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The glistening lamps lit up the miserable street. Children being beaten up on the side walk, drunks stumbling around crashing into walls and fighting each other then there was a young boy who looked quite out of place in the dark street his dark hair combed back neatly and clean clothes but an unwelcoming look of sadness on his pale face.

"Prosper" the high pitched voice of a woman called.

"Get back here!" a man yelled and the boy took off running but the man was faster and caught the boy in a matter of seconds. He screamed out in pain as the man slapped him across the face.

"If you dare do that again you won't eat for a week!" the man who seemed to be his father yelled before slapping the child yet again only this time there was no cry of pain but soft sobs as he fell to the ground.

"There you are" the woman yelled, finally reaching them. The boy whimpered and braced himself for another slap but it never came. "You can stay here tonight" she snapped "maybe then you will learn your lesson" woman stalked off.

Don't try anything or you'll regret it" the man whispered to his son before kicking him viciously off the side walk onto the road and following his wife.

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