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The SpiderFox

The land of waves

Naruto jumped from tree to tree tracking the target his team was going after. Shino had placed a special bug on it and Naruto was using it to help him track it while Sakura was tracking it from the ground.

"Anyone got a lock on this thing yet?" Naruto asked into the communicator.

"It is not that easy Naruto, the target probably knows the area better than anyone of us." Shino replied.

"Yeah Naruto, I mean, how many times have other teams gone after it?" Sakura asked.

Since their formation as a team, Naruto, Sakura, and Shino had grown close. Shino had become the group's tactician. Every mission Shino quickly figured out the best way to approach the situation and what each person could do.

Sakura, with no Sasuke to distract her and Kurinai to act as a role model, had calmed down some and didn't beat Naruto so much. And even when she did, it was almost like it was in good humor.

Naruto was undeniably the heart and soul of team 8. In sparing matches he could beat the others with little ease thanks to his spider-sense which he explained to his teammates after about a month of working together. He still kept most of the secrets, family heritage, MJ, stuff like that, to himself.

"I've got a lock on the target." Sakura shouted. Naruto landed on a tree branch and looked down. He instantly spotted a rustle in the bushes and two blurs, the farther one being pink, shoot out of the bushes, Naruto leapt above them following the blurs. "Naruto where the hell are you?" Sakura asked dodging trees.

"Right above you." Naruto replied. Sakura made a quick pause and looked up to indeed see Naruto jumping above them. Naruto meanwhile got a lock on the target and as soon as they entered a clearing he fired a web line that snagged the target and then it was just a matter of cocooning the thing so it wouldn't get away.

"Looks like we got the fur ball again." Naruto said picking the cat by its unwebbed tail.

"It's the right cat isn't it?" Kurinai asked over the radio. Naruto turned the cat to the side, ignoring the hissing to check its ear for the Tora ribbon.

"Yep, the evil Tora has been captured by the Amazing Spiderman!" Naruto said striking a heroic pose. Unfortunately Sakura happened to walk into the clearing and promptly bopped Naruto on the head. "Ouch!"

"Well quit posing like an idiot." Sakura snapped. "Now let's go, I don't want that little monster anywhere near me when your webs dissolve." She absentmindedly ran her hand alone the phantom scratches from last time.

"Good point." Shino agreed.

"Gah!" Naruto jumped nearly dropping Tora. "Shino, will you stop doing that? You're going to give me a heart attack."

"How come that spider sense thing doesn't go off when he does that?" Sakura asked as the team started to make its' way out of the forest.

"It only alerts me to danger and unless Shino's going to sick his bugs on me, I'm not going to feel a thing." Naruto explained.

"I am sorry Naruto, although lately, I have found it to be rather…fun." Shino said causing his two teammates to look at him with raised eyebrow.

"So, you actually have fun nearly scaring Naruto to death?" Sakura asked.

"Is that so hard to conceive that I would find these things enjoyable?" Shino asked.

"No it's not that, it's just that, well, now that I think about it, we don't really know what you do for fun." Sakura said.

"I mean we know a lot about you but for all we know you just sit in the dark and meditate for fun." Naruto said.

"Well I do enjoy doing that." Shino said causing his teammates to sweat drop. "But I also enjoy learning about bugs and I have a good time playing card games."

"Card games you say?" Naruto said with a smile. "Promise not to use those bugs of yours and I'd be happy to take your money away from you."

"You can try and believe me you will fail." Shino said and Naruto and Sakura could swear they heard a hint of humor in his voice. They continued making their way and met Kurinai at the Hokage's office where they proceeded to watch Tora nearly get crushed through the webbing by the giant of a woman that was his owner.

"Would it be all right to feel sorry for that cat?" Sakura asked. Naruto and Shino just looked at her, then at each other and just shrugged. The Hokage, Iruka, and Kurinai meanwhile were discussing something over in the corner in hushed voices.

"Team 8!" The Hokage shouted, getting the 3 kids attention. "I have a B-Ranked Mission for you." Sakura's jaw dropped and Shino and Naruto looked at each other.

