Author's Notes: Pairing between Optimus and Elita. Their love life has grown predictable and boring to Elita until he overhears her complaining. She voices 'wild wishes' and he decides to give them to her, whether she knows it or not.

WARNING: Interfacing and sticky mating this chapter.



In the Autobot recreation room, the two femmes continued their conversation, switching to a very personal subject. The last mech had left allowing them total freedom.

"Optimus goes slow, pleasuring me into at least one overload before interfacing. Then overload again before moving onto spark merging or slow going of pleasures building up to spark merging. Takes forever and a measurable amount of energy. I practically run dry from pumping out lubricant over that length of time," Elita said, reclining back in the huge metal chair. Her pink armored hand drew circles on the metal tabletop around the energon cube.

"And? Most femmes would take faces to have that attention lavished on them. What do you want different?" Chromia stated, gulping down her energon cube before crushing it and chucking it dead aim into the recycling chute.

The femme commander checked her sensors, confirming there were no Cybertronian energy signatures nearby. She leaned closer, a gleam in her optics. "Take his office. He practically lives in there. I could be standing there in my protoform begging him for his touch and he hand me a datapad mumbling about checking the data."

"That is Optimus and?"

"And I'd like him to spin me around, bend me over his desk and pound my hip plates off. Or grab me up heading out the door for our quarters, no delete that. Grab me up, wrap my legs around his hip plates and pump me until I cannot move," Elita confided.

"Ironhide does that all the time. No where we haven't sparked, except maybe Prime's office, here on earth at least," the dark blue femme smirked.

"You leave with injuries, I'll settle for being sore in all the right places. And when do we have the time? Prime and Femme Commander," Elita reminded, sipping at her energon cube.

"Make time, we do. Doesn't take long for fast hard interfaces. Oh, I see your point now. Hmm, have you ever mentioned it to him?"

"Back on Cybertron but not recently," Elita admitted. "Not exactly a conversation I can start. Lover, you are big, strong and have the responsibility for our entire race as the last matrix bearer and could you treat me like a short spark femme? Frag me all the time like a commoner then find time to fight Megatron and the Decepticons?" She mopped, finishing her energon.

"Recently as in earth or recently like the last ten thousand years? Your expression tells me," Chromia laid one armored hand comfortingly on her shoulder. "He does what you need and thinks is the best for you. Tell him."

"I will, eventually," she said.

Chromia snorted. "That's a no. Your choice but I would tell him. Then again, I tell Ironhide off all the time."

"And he takes it?" she asked, looking into her friend's optics.

"Pit yes. Revs his engine actually," she smirked.

Optimus reached, turning off the camera monitoring system. Randomly, he had stopped to check on Red Alert in the control room and noticed the monitor showing the femmes. He had sent Red Alert to fetch them both energon as he listened in on them. "She wants me to be forceful and faster? Hmm," he rubbed his silver chin plates with an armored hand, venting as his processors ran through scenarios. "Pleasure her intensely but no deliberate injuries, I could never hurt her that way. My office or anywhere we can. I can do that." His smile was almost frightening.



Optimus cleared the last of the truly valuable data pads from his desk, storing them in a drawer. A single stack of four remained for effect as he checked the time chronometer. "Any astro second she will be here," he processed.

A tap on his half-opened door and the blazing energy signature that was hers resonated across his systems. "Come in," he stated without emotion, pretending to be intently reading the datapad he held. His metal chair creaked as he shifted, glancing up and her before nodding towards the piled datapads. "Can you verify the data Elita?"

"It is my duty to serve my Prime," she teased, sitting on the spare chair. Her white and pink armored frame shone brightly, contrasting with her intense blue optics. She faced him across the width of the desk gesturing towards the pile. "Will these humans ever tire of reports?"

"Apparently not," he shrugged, focusing on digitally locking the door. It clicked shut silently, securing them against all intrusions and closing all office comm lines but the emergency responses.

::I am unavailable for the next joor, no exceptions. You have command as my designated second:: Optimus sent on his command line.

:::Understood sir:: Prowl answered, switching all inbound Autobot frequencies to himself before closing down the line.

"Let me guess, they take weeks getting us the data then press for fast approval, citing this or that need," she said, accessing the first one.

"I have a more pressing need," he rumbled, reaching down with his hand under the desk and undoing his codpiece. Dropping the metal cover quietly into the open drawer, he felt his interface rod activating.

