Chapter 8: Love

"If the Bijuu are here to take the burdens of the world…then…what… what does that mean. I don't understand. I thought the Bijuu were just powerful creatures." Kyuubi looked over the peaceful forest.

"We are immense power. However it is because of our power we were thought to be able to handle the jobs we should have been doing. Taking the burdens of the world is one of them, that's the first of two jobs that we bijuu were trusted with."

"I don't understand why they must take the burdens of the world? And two?" Kyuubi would come back to that second question later.

"A long time ago there lived a sage that that was known as the sage of six paths. He was in fact the Jinchuriki of the strongest Bijuu that ever lived, even more powerful than me. He had the ten tails sealed inside him. The sage, with this power, created ocular blood lines, including the most powerful of them, the rinnegan. He, himself, used the rinnegan to his own use. He was also known as the savior of the world since he brought peace wherever he went. He in fact was not clensing the world of darkness as everyone though he was. He was only storing it somewhere else." Naruto's eyes widened.

"Wait do you mean he…" Kyuubi nodded her head.

"He in fact absorbed the hatred of the world into the ten tails. It worked well. The world was at peace but the ten tails suffered for it. The sage came to the conclusion that in order for peace to be possible, there must always be one person, or Bijuu that suffers. However this is where his research and his life ended. All the darkness that plagued the ten tails finally became too much for even him to handle. He broke the seal in rage, killing the sage. With his last bit of sanity the ten tails seal himself. That's when everyone learned of the bijuu and of the other 9 other bijuu who roamed. Soon after, the people realized that the tails we have are not important in terms of appearances to have to tails but, in fact, physical representation of the bijuu hierarchy by displaying our power. This also works well to keep us in line. For example, a six tails would not start a fight with me. You may wonder then, why would a tail beast one level higher not try and attack another tailed beast weaker then it? It's simple. Because then they themselves would provoke an attack of a tailed beast higher than them. It would be seen as an act of trying to gain more power in which case a higher tailed beast would put them down. You see, we know that if we were to kill another tailed beast, we would gain its power. Any human that would 'kill' a tailed beast would result in the tailed beast being reborn. Since no other tails would dare try and attack another tails, the balance is maintained."

"I see but what does this have to do with the burdens." Kyuubi placed a finger on his lips. She looked over at her lover.

"I'm getting to that. When we were…'found', we learned of the ten tails sacrifice and as such took up his burdens." Kyuubi tried to open up her mouth to continue but Naruto interrupted.

"Then… you can absorb hatred?" She nodded.

"All Bijuu can absorb hatred, sadness, hurt, regret, depression…" There was a pause from her as she relooked at the landscape. "and happiness." She let out a chuckle. "It's ironic, that we would also absorb happiness even though we are meant to only absorb darkness. Don't you think Naruto-kun?"

"Yeah but Kyuubi-chan. You said the Bijuu were in charge of two things, what was the second." Kyuubi sighed.

"The Bijuu are entrusted to absorb hatred and… control a type of plane. Not elemental plane mind you, just a type of geological plane. That way each Bijuu has their own niche."

"Then what are each of the plane each Bijuu controls?" Kyuubi sighed.

"Mind you that the Bijuu are charged with a type of plane as their own doesn't mean that that's all the element they could use. Understand?"Naruto nodded. "Very well. First is the One tails. His niche is the plane of sand. The second tails is of prairies. The third is of the ocean. The fourth is the Jungle. The fifth is the swamp. The sixth is the earth or rock, although officially it's called a plateau. The seventh is that of mountains. Finally the eighth is the tundra." 'please don't ask about me.' Not a second later.

"Kyuubi-chan, then what about yours?"

"I'm…the exception." Naruto titled his head in both curiosity and confusion.

"Then you don't have a plane?" Kyuubi wished this wouldn't have had to be so hard.

"No I do, it's just…special."

"Then tell me." Kyuubi growled softly.

"The two that I am in charge of is not of the mortal plane." He watched as she struggled to spit it out. It seemed like whatever she was in charge of was bad.

"Please Kyuubi-chan you can tell me." He said with such innocence.

"My… My… plane is…" Kyuubi bit her lower lip. Naruto started to lean forward with such intensity that he was completely ignoring the sounds of the man walking up behind him. Kyuubi, however, did notice.

"Yo. I'm sorry to interrupt but we just received a response. I need to talk with her alone." Kakashi said pointing to the Kyuubi. Kyuubi smiled. 'Finally Kakashi-basterd decides to do something useful.' Kyuubi began to walk to him.