"What's the mission?" Shino asked.

"Not long after I sent Team 7 off on a C-Rank escort mission, they sent a message back saying that the client, a bridge builder named Tazuna of the Land of Wave, had lied and that he now has missing ninja after him. Instead of turning back, Team 7 decided to continue on and requested backup."

"And what, you want us to be the back up?" Naruto said. The old man nodded. Naruto looked back and forth between his teammates. Shino looked at Naruto and nodded but Sakura looked nervous biting her lip. "We don't have to go Sakura, there are other teams in the village that can go after Sasuke's team and back them up." At the mention of the Uchiha Sakura perked up slightly.

"Let's go, I think we might be able to handle it." Sakura said.

"Very well, pack up and leave as soon as possible." The Hokage ordered.

"Yes sir!" Team 8 shouted and bolted out of the office. An hour later they were flying through the trees.

"It was kind of low using Sasuke against me like that Naruto." Sakura said looking up at the blond boy.

"Well, on the one hand you hesitated a little before saying yes." Naruto said, turning around to look at her, trusting his spider sense to make sure he didn't crash into anything and kill himself. "But you're right, and I really wanted to go on this mission. I promise you though; I'll make sure you go home alive." Sakura smiled and nodded. Giving the girl a salute, Naruto spun around backwards and leapt off a branch. Near the end of the day, the team arrived at the small fishing town where they were supposed to meet up with Team 7 and the client.

"Kurinai, they sent your team to assist us." Kakashi said stepping out of a hut.

"The Hokage felt that our team would be the best to assist you." Kurinai said. "Now would you mind give us a rundown as to what we're up against?" As Kakashi gave Kurinai what had so far transpired on the mission, Teams 7 and 8 visited with one another.

"What's up Naruto, team been working out ok?" Kiba asked.

"More or less Kiba." Naruto said. "Shino's slowly but surely opening up to us all and Sakura's actually living up to being called the top konoichi in out class." Shino, shocking Team 8, actually gave a small smile and Sakura was blushing a little at his praise.

"Still don't know why they sent a team of weaklings to help us." Sasuke muttered. Naruto shot a glare at the Uchiha and out of the corner of his eye saw Shino starting to release his bugs.

"Easy there Shino." Naruto said glancing over at his teammate. "And Sasuke, I seem to recall the 5 of us going up against Kakashi sensei while you were jacking off in the trees." Kiba howled with laughter and Sakura went red in the face.

"So how have things been with your team Hinata?" Shino asked trying to change the subject before a fight broke out.

"A-All right," Hinata stuttered. " Kakashi-sensei has tr-tried teaching us t-teamwork, but we've b-been having trouble."

"Let me guess, Mr. I can do everything myself?" asked Naruto jerking a finger at Sasuke.

"Yeah, and he blames me and Hinata for it." Kiba said. "I mean, it's one thing for him to blame me, but it just boils my blood when he blames Hinata when she doesn't do anything." Akamaru yapped in agreement.

"All right Team, listen up." Kurinai said getting everyone's attention. "The client, Tazuna here had to lie about the risks on this mission because his village is poor and under the control of a business Kingpin (wink wink) and has hired missing ninja to take him out"

"So when do we get back on the road?" Shino asked. Kurinai paused and looked up at the sky to see the position of the sun.

"If everyone's ready we can go now." She said. Everyone quickly gathered up their respective equipment and proceeded to make their way to the shore where a boat was waiting for them. As the proceeded across Naruto looked at Tazuna and took him in. he was an old man if his white hair was any indication, and apparently a drinker too by his beer gut. When they came in sight of Tazuna's bridge, everyone's jaws dropped.

"Damn that is pretty freaking impressive." Naruto said.

"Thank you, it is my masterpiece." Tazuna said. "And when I get it done, we'll finally be free from Gato's control."

"How bad are things in your village?" Shino asked.

"Gato controls everything that goes in or comes out and has complete control over home much to charge for it." Tazuna explained, tightening his hands into fists. "He has all the power and anyone who goes up against him ends up dead."

