I've basically gotten tired of waiting and decided to just write all of my Fantastic 5 fics (Naruto xovers with Ghost Rider, Hulk, X-men, Spiderman, and Ironman.) So, here we go.

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The Spider and the Fox

A Spider Reborn

Naruto hid behind a tree clutching the scroll that Mizuki had tricked him into stealing close to his chest. How could he have been so stupid falling for his ex-teacher's trick? Sure he wasn't the best at book smarts, but he still should have been able to see through his teacher's trick. And he'd really lost it when he found out he had the demon fox inside him. Or was he the fox? He didn't know anything anymore and now Iruka practically had one foot in the grave and it was his entire fault.

You're not completely at fault Naruto. A voice said, making the young ninja jump. You have great power inside you, power that hasn't been seen in centuries, and now it's time to let it be known once again. But always remember Naruto: with great power, there must also come great responsibility. All at once, Naruto felt a surge of power shoot through his system.


Mizuki stood before Iruka, disgusted at the speech he had just given about Naruto.

"I had been planning on saving you for later Iruka, but now I think I'll take you out now before I got fox hunting." Mizuke snarled, pulling his giant shuriken from his back and got ready to throw it. "Say good by Iruka!" he shouted, cackling like a madman.

So this is how it ends huh? Iruka thought, a smirk planted on his face. At least Naruto is safe. However, as the weapon closed in on Iruka, a thick, white rope shot out, stuck to the shuriken, and then flicked it back towards Mizuki.

"What the hell?" Mizuki demanded, only to see Naruto drop down from above, the scroll in hand.

"Naruto, what are you doing here, you need to take the scroll and get out of here!" Iruka shouted.

"I can't do that Iruka-Sensi." Naruto said. "I have the power to beat this guy and with great power, comes great responsibility."

"I hope you're ready to die little fox." Mizuki sneered, gathering up a handful of kuni and Shuriken in his hands.

"Ok, I know I've got the whiskers and everything, but do I really look that much like a fox?" Naruto cracked, a foxy grin appearing on his face. Mizuki growled and threw the weapons at Naruto. The boy held his hands up and tucked his middle and ring fingers in, keeping his index, pinky, and thumb outstretched and those white ropes shot out from his arms and stuck to Mizuki's weapons and Naruto pulled them back. While Naruto had been doing that, Mizuki had snuck up behind him with a kuni in hand. Before Iruka could warn Naruto, the orange ninja had jumped out of the way, avoiding the kuni. He landed on a tree branch, hanging upside-down from it by his feet. Normally in the ninja world this would be no big deal, but neither Mizuki nor Iruka could feel Naruto using chakra.

"You know Mizuki, as much as I love fighting you, I'm afraid I'll have to wrap this up." Naruto said, his grin never leaving his face. Crossing his fingers in front of him, he called out "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" In various puffs of smoke, a legion of Narutos appeared.

Those aren't just illusions; those are the real life, flesh and blood beings. Iruka thought, stunned that Naruto had preformed such an advanced technique.

"Now then Mizuki," Naruto said, cracking his knuckles, "let's finish this." The Narutos dived a Mizuki who disappeared beneath the ocean of orange. A minute later, all the the extra Narutos disappeared in puffs of smoke leaving only the original. "You think I over did it?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at Iruka who chuckled.

"Not at all Naruto," The teacher said, "now come here, I have a present for you." Naruto walked over to his teacher. "Close your eyes." Iruka ordered. Naruto did as he was told. "Ok, you can open them now." When Naruto did, he reached up and felt the metal plate on his forehead and his eyes widened. "Congratulations Naruto, you've passed." Naruto smiled and jumped on into Iruka's arms which caused him to both laugh out in joy and cry out in pain. "But, Naruto, how were you able to do all that stuff?"

"No clue." Naruto admitted. "It mostly just came from instinct."

"Perhaps it comes from a formerly dormant kekkei genkai." Itachi said. "The Hokage will probably be able to tell you what's happening."

"All right," Naruto said. He tied the scroll to his back using his strange ropes and helped Iruka support himself as they made their way to the Hokage's tower. After they arrived and explained what had happened, the Hokage had Iruka taken away by medics and turned to Naruto.

"Naruto, do you know what the voice was that spoke to you before?" The Hokage asked.

"No clue Old Man." Naruto said. "But it was a nice kind of voice, soft and gentle. It told me, that with great power comes great responsibility." The Hokage blinked.

"Naruto, there's something you need to know about your parents." The Hokage said.

"My…my parents?" Naruto asked stunned.

"That's right." The Hokage said, rising. "Please, come with me." The Hokage led Naruto to the Hokage Monument, inside the Fourth's head to be exact. "Your father was a historian Naruto, who specialized in researching kekkei genkais and also looked through history to find ones that had gone extinct or were laid dormant for whatever reason. He believed that our mother had one such bloodline."

