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Chapter 16: Returning Back

"Oh" I said.

Xenon was covering his right eye. He was shaking. Did I kill someone in a fight. I actually feel guilty when I did something wrong. Xenon removed his hand and I saw a red cut on his eye. I missed the inside of his eye so, I guess he is not going to be blind.

Then Xenon began to growl. I looked at him then a fist hit me in the cheek.

"Ah!" I yelled.

"Kyle, you will suffer" said Xenon.

"Oh, really" I said.

I went running towards him and so, did him. Xenon ducked down and hit me in the stomach. My eyes widened of the pain. He tripped me and threw me in the air. He jumped up and he kicked me down and I fell to the ground hard.

"Kyle" said Manny.

The herd went running and stopped.

"You herds are too late" said Xenon. "You'll see Kyle die"

"No" said Diego.

I punched Xenon on the face. I ran to him but he did a kick. I was failing. Xenon is on rage. I think I'm going to die.

"Kyle do want to see the herd die?" asked Xenon.

"No" I said.

He threw me but I got grip and flipped on Xenon.

"Kyle" said Xenon. "Why is this herd so, important to you, huh?"

"It's because...they're...like...family...and...maybe I... need them..." I said looking at the Diego and the herd.

"So, maybe you to calm down!" I shouted when I punch him down harder than ever.

"Errr!" cried Xenon.

Xenon jumped up high to make a hard hit. I guess this is the last time of me.

Crash and Eddie watching the horror.

"Come on Eddie we got help Kyle" said Crash.

Eddie picked up a rock and got his brother's tail.

".Fire.!" said Crash.

When Xenon was getting closer to me. Then a rock hit him on the head. He fall down to the ground.

"What the?" I questioned.

I turned back. Crash and Eddie were like dancing or something. So, I made a thumbs up.

"Kyle!" Xenon growled.

"Huh" I said.

"Kyle!" cried Diego.

Xenon grabbed his spear amd made a slash!

"Ah" cried someone.

"Huh" I said opening my eyes.

"Pain!" shouted Xenon.

"What Pain?" I said.

Xenon run toward me but I ducked down and tripped him. He fell down to a cliff. You know I have guilt so, I have to save him. I slide down to the grass and saw Xenon holding on.

"Xenon! Hold my hand" I said.

Xenon grabbed my hand.

"You're going to die with me Kyle" said Xenon.

Man, I was so dumb to trust Xenon. He has no good inside at all.

I tried to lose grip on Xenon's hairy hands. It work but I'm going fall to the death.

"Aaaahhh!" I shouted.

Something grabbed me. I turned back and it was Diego. Saving my butt. He pulled me up and I saw Xenon yell when he was falling down the cliff.

"Kyle you alright" said Sid.

"You o.k. buddy" said Crash.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said.

I looked around and saw Pain.

"Pain" I said.

"Kyle" said Pain.

"You sacrificed me" I said.

"Kyle, I saved you, because you need a good life. You shouldn't be like me in my childhood. And you defeated Xenon. Impressed" said Pain.

"You think you might make it" I said.

"No Kyle, this is the time when a worrior dies. And no more crying" said Pain.

"Pain" I said.

"Yes Kyle" said Pain.

"Thank you" I said.

"Your welcome..." said Pain.

Pain's eyes started to close. And his turns.

A beeping sound is heard.

"Kyle I think it's time to go" said Manny.

"O.k." I said.

A portal opens.

"I guess this where I leave and say goodbye" I said.

"Hey, where is Talon?" said Ellie.

"I don't know? I thought he is with you" said Manny.

"He was but we ran somewhere else and thought he left" said Ellie.

"I guess he betrayed us" said Sid.

"No, he didn't" I said.

"What?" The herd was confused.

"If he betrayed us. He would be in Xenon's team but he is not" I said.

"You are right" said Sid.

"Bye you guys" I said.

"Hey wait" said Manny "Can we at least say good bye to you".

"Ha, you are right also" I said.

"Well, Manny and Ellie bye" I said.

"Good bye Kyle" said Ellie.

"Kyle you are one of a kid" said Manny.

They both hold me with their trunks and hugged me. I hugged them back. And they put me down.

"Don't forget about Peaches" said Ellie.

"Kyle" said Peaches.

"Hey, Peaches. Be good to your mom and dad. And don't forget about me when you grow up" I said.

"Buddy" said Sid.

"Hey Sid, you are hugging me tight" I said.

"Oh sorry" said Sid.

"It's o.k." I said.

"Crash, Eddie" I said.

"Kyle we will miss you" said Eddie.

"I bet you might do cool stuff at home" said Crash.

"Yah, I will and try to make your own sling shot without both of your tails" I said.

"We will" said Crash and Eddie.

"Hey Diego, I guess this is good bye" I said.

"Yeah, it will be" said Diego.

"Thanks for saving me from the village and my butt also" I said.

I hugged him.

"Bye Diego, thanks for being a good friend" I said.

"You too Kyle" said Diego.

"I thought you said Tigers don't cry" I said.

"Well, they do, sometimes" he said.

"Well, you guys bye" I said.

"Bye, be good" said Ellie.

"Bye" said the herd.

I jumped in the portal and I disappeared.

"Well, I guess it's time to go back where we left off" said Manny.

I'm in the portal in and then showed a background of Professor's lab.

I fly off the capsule of the Time Machine. And I bumped my head hard.

"Ouch, this really hurts" I said.

"I wonder where is Extort" I said.

"Hello is any body home" I said.

"Who is there?" a voice came.

I jumped up when the voice.

It was a police man.

"Who are you?" asked the police officer.

"My name is Kyle Stanford" I said.

"Mrs. and Mr. Smith I found him" said the officer.

I was confused. What is he talking about? And why is those people looking for me?

"Kyle" said the woman.

"Uh, hi" I said.

She hugged me.

"Um, what are you doing?" I said.

"We are the new parents of yours" said Mr. Smith.

"Oh" I said.

"So, what happen to Extort?" I asked.

"He is at prison" said Mrs. Smith.

"Say what!" I shouted.

"Yes, because we thought he kidnapped you but we discovered he put you on a time machine" Mr. Smith.

"Oh" I said.

"Well it's time to go" said Mr. Smith.

"To where?" I said.

"At your new home" said Mr. Smith.

"Hey, can I keep the time machine?" I asked.

"O.k. but you are responsible on the damage" said .

"O.k." I said.

I got on the car and drove to the freeway. They stopped on a house that is not familiar.

"Welcome, Kyle to your new home" said Mrs. Smith.

I turned back. And I hugged them. I guess I have a new life.

I went to a little market place with . And these two kid came up to me.

"Hi, my name is Sara" said the girl.

"And I'm Justin" said the boy.

"Um, would you like to be in our group? We need one more person" asked the girl.

"And would you like to hang out with us to the park?" asked the boy.

I looked at Mr. Smith. And he nodded.

"O.k. lets go. By the way, the name is Kyle" I said.

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