"He must be a strong and powerful man." Hinata said.

"Only with money." Tazuna spat bitterly. "The little bastard is only about 4 feet tall." Naruto actually burst into laughter at the revelation but was quickly shushed so that they wouldn't attract unwanted.

When they reached land, Kakashi and Kurinai took the lead while the other slid into formation: Sasuke and Kiba, the heaviest hitters in the group pulse Kiba's smell to forewarn them of enemies stood in front Tazuna while Sakura and Hinata with her Byakugan active stood at Tazuna's sides for defense with Sakura's impressive genjutsu abilities and Hinata's gentle fist style, while Naruto and Shino hung back incase someone tried to sneak up on them.

Naruto heard a rustling in the bushes to his right and fired a web line at it and when he pulled back, only a snow white rabbit was at the end.

"Aww what a pretty bunny." Sakura gushed. Naruto sniggered at her, prompting her to bop him on the head.

"That rabbit's fur is white." Shino said.

"But it's spring, it should be in it's spring coat." Kiba said.

"Substitution jutsu," Sakura said. Hinata, Kiba, and Shino quickly went into tracker mode while Naruto tried reaching out with his spider-sense. Suddenly it started screaming in his head.

"We've got incoming!" he shouted. While everyone ducked down Naruto jumped upward to avoid the giant sword that came flying at them. Back flipping, Naruto landed in front of the group, still clutching the rabbit.

"Not bad kid, you've got some pretty good moves for a little rookie." A tall man wearing cameo pants and bandages around his face.

"Thanks, it's a family trait." Naruto said. "I assume this is your rabbit."

"Just let it go, it'll find its way back home." The man said. Naruto nodded and let the rabbit go.

"Zabuza Momuchi, renegade ninja from the Hidden Mist Village." Kakashi said, stepping up in front of Naruto.

"Left the village after a failed attempt to kill the Mizukage." Kurinai said.

"I'm flattered you two know me, Copy Ninja Kakashi and if I'm not mistaken Kurina Yuki, a mistress of genjutsu if the rumors are true." Zabuza said. "I had the usual bingo book back in the day and I'm afraid the lovely lady's profile was not in it yet."

"Flattery will get you nowhere." Kurinai said.

"Trust me pal, just about everyone in the village tried to hit on Kurinai-sensei here and she turns down every one." Naruto said. "But because you're hitting on her, I think I'll kick your ass." While this was going on the others were dealing with Kakashi's revelation of the Sharingan eye.

"Hold on Naruto." Kurina said. "This guy is a bit our of your league." She turned to the others. "I want you all to stay back and protect Tazuna while Kakashi and I deal with him." The group nodded and jumped back to protect their charge. Zabuza chuckled and jumped down onto the lake and proceeded to release a deep mist.

"What the hell is this?" Kiba said.

"The Hidden Mist Jutsu," Kurina said. "It's a standard jutsu for even Genin in the Hidden Mist village."

"There are 8 targets," Zabuza said threw the mist.

"What?" Shino said.

"Throat, spinal cord, lungs, liver," Zabuza continued, his voice apparently everywhere, "the jugular vein, the subclavian artery, kidney, heart."

"What the hell is this eyebrowless freak talking about?" Kiba asked, using his senses to try and find him while Shino was using his bugs and Hinata was using her Byakugan.

"…so many choices. What vital vulnerable place shall I choose." He chuckled sadistically. Everyone under jonin level ninja was shaking, Sasuke and Sakura were shaking with fear while Kiba, Hinata, and Shino were straining to try and find him. Naruto however, Naruto was shaking with excitement.

You're actually excited to fight this guy Naruto? Mary Jane asked.This is the kind of person that a murdering vigilante called the Punisher use to fight back in Peter's day.

That was back in Great-Grandpa Peter's day. Naruto said with a smile. This is how I do things. In his subconscious, Mary Jane was shaking her head.

And I thought Frank Castle was crazy. She thought privately to herself.

