ago. Yet to Kyuubi the wound still bleed, it still breathed exposed air. Kyuubi placed a grin on her face.

"She looks just like her dad." The smile on her face was frozen and plain. "Naruto-kun, watch her for a little while longer please. I need to do something." Naruto could tell Kyuubi was hiding her exposed wound. It was traumatic to her but she didn't show weakness. Kyuubi didn't watch for a response instead she just jumped out of the room's window. Naruto turned and went to open his mouth but Tsunade wasn't stupid.

"Don't worry I'll watch her." Naruto wasn't shocked that Tsunade knew exactly what he was going to do because Tsunade knew him so well. Naruto nodded and handed Tsunade the child. Naruto took off after Kyuubi. It didn't take long because she didn't go far. Kyuubi stood atop of the hokage monument.

"I knew you'd find me…" Kyuubi didn't turn around to face Naruto who was standing a few yards behind her.

"Well you did come to my favorite spot so it was easy to find you." Naruto tried to joke but Kyuubi gave him another fake smile and turned away. "You really have me worried Kyuubi-chan. You shouldn't run off like that…"

"Naruto-kun don't you realize just what I am? Don't you understand the reason why if anyone found out what I am then we could never live the life we want to?" Naruto smile no longer loomed around his face.

"I know exactly what you are Kyuubi. I know who you are too." Kyuubi turned around.

"Then think about what's best for everyone. I have to leave before anyone find out."

"Then take me with you." Kyuubi's red eyes peered downwards. "For an 'aspect' you are stupid." Kyuubi's eyes shot up and glared at him. "What of our child and me? The best course of action is to leave us? Kami forbid something happens to me on a mission and she is sent into the same system that I came out of! Is that what you want? That if I die our daughter gets sent into a system that will abuse her?"

"Of course not! Don't you DARE make it seem like I don't care about her!"

"No you probably do. You just are running away. It's like you don't even care about us. Instead you are just trying to run away from your own problems!" Kyuubi never did this before but she walked up to Naruto and picked him up by his collar bone. Tears flowed from her eyes.

"Take it back."

"Kyuubi-chan if you think running away will really solve anything then your being an idiot. Which of the three choices is better? You taking her and running for the rest of your life, me taking her and risk losing me the rest of her life and she gets put into foster homes or the best case scenario is that Tsunade or Shizune will take care of her assuming they know how to raise a kid. Or third we stay here together and deal with this together and she grows up with a mother and father!" Naruto's blue eyes burned brighter than Kyuubi's. Kyuubi dropped him and stared at him.

"And the fact that there could be people after us? What if we have to run?"

"Then we run but we will always keep in contact with our home here in the leaf. We continue our lives the way they are meant to. We don't run from each other."

"What kind of life is that for you and our daughter? To be in fear of running the rest of your life? Because I'm some magical being? It's not right…"

"It's better than the fear of losing you and trying to raise our daughter while being a ninja." Naruto's eyes shinned with radiance that said nothing could ever go wrong, that everything will be okay. These where his true eyes, the ones that would make a lion into a household cat. They spoke dominance and compassion, trust and loyalty. "This is why we need each other." Kyuubi placed him down and turned away, once again looking out over the village. She began to chuckle. 'This is why you need a bit of feelings to do this job. Thinking that you're always right for eternity makes you forget. I'll teach you that soon enough…' "What's so funny?" Naruto asked staring at her almost two face.

"Nothing I was just thinking of how if I left I'd miss having you around. You always surprise me Naruto-kun. Besides…." Kyuubi turned around and sprouted a tail. "I couldn't resist when you when your face gets so serious…" Her tail flicked his chin. "It's too cute to see you serious." A small blush happeared on his face.

"Hey!... oh…" Kyuuubi wrapped him in a hug. She had a real smile on her face this time. Suddenly he felt the warm tears stain his jacket and seep through to his skin. "Kyuubi-chan…" Naruto spoke softly. Kyuubi just held him tighter. She wasn't going to ever let him go. Not again. Naruto wrapped her in a hug as well. She broke the hug and pulled him into a kiss which lasted only a second but had the same effect as floating on a cloud. Kyuubi stared into his eyes. She started to giggle. Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What's so funny?"

