By: Tweese-Chan

May not actually correspond to the main Toshinden story line.

Chapter 1

This story takes place a year after the last Toshindaibukai.

Rain was pouring hard on the streets of Tokyo. There was silence among its inhabitants. The city was cold and damp. The streets left bare, and no other but the rain droplets with its thundering sound scattered upon. It's already been three days since the sun gave light. The city left in darkness....

"Sir, are you sure about leaving in this bad weather condition and this time of the night?", The hotel manager spoke.

The young man, who looks as if he was no more than 16, nodded his head and gazed back to the young woman.

"His eyes..Those eyes..." She thought.

He then turned and went away as if disappearing out in the bitter cold weather.

"Such cold eyes...I've never seen someone like him before...he must have had quite a past."

"Mommy, look the rain is gone."

"Yes I know dear, you can go out and play."

"I will, yeah!"

Three days passed, and the weather was sunny again. Weather reports said that

the city's weather would be a good one and that no low pressure storms will be approaching.

"And the weather for today is a sunny one." The reporter said on TV.

Meanwhile in Aizu…

Rei-rin tilted her head back, resting it on the comfy sofa. While Shoujin her twin brother helped their mother prepare the morning meals.

"Rei-rin it's 7:00 in the morning, are you ready for school?" She asked her from the kitchen.

"Yeah mom!"

30 minutes later, both were ready to depart for school.

"Take care now! Meet me at the restaurant later bye!" Yukio waved her hand up in the air.

Walking on their way, Shoujin asked why she joined the Archery club.

"Well I love doing archery fact didn't mom ever tell you how she won in several different tournaments?"

"Hmm…all she ever said to me is that I've got a great talent in cooking and got it from her father's side."

"You should try other clubs too." She said.

"Well I'm fine with mine besides I'm also preoccupied with my studies you know."

Rei-rin smiled at him. The usual smile she does which leaves him in confusion. Is that a compliment or a sign of insult?

Smile. "I always thought of you of a none-extracurricular type."


* * *

"Well Mr. Kai, from your resume and data it seems that you are more than qualified for the job. I look forward in seeing you." The school principal said.

"I appreciate your compliments Sir however, I am merely a substitute for the job since…"

"Yes I know. Mr. Kinobu the Archery and Soccer club instructor was accidentally injured."

"Thank you Sir. May I be dismissed now, my first class starts at 8:00."

"Alright you may go now thank you."

Kai bowed down his head with gratitude and left the office. Out in the halls lots of Junior High students were talking everywhere about the new substitute instructor. Well of course, why shouldn't they? Not every time does one get to have a foreign teacher now and then because it's costly. Kai came from Britain. His hair long, blonde and bound by a knot and eyes like sapphire. His height, approx. 6'2" built with a slender body. He doesn't often smile, but has a serious look on his face. He's sort of a loner travelling most of the time.

* * *

Finally the school bell rang…

Class 1-A

"Well now class before we start off with our lessons I will make some announcements. For students who are members of the Archery and Soccer clubs, a new substitute teacher will fill in which does not EXCUSE you for any absences."

The class became boisterous all of a sudden.

"I heard he's from abroad!" "Really!" "They say he's gorgeous!" "I wanna be in the Archey club!"

"Big deal! I hope he plays soccer well!" "SHUT UP OKAZAKI!" The girls muttered out loud.

"Hey sis you'll get to be his student." Shoujin whispered.

"I don't want to be part of any rampage. Remember elementary?" She sighed.

* * *

"Finally it's recess! Thank goodness I'm starved!" Rei-rin stared at her brother with a hungry look.

"Don't worry I made sure that mom placed the good stuff in it."

"Woohoo! Bacon and cheese!"

Suddenly, both of them heard shouts and cheers out in the soccer field. Quickly they ran towards all the commotion. To their surprise almost all of the students gathered around cheering wildly. A game was going on between two soccer teams. A very close game with both of their scores tied.

"Excuse me Kino, but why is this game so interesting?" Rei-rin asked with curiosity.

"Oh I'm so excited! Know why because the new instructor is coaching the game, look."

Rei-rin shifted her gaze towards the field.

"I don't see him?"

"That's because HE is in the game! Every 10 minutes he shifts from one side to the other. Sort of in a way teaching both teams a variety of techniques."

"Quite impressive. What better way of teaching method than to get in the game itself. That way both teams get to learn defense and offense at the same time in a more advanced phase with him playing and instructing." Rei-rin thought.

"Rei-rin how about your sandwich?"

"Oh, thanks bro." She smiled and continued on watching the climatic game while waiting for the bell.

* * *

In the afternoon at 2:00…

"See you later sis!"

"Yeah got to get dressed for club."

"Rei-rin aren't you excited about today!" Hanami her best friend asked.

"Hmm, sort of? Well have a new substitute for Archery."

"I hope he stays forever! He's so good with Soccer!"

"Was that why you were late in class? Oh well who won?"

"A tie. They're going to finish it next session."

"Oh. C'mon let's hurry."

They both dashed towards the gym for their Archery session.

* * *

"Good afternoon class, I'm going to be your new substitute teacher for this club. There is no exact time on how long I'm staying. It will depend on Mr. Kinobu's well being. Alright, I'll start off with my name." He turned around facing a board and started writing his name.

