Chapter 3

The next day…

"Shoujin, there's something I have to tell you." Rei-rin whispered to his ear while both having their breakfast.

"You what last night?!"

"What were you doing last night dear?" Yukio asked her with an eyebrow arched.

"Um…Um…I had a hard time sleeping last night…"

"Oh, why dear?"


"That's because she's in the team mom and that's all she could think about." Shoujin cut in.

I'm very proud of you. If only your father were here." She sighed.

"Um, gosh look at the time, we must get going." She pointed at her watch.

Both kissed their mom's cheek and said their good-byes.

"Take care now both of you."

Door shuts.

"Kids these days…"

* * *

"So why were you out last night? If mom finds out, you'll be grounded big time!"

"Shoujin, you wouldn't believe it what happened."

"Oh I'll believe anything. Well after you went OUT last night without any CONSENT!"

"Okay, okay. I saw Kai Sensei out in the park."

"Big deal."





"It was so cool! It was like a trance that engulfed me."

"Does that mean that?"

"Probably one of those warriors mom used to mention about."

"You mean father?" He questioned.

"I wish I could be as good as oniisan."

"Don't worry, we'll train harder." He patted her shoulder.

In School…

Rei-rin placed some books in her locker when all of a sudden…

"Nice ribbon you have there, lavender right?" Kai commented.

"Yeah, it's my favorite." She replied.

"Well, I gotta go and finish that game we tied last time. Be sure to practice."

"I will." She smiled and blushed a bit.

After school…

"Shoujin where are you." Rei-rin mumbles to herself.


"Waah! Don't scare me like that! You got the stuff?"

"Yeah. He won't recognize you under this."

"No doubt about it. After dismissal, I caught him bringing something long covered some kind of cloth. It's no bokken, nor a shinai."

"Hmm. Well I'm not sure I'm going to continue with your plan sis…"

"Well if he really is who I think he may be, then perhaps he may teach us more techniques."

"Train us? Whoa…I don't think he'd…"

"Shhh…He's coming. Get ready."

"I'm just your backup okay." He whispered.

At a distance, Kai who was now approaching towards them who had no idea, what they had in mind. He came to a stop. He was wearing a white over-coat concealing his body. He started to untie the knot around the wrapped object he held. He threw the cloth to the side, which landed on soft green ground. Wind blew and there was silence.

"There's no use hiding." He said calmly.

Suddenly, from a tree jumped a masked person (Rei-rin), covered with a black suit exposing only the eyes. She drew her sword out from its scabbard. (Resembles Sho's sword)

"Misete kuroyo!" She shouted.

"I won't show pity." He pulled his sword out. Its beauty mesmerized Her. (His ki start to build up. And so does Rei-rin's)

Fight starts…

She delivered the first attack. Kai countered it right away, dodging to his side and did a roundhouse kick. Rei-rin ducked just in time and moved a few feet away.

"He's fast." She thought.

Kai positioned himself again, ready to make his move.

"Now it's my turn."

The suddenly he vanished. This was just a trick. He is actually moving at high speed then attacks the opponent off guard. Rei-rin concentrated to the slightest change in sound movements. A few seconds passed and still she couldn't pinpoint where he'd attack next. From the above, to the side, or from below. She tightened her grip. But before she could make her move Kai suddenly appeared below her with his right leg bent forward and his other at the back.

He readied his sword for his move. He caught her off guard. He's much too strong to handle. She braced herself hoping to prevent from receiving much damage.


She fell to the ground, with her sword skittering away from her grasp. She winced a bit. Kai approached her, maintaining his composure and his sword poised on his hand ready for another blow. As he was about to slash her. Rei-rin sprung up just in time and blocked it with her sword using all her strength. He on the other hand was also doing the same.

"Too bad you're still standing." He remarked.

"You've got the advantage with me injured." She had a few cuts on her arms and legs.

Then both let go of their attached swords and backed a few feet away from each other.

"I'm quite impressed that you survived my blow. You're the first."