"Trying to picture you as a dad. I'll be interesting for sure."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Kyuubi just chuckled.

"Oh nothing. Let's get back to her before she forgets who we are okay?" She kissed his forehead and before he could protest going back to the hospital launched herself off the monument and on top of the hospital. After a short sprint through the halls, Kyuubi went back into the room where they just were a short while ago. Tsunade looked at Kyuubi.

"Well since we were interrupted twice now, how about giving us a name so we can call her something other than 'girl' when she get older huh?" Tsunade said staring at Kyuubi. Kyuubi looked over at Naruto who look like he was about to throw up from being treated like a rag doll. After a moment of gaining his composure Naruto responded.

"I don't know… Could you give me a few suggestions?" Tsunade's vein popped out of her head.

"So you want ME to name YOUR child?" Naruto took the hint. Naruto looked at Kyuubi.

"What about you Kyuubi-chan, any names?"

"I did have one in mind but it's not a very good one."

"Say it. We need a name to call her." Kyuubi turned to their child and spoke the name.

"Hotaru. I wanted to call her Hotaru." Naruto smiled.

"Hotaru huh…" Naruto closed his eyes and thought about it for a moment. He stroked his chin like some old wise man. Kyuubi stared at him thinking he didn't like it. Suddenly his eyes bursted open and gave a big smile. "I like it! Baa-chan that's what we'll name her! Hotaru!" Tsunade smiled and picked up a clipboard next to the sleeping child. Kyuubi was happy Naruto liked her name. Tsunade turned to them after she was finished writing.

"Normally I'd recommend a couple of weeks for maternal recovering but she's…" Tsunade and Kyuubi exchanged glances for a moment before Tsunade continued. ", different. Just let us keep Hotaru here for a few days to watch her to make sure there aren't any signs of complication." Naruto nodded with a reluctant Kyuubi willing to stay here under Tsunade's watch but she caved in and agreed to do it if Naruto could stay with her. Tsunade agreed and to watch the new born for any complications. They agreed and two nurses brought in a second bed for Naruto to sleep on. They placed the beds close to each other. Kyuubi held Hotaru in her arms and stared deeply at her. Nothing would be the same.

"Quite the little abonbination… isn't she?" A cold voice spoke from the corner of the room, breaking the happy moment. Naruto jumped in front of Kyuubi with a kunai drawn. Kyuubi went to move but Hotaru squealed in protest causing her to stop moving.

"Stay put and protect her." Naruto said reading himself for battle with the aspect. While no one could tell, the current aspect of death smirked. Death's eyes gazed upon Naruto. "Why are you here?" Naruto demanded.

"Stay your hand mortal. This doesn't concern you." His eyes gazed over Hotaru. "I do believe that we unfinished business 'Kyuubi.'" Kyuubi growled.

"What more could you want from me? You got your power back so just back off!" Kyuubi threatened.

"Temper…Temper…"The aspect mocked her. "I took my power back but it wasn't all of it. Where did you store the rest of it?" The aspect asked her. Kyuubi got a confused but angry look on her face.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. You took your powers back by force, how could I possibly store your power…" Hotaru squealed, the aspect's eyes gazed down at the child. Kyuubi quickly realized what the aspect of death was thinking. She growled and held her child close. "Like HELL!" The aspect of death began walking towards her. Naruto jumped in between them kunai in hand. The aspect gazed down at him.

"I won't repeat myself mortal. Move." Naruto's response was to launch the kunai into the aspect of death. The aspect took the hit and the kunai embedded itself in his ribcage, not a single drop of blood shed. The aspect of death scoffed and removed the kunai. He threw the metal down on the floor with a loud clank. "Wrong choice." The aspect disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Naruto scanned the area repeatedly for signs of him. Suddenly a hooded robed figure phased through the floor. Naruto's first move was to attack it. The figure's robe was torn open and a single skeleton with gleaming red eyes stared back at him. "Black Death Art: Grim Reaper." Kyuubi knew that technique. Before she could warn him Naruto formed a resengan and plunged it into the reaper's chest cavity. The creature took the hit without a flinch.