He wrote Kai…But didn't finish it when all of a sudden someone at the back threw a crumbled piece of paper at his head. He paused for a moment picked the crumpled thing on the floor and turned around with a serious look on his face. The class became silent.

"Not a very good welcome I presume." He started walking in a very slow pace around the group of students. He stared at the crumpled paper on his hand and halted.

"Who threw this?" He asked calmly and waited patiently for an answer.

There was no answer. He stared blankly at everyone. Then he walked back towards the board and finished what he wrote.

Tchk! Another paper ball was thrown towards him but this time it didn't hit his head but he caught it on his hand. Even if he was facing the board, was it just a coincidence? He turned around for the second time threw the same paper without using much force that hit the shirt of a boy named Mashido.

"Your busted man." Whispers from behind.

Kai walked towards him and faced him.

"Come with me for a moment." He said calmly but in a serious way.

Mashido look to his side and listened to his whispering classmates the stood up and faced Kai. Kai walked towards the other side far from any heard conversation.

Mashido was trembling with fear. Kai knew that.

"I'm sorry Sensei! Very sorry, I…I…"

"How many times have you done this?" Kai asked the boy.

"Um…Um…Every teacher I guess but I never got caught not once until…"

"Now? Well that's a bad habit you should change there. I don't care whether you get caught or not with the other teachers."

"Really does that means you won't tell them?"

"Well see…Rule 1. Never get caught in my class."

"Does that mean you won't punish me since you didn't tell me that rule?"

"Silly, I was going to write that on the board when all of a sudden you threw this at my head." He smiled wryly.

"As for your punishment, you'll be in charge of cleaning the room after class for a week." Then he turned around and walked towards the other students whispering and talking stuff.

"For a week! But Kai Sensei?"

Kai paused and raise his hand up and formed no. two. "Rule 2. The teacher is always right, well most of the time."

With this the class giggled for a while. Kai walked back towards Mashido.

"Next time use a chalk, it hits harder okay?" Kai whispered to him and walked away after.

After a few minutes everything was now organized and everyone started practicing. Kai explained each of his students.

"Kai Sensei…Um may I ask you something well actually on behalf of the class…" Akiko asked shyly.

"Well what is it?"

"Um maybe it's sort of personal but we were all wondering what your age is…Since you seem so young for an instructor."

Kai paused for a moment.

"My age you say?" He smiled for a moment. Well he smiles rarely.

"Hmm…I'm 16."

"Ahh…Huh? Wah? How?" Everyone became speechless.

"Alright that's none of your concern now everyone back to practice enough about me this is Archery class not a get to know session."

Whispers were emerging and the class became a bit noisy.

"Do you suppose he got kicked out?" "No I don't think so?" "Family problems?" "A genius?"

Rei-rin? Does that mean it is possible to be…You know…with him?" Hanami whispered to Rei-rin.

"A relationship? Beats me? Probably?" She answered.

"There's only a small gap about 3 years, so maybe…" Akiko blushed.

"Earth to Akiko?" Kenju sounded like a Martian talking.

Rei-rin gazed at Kai. He was teaching other students at the moment.

"There's something about him that's different."

"Rei-rin what are you doing? Uh oh, don't tell me that you…"

"No! It was quite amazing how he caught that thing earlier."

"Hmm…probably luck or maybe he was practicing how to catch thrown objects by roguish students?"

"He's got a very quick reflex." Rei-rin thought.

"You're so scientific you know? Do you learn that from sword practice?"

"Not so loud Hanami. Don't you mention that to everyone."

"Sorry, my tongue kinda slipped there."

"So you're Shinjo Rei-rin right?" Kai jot down on his class record.


"Alright, let's see you shoot."

Rei-rin gazed at his eyes for a moment then positioned herself. Concentrating on the target, breathing properly, she released the arrow. Whoosh! Bulls eye!

"Quite impressive, how about 2 more shots." He added.

Rei-rin nodded and aimed for another but this time it was close.


"It's alright don't strain too much, it loosens you concentration. Take time." He patted her shoulder.

Rei-rin nodded again and this time concentrated he mind and body. She focused her eyes on the target and let go. With the 3rd and final shot, it landed in the center.

"That's it. You've done well. With a little more training you'll do well in future competitions."

"What do you mean Sensei?"

"I mean I'm putting you on the team list. Well I'll be checking the others so do your best." With that he left and checked the other students.

"I can't believe it? I made it to the team?"

"Congratulations Rei-rin! Only 5 will be chosen in this class and you're one of them!"

Rei-rin smiled and hugged Hanami.

"But, how about you Hanami we both promised that you and I will always go together?"

"That's alright, since I'm better in gymnastics than you." Hanami giggled.


Suddenly Akiko broke off their conversation

"Well if it isn't the two little kids."

"Oh Akiko hi!" Rei-rin smiled.

"Don't be joyous because for your information, I'm also in the team."

"Really Akiko? That's nice hope all of you would get along fine." Hanami smiled.

"Now Rei-rin it doesn't matter whether we're a team or not what matters is whose the best and one more thing, lay off him!" Akiko shook her head with her long black hair swaying from side to side laughing.

"Don't mind her."

"It's alright. I'll do my best." Then she made a serious look and gazed at Kai in an instant and gazed back at her bow putting different thoughts in her mind. Confused…