Okay. I'm drabbling now. This is due to the fact that my previous stories are not getting finished any time soon. My passion for those shows just isn't the same.

But Leverage….is now an addiction. So, before I lose interest in it (which I seriously doubt as new episodes are coming back this summer. Yay!) I decided to do some drabbles.

Extra note: I'm torn between being a Nate/Sophie fan and a Nate/Eliot fan. Actually, I like pretty much all of them paired any which way. Group orgy, anyone? I particularly love family fics though, and isn't that strange?

Anyway, we're off….

A is for Apples… (as if the writers weren't begging for this)

Eliot loves apples. Everyone in their group knows this. It's not like an obsession, but Eliot does love apples more than the average person. So, when Hardison discovers the apple shampoo in Nate's bathroom, both Eliot and Nate are rather surprised that the others don't seem to be able to put two and two together. They lay low a few days. Eliot stays at his place and doesn't spend the night at Nate's and after about two weeks they think it's safe to return to their usual activities. If the others hadn't already figured it out, it was unlikely that they ever would.

Three days later when Eliot wakes up and untangles himself from Nate's arms he's slightly mortified to discover that on the end table less than a foot away from where they were sleeping lays a little present with a note.

He waits until Nate wakes then silently hands him the piece of paper with Parker's handwriting on it.

Hey Guys!

Sophie said not to say anything cause that would be rude, so I didn't say anything. Here's a present though! And Nate, I promise I didn't steal anything. Just broke in and left the present. Oh, and Hardison asks that you please don't do any lovey-dovey coupley stuff in his presence. I don't know what he means by that, but I guess you two do. Anyway….enjoy!

-Your favorite Thief.

"Do I want to know what the present is?" Nate asks, his voice still groggy from just waking up. "It won't explode will it?"

There is silence as Eliot shakes his head and holds up their present for Nate to see.

"Oh!" Nate mumbles.

"Yep," Eliot drawls out.

A week later when Parker breaks in again, she's delighted to see that nearly half the tube of apple lubricant she had left them had been used.