"Ok let's go." Naruto's face vaulted.

"Hey! We weren't done talking!" Naruto began to yell at Kakashi. Kakashi turned calmly around and for the first time in a long time Kakashi wasn't reading his book.

"We'll be back soon but I have to talk to her. Do not for any circumstances follow us, understand?" Naruto heard the seriousness in his voice at the end. Kakashi rarely used that kind of seriousness and if he did then it must be important. Naruto nodded. "Good." And with that Kakashi continued walking. Kyuubi looked over at Naruto then back at Kakashi. 'After this meeting of his, I'm going to have a 'talk' with Kakashi-teme.' Kyuubi continued to walk behind him into the brush. Naruto sat down at the tree line wondering what was so important. Kyuubi saw Kakashi lead trails everywhere as they walked in circles for what felt like an hour. Suddenly Kakashi stopped. He opened his sharingan eye and looked around before concealing it again and preforming some hand signs. A small purple barrior appeared around them for a second until it seemed to vanish without a trace. Kyuubi knew exactly what it was and stared at Kakashi.

"Privacy seals… confusing trials… You better have something important to tell me if you're going to waste my time like this. Not to mention that you would dare to talk to Naruto like that."

"I didn't have a choice. He needed to know that he could not follow me and listen to this." This peeked her interest.

"Meaning this has something to do about Naruto?" Kakashi nodded.

"He cannot learn what I tell you, at least not yet." Kyuubi bore her teeth.

"So you want me to lie to him?" Kyuubi asked annoyed.

"No. I want you to just not tell him the full truth."

"That's the same thing! Why the hell should I lie to him for you? I don't even want to lie to him so what make you think I will…" She was cut off.

"Kushina-chan is alive!" Kakashi screamed at her. Kyuubi's heart stopped.

"What? You're lying!" She hissed at him. Kyuubi's heart however was a mix of emotions.

"I'm telling the truth. She's alive and she's part of our back up. They will be arriving soon so make a quick decision. " Kyuubi started running scenarios through her mind. She could tell why now Kakashi was asking what he was.

"I see now. You don't want me to tell him right away because we don't know how he would react. Right?" Kakashi nodded.

"Correct. He could react at two extremes. One being that he would shower her with love and that he would accept her. The other being the opposite, and that he would reject, and hate her. Both extremes might put him in danger. If he accepts her then that's great but then he might do something rash to help her. The other extreme is pretty simple. He'll get angry and all hell would break loose. I don't want to sound like we don't care but we only care about how this will affect him on this mission. After it is done, we can tell him. Though if I remember Kushina-chan as I think I do, she'll tell him herself." Kyuubi nodded.

"Ok. I'll agree to do it. But does she know about me and Naruto?"

"It didn't say. I assume not though." Kyuubi suddenly felt a faint chakra spike. She recognized the chakra immediately.

"Shit! He eavesdropped!" Kyuubi yelled out as she felt the signature disappear.

"WHAT?" Kakshi screamed. "I told him to not follow." Kakashi and Kyuubi both looked at each other. "It doesn't matter about that now I guess. Let's just catch him and see how much he knows." They couldn't let him get away. Kakashi watched as Kyuubi ran at his speed after Naruto. Kakashi began to kick himself. He began to speak to himself.

"How did he get past it? There was no way around that barrior without me knowing!" Kakashi yelled going into a fit. 'Unless he really advanced so much that not even I'm his equal anymore. If that's the case how knows how much he heard!' This wasn't good. If he did hear that conversation then it was all over. Kakashi, while he loved Naruto in his own way, did not want to deal with Naruto in such a state.

"I don't know but I felt a small surge of his chakra from inside the barrior and then it ran off. It was most likely a clone judging by the chakra level."

"Do you know how long he was there?" Kakashi asked dodging an irregular branch.

"No. If I knew he was there at all I would have stopped you." Kakashi began to beg. 'Naruto-kun, please don't have heard that.' They finally arrived at the cliff. They looked around and both of them eyed Naruto with his eyes closed against the tree. They walked over cautiously. They didn't want to spook him if he did hear anything or if he didn't hear anything not let him know. Suddenly a noise appeared from Naruto. Kakashi jumped and tensed. Naruto finished his yawn and rubbed his eyes. It was at this point that he noticed that they were both back.

"Finally, you guys took forever to get back!" Naruto exclaimed running over and giving Kyuubi a hug. 'he seems… normal.' Kakashi thought as he relaxed.