"Do you know what it's called?" Naruto asked.

"I believe that it was known as the Spiderman bloodline," The Hokage replied, "named after the originator of the power. You see Naruto; there was a time before the world we live in now. Your father believed that it was an age of heroes where people with skills of ninja and beyond populated the world, some protecting it while some others wanted to conquer it. Your mother is believed to be the descendent of one such hero."

"Can you tell me who they are?" Naruto asked. "My parents I mean." The old man sighed and looked Naruto with sorrowful eyes.

"I can not Naruto, I promised them that I wouldn't until you reached 18 or became a jonin." He explained. "They made a lot of enemies outside the village and your mother believed that with you being a target inside the village, she didn't want you to any more than that." Naruto sighed but nodded. Even though they didn't know each other, his parents were looking out for him.

The Hokage led Naruto to a hidden chamber in the Forth's head with a seal on the door. Stepping aside, he let Naruto open it to show a giant room filled with files and papers that looked absolutely ancient. Naruto walked in and look around at all the information. Many of them appeared to have a strange symbol on them, like some kind of shield with an eagle or something on it.

"All of this is yours to do with what you wish Naruto." The Hokage explained. "I will always be around should you ever need assistance with anything." With that he bowed and left Naruto alone. Naruto walked through the small library his father had created. After a while of looking, he found a file marked Peter "Spider-man" Parker. Something inside him just knew that this was the file he wanted, but when he opened it, he found he couldn't read the writing inside.

I can read it. Came the soft voice from the forest.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

In another time, another place, I was known as Mary Jane Watson-Parker, but here, I am known as the Kyubi No Kitusene. The voice responded.

"The Kyubi?" Naruto asked.

Create one of your Shadow Clones with as little chakra as possible, it'll make things easier. The Kyubi requested. Naruto nodded and created a Shadow Clone. A moment after its creation, it was covered in red chakra and transformed into a beautiful red haired woman with green eyes. She also had 9 long bushy red tails that matched her hair, along with fur along her arms and legs and a small tuft between her breasts. Her hands and feet resembled paws. She also had whisker marks like Naruto along her cheeks and two pointed fox-ears protruding from her hair. She wore a long red kimono. All in all, Naruto found her stunning.

"Well Tiger, looks like you just hit the jackpot." The fox woman said with dazzling smile. Naruto's jaw was close to dislocating from the rest of his head as he looked at the woman. "You'll catch flies doing that Naruto." She giggled, pushing up Naruto's jaw with her finger.

"Are you really the fox?" Naruto asked.

"Yes I am, but like I said, in another time, I was a woman named Mary Jane Watson-Parker." She said and Naruto could see the sadness in her eyes. And then something clicked in his head.

"Wait a minute; I know that name, Parker." Naruto said. Mary Jane smiled as she laid a hand on the file that Naruto.

"You should, he was your ancestor." Mary Jane said. "And the love of my life."

"What was he like?" Naruto asked. Mary Jane chuckled a little.

"He was strong, courageous, always believed in doing the right thing, especially after his uncle died." Mary Jan said fondly. "That was when he decided to help people and that with great power come great responsibility."

"You miss him." Naruto said. "What happened?"

"I made a deal with the devil to save his aunt when she was dying." Mary Jane said, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "In exchange for saving her life and making everyone forget that Peter was Spiderman, the devil would rewrite history that he and I would never be together and I would become his demon." Tears were now falling freely from her eyes. Naruto walked forward and held her as she cried into his shoulder. "Thank you." She said.

"So, what kind of powers did I get from him?" Naruto asked. "And how did they come up anyway?"

"Peter could just about literally do anything a spider could, stick to walls, had enhanced strength and agility, he could spin webs from his wrists, and he had a spider-sense that could warn him of danger."

"Is it like a tickling in the back of the head?" Naruto asked.

"That's how Peter always described it." Mary Jane said with a smile. Looking at him she reached over and stroked his cheek. "You know, you may not be my Peter, but you are pretty cute." Naruto blushed a little. Mary Jane giggled at the embarrassed young man.

"So, you know how to read his strange writing?" Naruto asked.

"Yes I do, and when I dispel the clone I possessed, so will you." Mary Jane said before she disappeared. Naruto's eyes went wide as all the new information was downloaded into his mind. He shook his head slightly and then smiled. "Thanks MJ." Naruto said, learning her favorite nickname. Naruto spent the rest of the night reading every file there was in his father's library with the shadow clones, but when he dispelled them, he suffered information overload and passed out.

Inside her cage, Mary Jane chuckled at the boy. You're going to be a great man Naruto, I'm sure of it.

And that's where I'll end it. Now this is going to be a Naruto/Sakura fanfic, don't like it too bad. But I'm trying to decide if I should have Mary Jane be a girlfriend or just have her be like a mentor/mother figure to Naruto. Tell me what you think.