"As they all say, there's always a first time for everything." She smirked.

"Now get ready for this one." His ki starts to build up again producing bluish-white energy around him.

Rei-rin also starts to build up hers. She had purple-red energy around her.

"SONIC…" He chanted.

"RECCU…" She concentrated.



Both glowing balls of blue and purple fire came clashing together forming frizzles. A few seconds it was a balance between the two opposing forces. But Kai seemed to be a more advanced and accomplished sword fighter than she is. His energy disintegrated hers and was about to hit her. Out of the blue Shoujin managed to push her away from the blow. Both lay flat on the ground with dirt all over and her mask torn apart revealing who she was.

"Shoujin! Why did you save me?"

"His strength is too much for you, If I left you there, you might have get yourself severely wounded." Shoujin embraced her.

"Quite reckless but nod bad Miss Rei-rin." He complimented.

"Kai Sensei…"

"I never thought that someone as young as you could channel such a power."

"Kai Sensei…I'm so sorry!" She bowed down.

Kai became confused.

"Sorry for causing so much trouble, I'll pay for the damage." She pleaded.

"Huh?" Shoujin's look changed.

Kai tilted his head to his side and to his amazement, his coat was torn.

"Don't worry about it."

"Mou…Looks like I still need to practice more." She sat on the ground feeling a bit disappointed.

"It's just a few minor cuts. It'll be gone by tomorrow." Shoujin tended her wounds trying to cheer her up.

"You're first battle?" Kai asked.


"Really? Quite impressive for a starter."

"Thanks. Losing isn't so bad; it makes me want to train harder. I like your sword. A claymore right?" She pointed at it.

"Yeah. It belonged to my mother's side, her family Heirloom. The only unique appearance about it is the round gem on the center of the hilt." He handed it for her to see.

"It's beautiful." She raised it up and sparkled as the sun's rays reflected on the shiny metal blade.

"If you have time, I could teach you some lessons, or even spar with each other. That is if it is okay with you?" He suggested.

"Hontou?! Sugoi!" She stood up forgetting all about her wounds.

"You're quite spunky." (sweatdrop)

"She has always been." Shoujin added.

* * *

"Alright, we're hare in your hometown, Aizu." Naru crossed her arms.

"I definitely need a break." Subaru sighed.

"Hey look, isn't that Yukio san's Ramen House?"

"Yeah. Let's drop by."

"Konichiwa Yukio san!" Subaru greeted her as he went in.

"Subaru, how nice of you to drop in. Oh Naru's with you too."

"Hi." Naru said.

"Would care to have something? My treat for both of you."

"Sure!" Both answered and sat down on one of the tables.

"So where's Rei-rin and Shoujin?" He asked.

"We'll they're probably on their way here. That's odd, they usually arrive at around 4:00."

Um Yukio san, by any chance have you seen or heard of a man named Kai Amoh?" Naru questioned.

"Kai…I'm not sure. But Rei-rin often talks about her foreign substitute teacher in Archery club."

"No way." Subaru was shocked.

"He can't possibly be…" Naru said.

"Hi mom!" Shoujin greeted.

Rei-rin followed behind.

"Guess what? Kai Sensei is with us. He wants to…Oniisan! Naru san!" Rei-rin also was shocked and didn't finish her sentence.

Kai who was behind her saw both Naru and Subaru. He narrowed his eyebrows a bit.

"Kai!" Both Subaru and Naru stood up.

* * *

"Master, I have gathered all the information we need."

"Finally! I'm a step closer. All we need is a few more time before my plans for world domination. Bwahahaha!"

Author's notes: By now you know who the characters are. Okay, we have Subaru and Naru; Rei-rin and Shoujin Shinjo. (Sho's kids who are twins) I already had this story before I found out that Subaru was Sho and Cupido's son then I had to change the whole story line again… Anywayz, he married someone later named Yukio. On the other hand Kai Amoh, is of course Kayin's son by blood. It will be explained later how? What? Why?