On the outside Kakashi and Kurinai were telling their respective students that they would protect them with their lives. Not long after those reassuring words left their lips did Naruto's spider-sense start screaming.

"Guys 6 o'clock!" he yelled whirling around and firing web lines as Zabuza appeared out of the mist and got hit with a face full of webbing.

"You little brat!" Zabuza said trying to claw the webbing out of his eyes. Kakashi took this advantage to stab Zabuza with a kuni only for him to turn into a water clone. When the real one appeared to try and bisect Kakashi, Kurinai appeared and tried to trap him in a genjutsu only for that one to be reviled a water clone too. Finally the real Zabuza kicked the two senseis into the water. Before they could recover, Zabuza appeared behind and quickly encased the two of them in Water Prison Jutsus.

"Everyone run, now that we're trapped you can't beat him, just take Tazuna and run!" Kakashi shouted. "His water clones can only get so far away before they fall apart!"

"That would be the wrong move Kakashi-sensei." Shino said. "All Zabuza would have to do is wait until you and Kurinai-sensei drown before he would start hunting us down."

"What's the plan Shino?" Naruto asked.

"Sakura, you, Sasuke, and I will stay back and watch Tazuna." Shino explained. "Kiba and Naruto will back up Hinata."

"Why are you sending that weakling up front while having me stay back to protect the old man?" demanded Sasuke.

"Because her Gentle Fist style is best for disrupting clones and I do believe that you were shaking like a leaf when Zabuza first appeared." Shino explained, earning a snigger from Naruto and Kiba.

"If I may add onto that plan." Naruto said. "Hinata, you and Kiba just take care of any water clones that pop up, leave the man himself to me." As they formulated their plan Zabuza started laughing.

"Oh how cute, the kids are actually forming a plan." He taunted. "Little shits like don't deserve to be called ninja. Not when by the time I was your age I already had blood on my hands."

"What're you talking about Captain No-Brows?" Naruto asked.

"The Village of Bloody Mist." Kurinai said. "It used to be that graduating ninja would become genin by killing another member of their graduating class. It only ended when a ninja who was no where close to graduating slaughtered the entire graduating class."

"Ahh, good time, gooood times." Zabuza said with a psychotic gleam in his eye that made everyone shiver.

"You sure you want to fight this guy Naruto?" Sakura asked. Naruto looked at her with a confident smile and gleam in his eye.

"Oh yeah, I want to fight this guy, and also, lets face it, I'm the only one here who can actually last the longest against this psycho." He said with a smile. "You just take care of yourself and the old man. Genjutsu's seem to be pretty good at taking down those Water Clones." Sakura bit her lip and nodded.

"Just promise me you'll come out of this alive." Sakura said. Naruto smiled, turning around and giving her the thumbs up.

"Hinata, Kiba, let's take this son of a bitch down!" Naruto shouted charging into the fight, Hinata and Kiba at his sides. A water clone charged at Naruto, preparing to draw its sword. Trusting his spider sense, Naruto jumped over the clone, distracting it enough to let Hinata nail it in the chest. A second later an entire army of water clones appeared.

"I got them." Kiba said as he and Akamaru turned into feral forms of Kiba. "Fang over Fang!" He and Akamaru started spinning, turning into drills as they mowed through the crowd.

Naruto meanwhile practically flew over the group and shot a cross over web line at Zabuza's knees and pulled, causing Zabuza to loose his footing on the water and release the jutsus holding Kakashi and Kurinai. Still in mid air he fired off two more web lines into Naruto's chest and pulled himself in, crashing into Zabuza's chest and jumped off, pushing him under the water. After some impressive aerial acrobatics, he flew into a tree and stuck to it.

"You little brat!" Zabuza said exploding out of the water.

"Tell me something big guy," Naruto said with an annoying smile, "is that giant sword over compensating for your lack of eyebrows or is there just a lot of room in your pants?" Zabuza roared and charged with his sword in hand ready to slice Naruto into many tiny pieces when out of no where, Kakashi appeared blocking his sword.