"Naruto-kun, did you eavesdrop on us?" Kakashi put it bluntly. Naruto just looked confused.

"What are you… OH! No Kakashi-sensei I just sent a clone to see if you two were done. I was getting bored." Kakashi let out a sigh of relief.

"So you didn't hear anything right?" Kakashi asked.

"I heard something about a woman coming but that's about it." Naruto said looking at Kakashi with an innocent face. "Why is something wrong with me hearing that?" Kakashi let an inner sigh go. 'He doesn't know then… thank Kami.' Kyuubi walked up to him and wrapped him in a hug. "What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

"We were just worried that you might have heard what we were talking about." Kyuubi said holding in a few tears.

"Why what was so important about that meeting? Can you guys tell me what's going on?" Naruto asked.

"It was just about our back up. Someone in the back up Kyuubi might recognize." Naruto was confused.

"Then why couldn't I be part of it?" A valid question but one they could not answer truthfully. Kakashi tried to think of something. Time passed slow as Kakashi desperately tried to think of something but couldn't. Luckly Kyuubi came up with something, decent.

"Because she knows me personally and she might get mad at me. Kakashi-teme didn't want you to worry." 'part truth and part "I don't know", i'm beginning to like her.'

"Oh. Kyuubi-chan are you ok?"

"Yes Naruto-kun I'll be fine. It just came as a shock to me to know she's still alive." Naruto re-wraped her in a hug.

"You know that I am always here for you." Naruto said passionately. "I'll always be here for you." Kyuubi smiled and looked at him.

"I know Naru-kun. I love you." Kakashi suddenly felt chakra signatures at their camp. Kyuubi noticed it and saw Kakashi give her a nod, it was time.

"Let's head back to camp I'm starving." Naruto said walking back. Kakashi and Kyuubi both prepared themselves. This was going to be a long night. Kakashi and Kyuubi caught up with Naruto on his way back to the camp. They were keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. They entered were about to enter the camp. 'This is it…' Kakashi thought. All three of them entered the camp roughly at the same time. They looked at who they got. Naruto was the first to speak. "They guys what's up?" Naruto said walking over to the group.

"Troubblesome mission." Shikamaru said. "By the way, we had a girl with us who I've never seen before but she seemed interested in you. I'd say that she would really like to meet you." Shikamaru smiled at Kyuubi. "Don't you think so?" Kakashi and Kyuubi both got the message while Naruto got it, but did not know what it meant so he ignored it. Kyuubi walked over to Shikamaru. She carefully whispered in his ear.

"Did that Tsunade person tell you?" Shikamaru smiled.

"Nope." Shikamaru said softly enough that everyone couldn't make out what he was saying. "I figured it out. I know exactly who she is. However I've been told she's going to tell him when the time comes." Kyuubi back away. Naruto just stood there.

"I guess I'll go meet her then." He said walking off into the woods after the chakra signature that he sensed came with them but split off. To no surprise, she had wondered off into the woods, to a small waterfall and stream. She was sitting on a rock and did not expect him to find her. He walked out of the wood and towards her. "So you're the stranger that Baa-chan sent." Kushina's eyes widened. Tears swelled her eyes. 'He…He even sounds a little like him.' Kushina wiped away the tears and put on her emotional mask.

"Yes I am. Do you know my name Naruto?" It starting hurting to not say –kun or to say son but she didn't want him to know. Not yet.

"No. Though it seems like you know mine from baa-chan I'm guessing." 'Who is this baa-chan that he keeps saying?' suddenly it clicked.

"When you say baa-chan you mean Tsunade-chan right?" Kushina said trying to hold in a little laughter.

"Yeah, what else would I call her?" Kushina began to laugh. Then a stray thought entered her mouth.

"Then do you call Jiriaya-kun, jiji?" Kushina began to get ahead of herself as she continued to laugh.

"No I call him ero-sanin." Kushina began to laugh harder. Naruto understood why she laughed.

"Your funny. You know, I think we are going to get along just fine." Kushina said calming down. She just stared at him. She thought she would break down and cry, that she wouldn't be able to control herself but she did. She was able to not cry and break down in front of him. Maybe because he didn't know who she was yet and liked her. Kushina smiled. "So you're a ninja. Why did you become one Naruto-kun?"

"Because I wanted the village to respect me and not hate me." Suddenly a small frown appeared on her face.

"What do you mean?" Kushina asked remembering her time as the Kyuubi's host. Naruto sighed.