"When aren't there needs around here? Demands, wishes and orders. I thought we were bad, the humans are a thousand times worse with their paperwork requirements," she griped, her blue optics focusing only on the scrolling data.

Optimus stood and walked around behind her as his desire increased with her nearness. Energon flowed into his lines, audios and optics sharpened as his interface rod straightened. Venting faster, he leaned down placing his blue armored arms on either side of hers. One hand knocked the datapad out of her hands and sent it skidding off the desktop.

"Optimus," she shuttered her optics in surprise to glance up at him. He ran his hands down her pink armored shoulders then pulled, lifting her up. Confused, she rose to her feet pads while turning to face him. He touched her lip plates with his hand before trailing down her pink chest plates to her hip plates and leaning in close. "You won't need this," he whispered in her audios. His hand traced across her white mid armor to in between her legs. She vented in surprise as he removed her center plating. He dropped it to the desk then took half a step back. He leaned his face in close again. "And Elita."


"Remember this office is soundproof," he touched his lip plates to hers then grabbed her, spinning her around with all his strength and designed combat speed. One hand pinned both her arms behind her as the other bent her upper chassis over the desk.

"What the slag!" She vented roughly, struggling automatically for a second.

"Not slag my love. Frag," he purred, leaning over her back. His free hand slid up her inner thigh before circling her valve edging. She started to stand upright and pull away from him. He grabbed her tightly, holding her in place between him and the desk.

"You are mine, I take what is mine," he growled.

"Opt…Opt…Optimus," she stuttered as his fingers roamed. "What are you….ohhhh."

One finger slid gently in her valve, smearing her ever-increasing purple lubricant. Then two fingers before they lightly pumped in and out the tight entrance. Elita mewed, no longer struggling in his grip as her legs moved wider apart. He slid his fingers out, mentally stamping on his normal routine lines of code. 'Not this time letting her adjust and getting soft,' he processed, aligning his hardened rod under her opening. He vented once, then pushed in as she arched crying out.

He smirked, barely able to keep her pinned while writhing then released her hands. Sliding out, he pushed back deeper inside her before thrusting in and out slowly. Her entire frame tightened, energy crackling along it as her hands clenched on the desk edge.

'No easing up or letting her reset to the pulses,' he processed, driving into her faster and faster. Her valve walls tightened on him, rippling with their friction.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Screaming and plunging into a hard overload, her safety system barely kept her upright even as she sagged onto the desk.

He smirked, keeping a tight control on himself. 'Not yet, pleasure her again to overload and release. Keep the upper servo with her,' he processed.

"'t...," she gasped out, turning only her head to look at him. Her optics were dimmer than normal but the smile on her lip plates was one of pleasure.

"I will," he narrowed his optics, pumping his hips. Still pressed deep inside her, she moaned at his movements inside her sensitized valve. Faster and faster, he worked his hips, driving into her. Her cooling fans whirred at full speed. A quick systems check showed him not much better. 'Time to up access battle reserves.' Files opened, coding flashed across his systems as energon reserves kicked into his main systems, medical protocols activated dampening pain sensors and increasing self-repair. Bracing, he grabbed her hip plates, lifting them up higher to drive deeper and faster. Metal on metal pounded, a ringing sound as they connected.

'Now,' he thought, hilting in and reaching his overload. Hot transfluid exploded out of him into her, coating her valve. With another scream, the overload hit offlining her. Elita's chassis sagged and he caught her before she could fall to the floor. Sliding his rod out of her, he chuckled at the mess on the floor and desk edge from their combined fluids.

Swinging her up to his chest plates, Optimus digitally signaled the right wall to open. A dark seam appeared in the center, dividing it into sections, revealing a small room with a single recharge berth wide enough for both of them.

Flashing bright blue her optics onlined, soft mewing sounds coming from her vocals. "My beautiful Ariel," he murmured, laying her on the recharge berth before reclining next to her. He stroked her faceplates with one hand, pressing his lip plates to hers. "Rest. I will guard."

Her engines purred, gliding into a lower setting entering into recharge. A breem later she was in full recharge. Two breems later, he slid off the berth, careful not to disturb her. He shut the wall, sealing her inside.

Opening the top desk drawer, he removed energon cubes. He gulped the energon, needing the refuel. "Phase one complete. Two phases to go." Grabbing a cleaning cloth, he began wiping at the purple lubricant and dark transfluid covering his front.

To be continued...