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Summary: They changed everything. Flight 815 never crashed, the island is underwater, and the same people are living different lives. So they think, because fate as other plans.

Sideways Stories from the Castaways


Jack Shephard was talking to Brenda the head nurse about the appointment he had this morning when he saw her walk through the door. Her normally curly hair was straight and she was wearing a blue blouse that accented her eyes. The other nurses flock to her like she was a celebrity. He supposes in a way she is. He sees that her red headed friend was with her and they both talk animatedly with the nurses. He looks again notices that Brenda was over there too. She always had a way with people; she'd open her mouth and gains everyone's trust in a matter of minutes. It was a talent he both admired and envied.

He walks over to join everyone else. "Juliet" he says. She left the hospital three years ago to open a private practice from what he heard was doing extremely well. Not that he would think otherwise, she was the miracle worker after all. "Charlotte" he nods at her friend.

"Jack" she replies with a smile.

"You seem to have taken all the nurses" he says jokingly.

"We're just catching up" she replies. "But we'll have plenty of time for that." She finishes.

"Really, what are you here for?" he asks.

"A consult, you know how it is, I recommend to my patients that this is the best hospital to give birth in and the hospital gives me cases in return."

Jack nods his head. "And Charlotte is she here for moral support?" Those two had the strangest friendship one that he could never wrap his head around. Juliet was calm and sweet and Charlotte was wild and brash.

"No, she's here as a translator, the couple doesn't speak English." Juliet tells him.

He smiles and nods as they leave to go to their appointment. He was a little mad that she didn't tell him she had an appointment. This wasn't the first thing she's kept him from knowing. She didn't really need to tell him everything, but after all they've been through a little heads up would've been nice. He supposed he did deserve some of it but he didn't know why. Whenever he saw her always felt that he had let her down horribly but nothing that bad had ever happened which is probably why he let everything go when it came to her.

He sighs, turns around and walks to his office; he smiles at his assistant and walks inside with a smile on his face. "Mr. Locke, I'm glad you decided to take my offer."

"It wasn't all me." He replies with a small smile. "My fiancée Helen thought we should give it shot."

Jack holds his hand out. "Nice to meet you Helen, I'm glad you brought him in." he walks to other side and sits at his desk. "Your other doctors faxed me over you file and I do have to tell you I have had success with other people with your condition."

"That's why I told him we should try. I read about you. Dr. Shephard. They said if we had something that needed fixing you're the one we should go to." Helen tells him.

Jack smiles; he hated that article it made him sound like he could fix anything. That put to much pressure on him and he took that out on other people. He didn't want to become his father and he was fixing that by fixing his relationship with David. David didn't need the best at everything, he was proud of him for just being David. He looks at the couple in front of him, he wanted to help but he wasn't going to get their hopes up if he couldn't. "I will need to take some x-rays before I can make a decision." He tells them. "As with any surgery there are risks and as I said I have done this before but there's always the slight chance it won't work, Mr. Locke"

"You can call me John." He says as Helen grabs his hand and squeezes it. "I've already had many disappoints Dr. Shephard so I'm prepared for the worst. I'm doing this for her." He says looking at Helen. "She believes it was destiny that we met at lost luggage, so if it I'm willing to give it a chance."

"All right, John." Jack smiles; he did love the optimists even if he wasn't so sure about destiny. "If you would go with the Radiologist, he'll take you down for the x-rays and I will get back to you later this afternoon on whether or not we can do this."

"This afternoon, that's quick." Helen says.

"I don't like to keep people waiting with news like this whether it's good or bad it's better to hear it sooner rather than later." Jack stands up to see them out the door.

"Thank you." Helen says shaking his hand as she walks out the door.

He smiles as he watches them leave, then rubs the back of his neck with his hand. He really hoped he could help that man. He seemed perfectly content in his chair but being out of it would be even better for him.

He sits back down at his desk and pulls out the file of next patient and goes over his notes again. The patient was a forty three year old male with a tumor was located on his L-4 vertebrae, he was lucky they caught in time any later and it would've been inoperable.

He goes to the locker room to change and prepare for the surgery. He takes deep breaths and counts to five. He scrubs his hands and forearms and chats with the other doctors. Then he pushes open the doors with his elbows and puts his gloves on. He walks over to the man lying on his stomach on the operating table. "How are we doing today Mr. Linus?"

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