"Naruto don't! Get away!" Kyuubi screamed too late. The skeleton grabbed his hand before Naruto could pull it out. Naruto gasped as he began to feel like the life itself was being sucked out of him, his skin became wrinkled and flaky and he fell to the floor aged 80 years. The skeleton stared at him for a moment before looking at Kyuubi.

"Resengan!" Before the reaper could turn a Naruto on the ceiling plunged a resengan into the reaper's head shattering his skull and breaking the jutsu. Naruto jumped back and dispelled the clone. Panting slightly he looked up at Kyuubi who was still holding Hotaru.

"Nice trick." Naruto looked around for were that voice came from. "Black Death Art:" The voice began. Naruto readied himself for what was about to happen. Kyuubi, unable to do anything due to the small child in her hands that cringed at any slight movement, could only provide small support to Naruto. "Black Nightmare." The room around him melted away and into the floor. Naruto turned to see the bed beside him empty and sink into the floor. He felt around him, trying to find something to prove to him this was just a genjutsu. Suddenly a chain came slithering at him wrapping around his right wrist. Then another chain wrapped around his left wrist. Both chains pulled him up and saw the aspect standing before him. "You will learn why to never defy me!" He snapped his fingers and both Hotaru and Kyuubi were laying on a table. Hotaru was laying on a small patch of straw and Kyuubi was pinned down similarly to Naruto except she was bent over and her legs were chained down as well. Kyuubi snarled at the aspect of death.

"You basterd! I'll KILL YOU IF YOU TOUCH EITHER OF THEM!" The aspect laughed.

"Both of you threaten to kill me and yet look at how you are now. Tied up and unable to make good on your threats. I, however, can make good on my threat." He stared into Naruto's eyes. "I told you to stay your hand but instead you jumped in front of me. You will be punished." The aspect turned to Kyuubi. "If I torture him he won't learn. He's a mortal and I can try to break him until death but he'll still defy me. Instead I'll try a different approach. Something that I'm sure I'll make him regret the rest of his miserable mortal life." Naruto screamed at the aspect.

"Don't you dare hurt Kyuubi-chan!" The aspect chuckled.

"I wonder how bad it will hurt to watch her suffer Naruto." Naruto struggled hard against the chain to try and reach him. Kyuubi just continued to snarl at the aspect.

"Do your worst!" Kyuubi spit at him. "No matter how much blood you shed from me I won't let a single tear fall." The aspect bent down in front of her.

"I doubt there will be much blood at all because what I plan to do is…" He placed his metal jaw next to her ear and whispered what he was planning on doing. Kyuubi's face shot white with terror.

"NO! Please!" Naruto knew a new level of fear as something so horrible that it made Kyuubi scream like that had to be horrible. The aspect smirked under his metal plate.

"Oh yes. And when im done 'Kyuubi' I'll kill your child." Kyuubi's mind went feral. She began to thrash violently to break the chains that bound her. Naruto pulled with all his might to break the chains, to stop whatever he was planning. The aspect chuckled. "Tell him Kyuubi. Tell him what I told you." Kyuubi thrashed more violently.

"NO! Naruto close your eyes! And no matter what you hear don't open them!" Kyuubi screamed thrashing wildly on the table. Death turned to Naruto.

"If you won't tell him I will." Kyuubi continued to trash around violently. "I plan on making you regret killing my reaper boy."

"Don't you dare lay a hand on her!" Naruto screamed. "You hear me?!" The aspect chuckled.

