The circles are endless as the ripples offset by a pebble in the water.

It was always the same routine she followed during the hours when she was half-crazed and inconsolable. In the mirror she would always stare, analyzing the curve of her neck, the vacant eyes of someone's spirit who had left her body, and most predominately, the dull quality of her hair, which she could never be satisfied nor content with.

From early morning to late afternoon, she would comb her long tendrils of hair, fingers twitching and twisting to unravel the knots that gathered at the base of her neck. She often hummed to ease her restless mind, low and high tunes rising up and down to form a perfect melody that soothed her sensitive nerves.

In the middle of combing, bursts of sanity would appear out of random in her fractured mind, and what she hated more than the insanity was the sanity, because it had become so terrifying to face reality. It was like finding herself appearing on a high ended cliff where departed from her true state of mind, she would watch the true meaning and magnitude of how she was destroying herself. There would be times when she would be humming, and she would not realize that the very song she was humming was derived from Sadako, until she set the comb down and she truly looked at herself into the depth of the mirror.

A scream would rise unbidden to her lips, and in her mind's eye, the mirror glass would shatter, spider lines snaking out in a circular motion on the reflective surface when in reality, the glass remained intact and she would see herself looking in the mirror with her skin turned ashen and her hair returned to its disarranged state.

She would weep, for she saw her lurking in shadows, in every passing corner. The ghost of her walked erratically, tracking water beneath her footsteps. Some days, she saw the terrifying ghost looking at her, bones jutting out from waxen skin, and fingernails chipped and bloody. The black lips would form words, and the syllables would follow her. If those words had power, they would strangle her.

"Why did you do this to me, Mommy?"