"You did good Naruto, but stay back and let us handle him." Kurina said.

"With all do respect Kurinai-sensei, you guys had your chance and you got your buts kicked." Naruto said, the grin never leaving his face. "Now it's my turn, unless you don't think you can take me no brows." Zabuza roared again and threw Kakashi off before charging at Naruto.

The blond haired boy's smile never wavered at he leapt onto the shore of the lake effortlessly dodging Zabuza's attacks.

"I though you Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were suppose to be the best," Naruto taunted bending back at the knees to avoid a horizontal slash, "or was it just a club for a bunch of guys with giant swords to overcompensate for such small equipment."

That's it Naruto, keep taunting him. MJ instructed in his head. Peter would always taunt and anger his opponents. It made them angry and gave the impression that he was good enough to insult them while he was fighting them.

Naruto twisted around on one foot to avoid downward attack. Using the momentum of the dodge, Naruto kicked Zabuza in the knee and followed up with a jab to the kidneys, and elbow to the cheek and finished him off with an ax kick to the back of the head, sending Zabuza face first into the dirt. Not giving the ninja a second to recover Naruto jumped over him and webbed him in the back. Whirling him around, he threw the swordsman into a tree and promptly webbed him to it. "Stick around Zab while my senseis figure out what to do with you." Naruto said, nodding to Kakashi and Kurinai as he passed them and promptly launched himself over to his fellow genin, most of who were staring slack jawed at him with looks of amazement, admiration, and anger.

"Nicely done Naruto." Shino said giving his teammate a thumbs up. Naruto just smiled and shrugged.

"That was real good Naruto, I couldn't know you could move like that." Sakura added to her teammate.

"I didn't really know I could move like that either." He admitted. "Just kind of let reflex and instinct take over.

"How come you never fought like that before?" Kiba asked.

"Bloodline mostly. Gave me enhanced reflexes, agility, strength flexibility." Naruto trailed off. "It's really stuff that any ninja could be capable of if they trained enough." Naruto noticed Sasuke's glare and turned to him. "You got a problem duck head?" Naruto asked. Before Sasuke could answer though, Naruto's spider sense started screaming and Naruto whiled around in time to see Zabuza get stabbed in the neck by a couple of senbon needles lodge themselves in Zabuza's neck. A second later two ninja in robes appeared.

"Thank you for defeating Zabuza." The one in the white robe said as his partner in blue started sawing at the webs around Zabuza with a kuni. "We've been after him for a long time."

"It's no problem," Kakashi said as Zabuza was finally cut down. Bowing their heads, the pair and the corpse disappeared. Naruto was still looking at the spot where they'd just been with narrowed eyes.

"Something wrong kid?" Tazuna asked.

"I don't' know." Naruto admitted. "But there's just something about those two that makes my spider sense tingle." Shino and Sakura looked at each other while everyone else just looked confused.


The two hunter ninja landed in a clearing with Zabuza's still webbed up body. The hunter nin in blue slowly rolled out some tools and began to get to work.

"I tell you Iceman," the ninja in white said pulling off his mask to revile a pale boy with white hair and two dots on his head, "I will never get use to playing hunter ninja, or watching you work for that matter."

"I agree with Kimimoru," Zabuza groaned apparently coming back to life. "You have all the finesse and subtlety of a butcher Haku." Haku removed his mask to revile a fair skinned young man with dark hair tied in a bun.

"Well I'm only a child." Haku said almost sweetly.

"A psycho near sadistic child." Kimimaro pointed out. "There was something about that blond kid you fought Zabuza. The way he was looking at us after you 'died.' It was like he knew we weren't who we said we were."

"He may be a problem in the future," Zabuza admitted, "and on top of that we have no idea what his other teammates are capable of, not that it'd make any big difference."

"Still," Kimimaro said rubbing his chin, "the next time we have to fight that kid, I think that maybe one of us should help you out."

"You just want a chance to fight him don't you Wolverine?" Haku said with a smirk.

"Shut up Ice cube." Kimimaro grumbled.

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