"We'll see if I need to. Because what I plan to do is…" He pulled Naruto as close as the chain would allow and whispered into his ear. "Rape her in front of you." Naruto went white. Every fiber of his being froze in terror. Naruto only now realized that the only clothing Kyuubi was wearing was the hospital gown she was forced into wearing after they both got back from the monument. However the back of the gown was open and therefore revealed everything. There was no clothing to stop him. The aspect began walking behind her.

(Rape scene begin)

"No…" The aspect began to take off his clothing. "No!..." He grabbed her hips and forced her to stop moving. "Stop it…" He positioned himself behind her. "DON'T!" Naruto screamed. Kyuubi looked over at him.

"Please close your eyes and look away!" He trusted forward and Kyuubi's screaming eachoed in his head.

(Rape scene end)

"NO!" Suddenly the scene faded and Kyuubi shook Naruto violently.

"Naruto-kun! Naruto! Naruto answer me!" Naruto's eyes filled with tears as he stared at her remembering the screams she made just seconds ago. Naruto broke down. He wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm so sorry Kyuubi-chan! I couldn't save you! It's all my fault!" Kyuubi had no idea what he was talking about. Kyuubi growled softly.

"Naruto-kun listen to me!" Naruto kept apologizing.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry! Please forgive me!" Naruto cried into her shoulder.

"Naruto-kun whatever you saw wasn't real. HE put you in a genjutsu. None of it was real. I'm fine! Just look at me!" Naruto stopped crying but tears continued to fall as he looked up at her.

"You mean…" Naruto slowly processed the new information. However his tears continued to rage down his face. Kyuubi smiled and nodded her head. She stroked his hair.

"Naruto-kun nothing happened to me. Tsunade showed up and took the baby from me so I could fight him off. I got him to back off but when I got back here Tsunade said you were under some powerful genjutsu she couldn't dispel. I had to use a large portion of my chakra to dispel it. But I'm okay! Please I'm okay!" Naruto stared at her with disbelief. Naruto shook his head.

"I…I…" Tsunade put her hand on Kyuubi's shoulder. A small growl vibrated in Kyuubi's throat.

"Kyuubi let me handle him, I'm experienced with mental trauma. Leave the room for a little while, while I get Naruto-kun to tell me what happened." Kyuubi was on the verge of telling her to shove it and back off but another glance at Naruto's violent shaking made her swallow her words.

"Fine. 10 minutes. After that I'm coming back in whether you like it or not." Kyuubi stormed out of the room clearly hostile to the idea of leaving him under these circumstances but knew it had to be done. Tsunade signed and signaled everyone out of the room. After everyone left she turned to Naruto.

"Tell me what happened." Naruto stared up at Tsunade with red tearing eyes.

"Baa-chan…" Tsunade wrapped her arms around him.

"Yes it's me Naruto-kun. It's your baa-chan." She held him a moment before pushing him back a moment. "Naruto-kun, what happened inside the genjutsu?" Naruto turned away.

"I can't say it baa-chan. I don't even want to think about it. It wasn't real…" Tsunade gripped him tightly.

"It was real to you! That's all that matters. I just need to know what happened Naruto. Tell me what happened so I can help you!" Naruto's eyes sliced the floor. A moment of silence fell as Naruto forced the words from his mouth.

"He hurt her."

"That man hurt who? Kyuubi?" Naruto nodded. "How did he hurt her?" Tsunade knew enough psychological trauma that she had a feeling she knew exactly what he had seen. The thought flew around her mind and she tried to shoot it down, praying it wasn't true. The look in his eyes almost confirmed it though. Naruto tried to push away from her.

"No I can't!" Tsunade held him close to her. Naruto struggled to back away but stopped when he heard Tsunade's soft voice talk to him.

