Epilogue: Xavia by The Submarines

Xavia, who will save us?
Your smile's on fire
And still my heart
Won't let you down

Emily shrugged her duffel bag in her kitchen, hugged her parents hello before going upstairs to download the pictures off her camera. The things she had done this trip, they didn't seem like her, hell, she hadn't even wanted some of them. Sure, she was a boyfriend short now, but…

She didn't regret a thing and she was going to treasure every memory. (Plus, Ralph was looking good.)

Sam smiled at his sisters and mom, regaling them with his many stories (edited of course) about the trip before moving upstairs to do as he promised himself. He threw out all mind altering substances in his room in a trash bag before shrugging and throwing away the posters of Babe Raider off his wall. The trip had changed him in more ways than one, and Sam was finding this new found maturity just might be a perk when his sisters introduced him to a cute girl.

Yeah, he didn't regret much either.

Stuffing all his dirty laundry in the laundry room like his mom told him, Ralph popped the kinks out of his back. It sure was nice not to be trapped in a van with five (and four) other people, but he oddly enough felt kind of lonely. It wasn't until he went to go meet Emily for ice cream did the feeling of unease leave.

He hadn't counted on falling in love, but now that he had, he didn't regret the hell it took to get there.

Smiling happily, Casey watched as the Venturi/MacDonald household opened the gifts the two eldest children so thoughtfully brought home. She had given Derek a pleased look at the beautiful bracelet he had given her mother. She felt beyond relaxed, although, she thought wryly to herself, it probably wouldn't last long with Derek being in her life as he was. His brown eyes met her blue ones though and, well, she really couldn't mind.

She had loved every minute of getting to know Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald; she couldn't regret a damn thing, not even the phoenix tattoo she hid under her long sleeves.

Derek smiled to himself slightly as he placed the box with the necklace on Casey's computer desk. He was happy, for the first time in a long time, he was happy with no strings attached. Laughing to himself softly, he chased Marti who squealed in delight.

Life was perfect.

One heart to break, One heart
One heart to break, One heart
One heart to break, My heart
One heart to break, My heart

Just a quick wrap up. I left Sheldon out on purpose. This may or may not have a follow up story, I haven't really decided. Thank you for reading and double thank yous to those who reviewed! :)