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Darkkon P.O.V

Walking through the empty streets an eerie and almost ominous chill creeps up my spine. The murky puddles on the ground glisten in the flickering light of the broken lamp posts furry grey rats run across them making wrinkles in the dirty sheets of water. Beggars are here and there holding crying children and sleeping in torn rags look up at me despair written all over there face I avert my eyes I have nothing to give them for there is little I can afford.

I swear I jumped 3 feet when I saw the young boy sobbing, covered in blood and lying on the road. Slowly I walked towards him; he didn't look poor with his bloodstained suit, neatly combed black hair and pale but healthy completion. His head jerked up and he looked at me with his sad green eyes I thought I saw hope flicker across his face as I reached down and offered to help him up. I don't know why but I wanted to help this boy it felt like he would be a good person to have on my side later in life he had nothing to lose nothing to stop him doing wrong. He accepted my offer allowing me to pull him to his feet, nearly falling over again he clung to my arm helplessly. I pulled his arm around my shoulder, helping him regain his balance before he fell on to the hard concrete again, and took him across the street and down an ally before he collapsed cold and tried onto the wet ground. I let him rest there, soon he fell asleep I followed promptly.


I woke on the cold damp ground the sunlight merely an orange glow on the horizon. It took me a couple of seconds to recall the events of last night. I gasped as a loud groan came from beside me; slowly the boy sat up his eyes looked shocked when he noticed me. "th-thank y-ou" he stuttered.

"Why were you lying on the road?" I asked him. His face hardened

"My parents threw me out" his spoke through gritted teeth "they always hated me so I like to think of it as an improvement in my life"

"Then why were you crying" I question him.

"Because my father beat me" he said quietly "why are you here?" he added in an accusing tone"

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