"Naruto-kun…did he show you him forcing Kyuubi to do something?" His body went limp. Tsunade's heart sank. It was the oldest and most evil way to break someone. Take the most loved woman in a man's life and rape her in front of him. While 9/10 times it was genjutsu it was the most vile way to break someone, because no matter how much training you go through, no matter how much you know it's not real, no matter how skilled you are, nothing will break a person faster than taking something they love dear and hurting it. She held him close and let him cry into her shoulder. She stroked his hair and told him that it wasn't real, that nothing happened. After a few minutes of calming him down he finally stopped crying. Tsunade looked up at the clock and knew Kyuubi wasn't going to wait much longer. Tsunade stood up. "I'll be right back okay Naruto-kun. Just stay right here. I'll only be a moment." Naruto nodded and she walked out of the room biting her lip. Kyuubi was the first to speak.

"Thirty seconds until I go into that room." Tsunade locked eyes with her.

"Kyuubi we need to talk."

"WE need to do NOTHING. I need to go into that room and help Naruto!"

"If you go in there you will only make things worse!"

"How will I make things worse? He's suffering and I'm not allowed to do anything?"

"Not yet. I need to talk to him more first. He saw something that is on the verge of breaking him. If you go in there and say one thing that triggers him he will go into a psychotic break. Even the simple act of you being there might trigger him! If you care for him at all you will stay here and wait until I get him calmed down." Kyuubi growled.

"Just what exactly did that basterd show him? TELL ME!" Kyuubi demanded. Tsuande sighed.

"If I tell you you have to promise to not go in there until I tell you to." Kyuubi growled louder.

"Tell me or else I'll rip your vocal box from your throat and…"

"I won't tell you unless you agree to not go in there until I tell you. That's final." Kyuubi growled louder.

"Fine!" Kyuubi forced out. "Now tell me before I change my mind!" Tsunade sighed. With a serious look Tsunade told Kyuubi what she learned.

"Naruto saw that aspect of death or whatever…" Tsunade steeled herself for how Kyuubi will react. She knew it was going to be bad. "rape you in the genjutsu." Kyuubi's darkest and most foul ideas of what happened to Naruto didn't come close to what the truth was. Kyuubi would have become an artic fox with how pale she got. As it sunk in her teeth clenched harder and harder. Suddenly a wave of fear overtook her. She quickly hammered Tsunade for answers.

"Where did you take Hotaru?"

"In the basement where you were." Kyuubi growled softly.

"Take care of him I need to make sure I'm wrong." With that Kyuubi disappeared, sprinting towards her goal. It didn't take long to reach the room. Sure enough she was right. The figure in front of her chuckled.

"I thought you wouldn't figure it out." Kyuubi's snarl was short and vicious.

"You broke Naruto-kun so that I'd be too busy caring for him then watching her." The man turned around to face her.

"I'm surprised you figured that out so quick. As much as it pains me to use such methods I had no choice. I could kill everyone to get what I wanted or I could scar one boy to do the same thing. Of course there was a chance that you didn't love that boy and guarded your daughter, but it was worth the risk."

"I'll kill you for what you have done." The man only chuckled.

"Kill me? You cannot kill death. We are immortal, untouchable by the hands of time. To kill me is impossible." He was right. They could battle until the end of days and not reach a conclusion. However…

"I couldn't kill you… but I could re-seal you in someone." The man's gaze narrowed on Kyuubi.

"And why, pray tell, would you do that. You gain nothing by sealing me. You would need someone powerful to split my power and give you back my mantle."

"True, IF I wanted your mantle back that's what I'd do." The aspect narrowed his eyes at her. "That's all I ever cared about before was revenge for my daughter but now… I have a life. I have Naruto-kun who despite knowing I'm immortal, would risk his life for me. He captivated me and now I've bore his child. I don't seek revenge anymore, I seek peace because of him. I want to live the rest of this eternity with him."

"And that justifies trying to give him the mantle of death? The mortal could never handle it."

"I realize now that my actions were wrong. I was thinking only of myself and what I wanted. I didn't even ask Naruto-kun what he wanted. I almost forced him to live a damned existence because of how I feel."

"Emotions get the best of you. It's why we, brother and sister in this trapped eternity, must not let our emotions get in the way of our judgement. I mean that only figuratively of course."