"A long time ago, when I was a kid, everyone would hate me. Some would just ignore me, others would abuse me. They didn't see me as Naruto, they saw me as the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Kushina clenched her fist but kept the anger down as best she could. "You see I never had a place to call a home. Some lucky days back then I could find a cardboard box to crawl into in order to take shelter. Many people would often take brooms and hit me or kick or punch me because they felt like it. When I was old enough, I entered the academy, I wanted to gain the respect of everyone. However, even the teachers were against me. I got old torn textbooks that I could never learn from and kids would always take my homework and throw it around getting it all dirty. Jiji was the only one who would help me learn. He was so busy though that he never really had a lot of time to do it but he would help as much as he could." Kushina got confused.

"Who is it you call jiji?"

"Oh sorry. Surtobi-sensei is who I call jiji." Kushina tried to laugh to cover her anger but only a faint chuckle could emerge.

"Well it was nice to know you have someone to take care of you and look after you."


"What about now?" Kushina asked.

"Now I have many friends and they all respect me. They all know me, Naruto, and they accept me. Kyuubi-chan not so much but I guess time will tell." Kushina smiled.

"Oh so you can talk to her?" Naruto looked at her funny.

"How did you know she was female?" (Note: -chan can be used to refer to boys but most often refered to girls) Kushina froze.

"I…uhh…" Time flew slowly, frame by frame. It wasn't until Naruto noticing she was struggling to find an excuse that he said something.

"It's probably a lucky guess right?" Kushina looked over at him. She let a smile come over her.


"So anyway yeah me and Kyuubi-chan can speak. If you want to she can talk to you. Even though she hates everyone but me." Kushina smiled. 'That makes sense. Kyu-chan always had a soft spot for Minato-kun. Naruto-kun has such a good personality and been through a lot. Maybe she also feels guilty. I'll ask her.'

"Maybe I will." Kushina and Naruto heard rustling in the bushes and looked over. Kyuubi emerged from the bushes and walked over to them.

"Hey Kyuubi-chan! We were just talking about you!" Kushina smiled. 'Guess that means he learned the second stage of the seal.'

"Sorry Kakashi-teme decided to hold me up. So Naruto-kun, who is your friend?" Kushina felt slightly hurt but knew why she said that.

"Oh that's right I never got your name!" Naruto said smiling at her. Kushina chuckled.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Sorry. My name is Kushina."

"That's a real pretty name!" Naruto said smiling at her.

"Thank you Naruto." Kushina tried to hold in a blush. Even though it was her son, she still felt it should make her blush.

"Ecpecially for such a young woman." Ok now he was just plain flattering her.

"Oh stop…"

"No I mean it!" Kyuubi just watched this unfold. 'Maybe if he forms a really good relationship with her and then she tells him, then he might not be as harsh on her.'

"Awww, Naruto-kun did you get a new girlfriend?" Kyuubi said teasingly. Naruto began to studder and blush as Kushina just laughed.

"N-No way! Your'll always be mine Kyuubi-chan!" They all began to laugh until Kushina had that last statement finally sink into her head.

"Wait, are you two together?" Kushina asked seriously. Naruto just chuckled.

"Y-Yeah. She's my girlfriend!" Kushina looked over at Kyuubi with a citain motherly look.

"Oh? When did this happen?" The question seemed directed at Naruto and yet Kushina was staring straight at Kyuubi. However Naruto picked up on the misdirection.

"A while ago. What do you have against Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked with a mixture of innocence and curiosity. Kushina turned back to him.

"I have nothing against her Naruto, I'm just wondering what she said to win your heart." There was a slight bit of venom in her voice that only Kyuubi picked up on.

"Oh I thought you hated her or something." Kushina looked at Kyuubi one more time.

"No. Just surprised you could say that she would choose someone like you." Kushina said. Naruto heard something different.

"What do you mean someone like me?" Naruto asked with some anger in his voice. Kushina quickly realized that how she said to towards him, considering his past, was a wrong way to phrase it.

"Not like that Naruto, just… could me and Kyuubi-chan have a moment?" Kushina asked sweetly and yet he knew it was anything but. However he looked over at Kyuubi who nodded and he left. Kushina stood up and created a privacy barrior. Kushina's smiled disappeared. "Talk." Was all Kushina spit out as Kyuubi sighed. "Don't give me that." Kyuubi looked at Kushina.

"It's not what you think." THAT was reassuring!

"Oh? Your not just using my son because you had a crush on Minato-kun? Well what a relief. I mean they almost look exactly the same. In fact if I didn't know Minato-kun was dead I would have sworn that was him."