"However," Kyuubi interrupted. "we think we need to above the emotional turmoil that 'corrupts' us and makes us do rash decisions. But we need these so that we can learn right from wrong. We need to…"

"What we need to do is remember our place. Not to interfere in the lives of mortals. We have a job to keep the world balanced, not running around with whomever we please. We live to keep balance."

"Sometimes, we need to re-learn was balance is. Even now our breatheren are being hunted by a group of people looking to gain power and for what? We sit back and say it's none of our concern when they do it to themselves and yet when we are involved, it's too late to do anything! You were sealed for many years and now your finally free. What makes you think this will blow over? What makes you think that someone won't try and re-summon you or me again and try and use us to conquer other mortals? We have to re-establish balance but we need to remind ourselves of what balance is." The man looked at Kyuubi and scoffed.

"Wise words. Very well what shall I do then? Allow this child to grow up and take both our places?" Kyuubi shook her head.

"What we need to do is re-establish order! Right now there are men who can raise people from the dead and someone, while dead now, who stole other people's lives to prolong his own. We need to re-establish Life and Death! Starting with my daughter to help us. When she comes of age, she will live among the mortals and learn what it is to be mortal, so she does not make the same mistakes as us. She will make her own mistakes but she will succeed were we have failed. It is my duty as her mother to see to that."

"And her father." Naruto walked around the corner. Kyuubi turned and smile at him. The man looked at Naruto.

"The mortal who stared me in the eyes and live to tell. Not many mortals had that luck and I'll be sure not many else will."

"Kyuubi is right. My jii-chan taught me that. That each generation passes down their knowledge and their burdens to the next. That when we are no longer part of this world, we inspire and give hope to those who proceed forward. This is the will of fire my jii-chan taught me." The man looked at him for a moment before chuckling.

"Now I see why you fell in love with this mortal. Very well, I shall leave this to you two to handle this. I shall return to my post and restore my end of the balance." The man began to walk out of the room but stopped next to Naruto. "But mortal," The aspect paused and looked down at him. The fire that burned in Naruto's eyes matched his own. "should you emplant another weapon inside me again, you will know your parents personally." Naruto nodded. "You are the second mortal to lay a weapon in me. Praise yourself, for the only other mortal to do that was the sage of six paths." With that the man disappeared in a black cloud of smoke. Kyuubi and Naruto stared at each other for a moment before hearing the small cries of the infant who lay on straw. Naruto smiled.

"Hopefully she isn't a handful like her mom." Naruto laughed. Kyuubi growled softly and looked down at him with a playful grin on her face.

"Maybe she won't be born with her father's small intellect." They both exchanged playful glares before breaking down and laughing. When their laughter died down, Kyuubi walked over to the infant and cradled her in her arms. "Well no matter how she turns out, we'll be there for her."Naruto nodded and smiled at the two of them. Kyuubi, the beautiful fox, mother of his child, and Hotaru, his daughter. It was in this moment Naruto realized just what family was meant to be. No words may describe the enlightenment that one gets when you hold your child for the first time.

((Somewhere in the prison in Konoha))

A guard fell to the floor dead. The attacker moved forward with no remorse and soon found his objective. Black flames tore open the prison cell which housed his objective. Madara smiled that his plan was soon to start.

"Took you long enough." The figure didn't respond. "Did you bring what I asked?" The figure stared at him for a moment before reaching into his jacket and pulling out two jars, inside the jars were two eye balls. "Excellent. And the Juubi?"

"Let's go like you said." Madara smiled.

"Then our final stage is set. Let operation destroy the leaf, commence! Let all who stand before us be crushed in this, the hour of rebirth for the Uchiha clan! They will pay for what they have done to us and Itachi right, Sasuke?" Sasuke said nothing but smiled a cold dead smile. Madara removed his blindfold and began the transplant on himself. Sasuke walked away. 'Soon Itachi, soon I'll make them pay for taking you away from me.' Sasuke's eyes gleamed in the dark corridor, a mere dark light shrouded by even greater darkness.

End of Chapter.