"Kushina-chan, I do love him. He is very special to me. I don't see why you can't see that is a problem."

"It's not." Kushina snapped back. "It's not a problem IF it is real." Kushina gave a death glare at Kyuubi. "However IF it is real… IF your not playing with him because you had that silly little crush on Minato, then I could approve."

"But that's not what you think…" Kyuubi said disappointed. "Your son has been through a lot Kushina-chan. Yet he still smiles, he still makes other people happy before himself. He is such a caring and loving guy."

"Just like Minato-kun."

"Yes… just like Minato-kun but that's not…" The stare that Kushina was giving Kyuubi made her stop and sigh.

"Listen, I have no problem if you really love him and want to be with him. It's the fact that you were constantly obsessed with Minato-kun to almost a stalking state. Now his son is here that looks exactly like him, that acts like him in some ways, and your suddenly in love with him."Kyuubi's ears began to droop.

"I know how it looks but that was a long time ago. He's dead and not coming back anytime soon. However Naruto-kun is so special to me. At first I hated him. I wanted to blame him for everything, but then he just showed this love and compassion and yes it did remind me of Minato-kun but no that's not the reason I fell in love with him. Naruto-kun is such a sweet and kind person. I wanted to protect him, to make him mine. Any girl should want him but they were too interested in that Sasuke kid that everyone took for granted who he was. Well, all except one. She proclaimed her love to Naruto before dieing. He fell into tears and such hate that all nine of my tails were released. After that he made a relationship with her but it didn't work out. She wasn't right for him. Then I tried to make a relationship with him. I think I'm right for him… NO. I know I'm right for him. Kushina-chan I know you don't have to believe me but I do love him. He is the only man to other then Minato-kun to see who I really am, not just look at me like I'm some kind of chakra dispenser." Kyuubi began to pant. Her little rant took more out of her then she thought. Kushina watched as her emotions came out in each word. She turned around and walked a few steps before stopping.

"Alright fine. You made your point. Continue your courting. Just remember, that if you hurt him," She turned her head around to give Kyuubi the most intense death glare in her life. "I know a human can't kill a bijuu but that doesn't mean I can't make you beg for death." Kyuubi had to admit there were lots of scary things in the world but a pissed of Kushina was in the top three. Kushina walked out of the seal and saw Naruto taking a swim. She put on a smile and began to walk over to him. Kyuubi shortly followed as she felt the barrior disappear. Naruto was relaxing against a rock, like he was before. He heard the two women walk over to him.

"What took you guys so long?" Naruto asked moving closer to them. Kushina smiled at him.

"You know how women are Naruto. We like to talk a lot." Naruto felt like he should say that that was an understatement but also remembering the old saying, 'hell hath no fury…' he decided against it. Naruto just smiled back.

"Yeah. How would you two like to come in for a swim?" Kushina chuckled.

"I would but we are on a mission Naruto." Naruto got a confused look on his face.

"That didn't stop you from talking to Kyuubi-chan for half an hour." Kushina smiled and chuckled.

"You have a point." She began to walk over to the trees and looked back at Naruto. "No peaking Naruto." Naruto turned away as he felt Kyuubi walk in. She once again warmed the water.

"So Kyuubi-chan do you know Kushina well?" Kyuubi nodded.

"Yeah. We knew each other really well."

"It's nice to meet someone that's your friend." Kyuubi put on a fake smile.

"Yeah." They sat there in awkward silence, none of them knowing what to say next. Naruto went to open his mouth when a figure dashed out from behind the trees and dove into the water faster then they could turn their heads. The figure arose from the bottom, her red hair first.

"Ahhh. This is nice." Kushina said making her way over to the two of them. Well… more like in BETWEEN the two of them. While Kushina, who wasn't ugly in any sense of the word, mushed herself between the two, Naruto couldn't help but try and keep his eyes off her. Everytime he even thought about other women it felt like he was cheating on her. Kyuubi was very protective of him and she didn't even like his male friends let alone female friends. He didn't really know why. He assumed it was because she was a bijuu. "So Naruto, I heard it was you who requested the reinforcements, I'm glad you did. We have a lot to talk about." Naruto smiled and closed his eyes as he responded.

"I suppose we do." Naruto's voice sounded off but no one caught it. "However before we get into that why don't you tell me about yourself." Naruto's eyes opened as he looked at her face. Making sure not to take after that pervert.

"Well what would you like to know?" Kushina asked as she smiled at the blonde.

"Well tell me about yourself. Where you were born, what your hobbies are, why you became a ninja," Naruto gave her a small pause. "who your husband is." Kushina tensed slightly. Her mind began to wonder… no. She noticed her smile had faltered and she quickly replaced it.

"What makes you think I was married?" Naruto's hand very gently went down to her hand as he pulled it up. A very nice 14 karat diamond was on her finger on a 18 karat gold band. Kushina was relieved for a moment there she thought he knew who she was. Naruto gave her a smile. Kushina smiled and looked over at Kyuubi who looked like she just had a heart attack. 'She was thinking the same thing.' Kushina thought as she turned her attention back to the blonde. "Well I grew up in a very wealthy country that later was destroyed. I can't even remember the name because it was that long ago." She tried to hide the lie behind a smile. "I came to Konoha as a straggler. I became a ninja to become strong because women in my country were believed to be weak. So I went to school to prove them all wrong. I faced lots of criticism here. However i overcame that and became a ninja. After i became a ninja " Not wanting to get too in depth Kushina figured a way to make sure Naruto wouldn't ask her anything about Minato. "He died so suddenly that I couldn't believe it. I still don't want to believe it." Her smile once again faltered. She quickly replaced it again and continued. "I'd rather not talk about him if you don't mind." Naruto nodded. "Thanks. Anyway I like cooking, reading, learning, and just having a good time I guess." Naruto smiled.

"Great! I think your right, we probably will get along great then." Kushina smiled slightly larger.

"Oh. You like those things too?"

"No." Kushina sweat dropped.

"Then why will we get along then?" Kushina asked trying to keep her smile up.

"Because you have such a great personality that it doesn't matter that you like things that I don't really like. You seem just like me in so many ways!" Kushina was almost taken off guard by the comment. Again he made some sort of connection between the two of them.

"Aww that's so sweet of you Naruto." Kyuubi just sat and watched the two. She didn't want to say anything because she couldn't really think of anything to say. Besides she didn't want to mess up Kushina's chance to gain a bond with her son.

"Don't mention it. However you said you didn't want to talk about your husband, did you have any kids?" Kushina tensed as well as Kyuubi. Kushina knew this would be extremely difficult. So far she's told the truth, half-truths, to Naruto but she didn't want to lie to him, especially since if she did lie to him about this; when she did tell him, he would remember that she told him that she didn't have a son and then she'd have hurt and lied to him. She had to come up with another 'truth.' After a moment of thinking she got it.

"Yes I do." Kushina said smiling at him. (She seems to smile a lot around him in case people didn't notice).

"Oh. How many?"

"Just one."

"Boy or girl?"


"How old?"

"Your age."

"My age? Then I should know him."

"Well you probably should." A few moments passed by.

"Well are you going to tell me his name?"

"Well I don't really think I should do that." Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Why not? Is he a bad kid or something?"

"No! Not at all!"

"Then why aren't you telling me his name?" Naruto asked looking into her eyes.

"Well, he's a very popular shinobi. I would tell you but from what I hear, he's constantly swarmed. If I start sending people to him, our relationship might take a turn." 'Clever.' Naruto and Kushina just smiled at each other.

"Well I guess so." Kakashi came through the brush and found the three of them in the water. 'Everything looks ok.' Kakashi said walking over to them. "Oh, hey Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said looking over at the jonin.

"Hey Naruto-kun. Just thought I'd let you know that we all agreed we should attack now, while the night is still here. Is that fine with you?" Kakashi said.

"Why would you need to have me approve it?" Naruto knew what it meant but wanted to hear it rather then speculate. Kakashi smiled.

"Well, Tsunade-sama put you in charge of the support group. Since their orders are not to let us fight, and our orders are to kill the person in charge, we need to agree upon a time to strike together. Satisfied?"

"You could have stopped after you told me I was in charge. I figured the rest out."

"Suuuure." Kakashi teased him. Naruto growled softly but before he could retort, Kakashi interrupted. "In any case we should get back to camp to get ready." They all nodded. As they all began to put back on their normal cloths, Naruto walked over to Kushina who just smiled and continued.

"You better not be here to peak on me." Naruto chuckled.

"No this is about you, kaa-san." Kushina froze solid. Not even thoughts were moving, everything stood still. That was until her lip began to quiver. Then her lip moved. Then words.

"W-Wh-Wha-What?" Kushina knew exactly what he said but needed to hear it again.

"I've known who you were all along, Kaa-san." Her whole world went black.

End of chapter.

I've been told this a lot but I really am evil aint I?