A ladder falls, a chair overturns, the fire that burns eternally in the tree of life is extinguished.

The ocean reared up in the presence of a storm, and throws itself on top of the rocks, only to retreat and return with increased force. She remembered the time when she was just a child, when she and Richard would throw rocks over the cliff's edge and watch its descent downwards, propelled by gravity, before it disappeared into the ocean where it barely even made a solid impact. It had simply melted into the dark blues of the churning waves.

She also remembered when Sadako was just a sick, scrawny baby, and she took her to the cliff's edge, holding her precariously like a rock she was about to throw into the waters below. As a baby, Sadako had been particularly stressful, and she had wailed nonstop until her ears rang and in fury, she contemplated discarding her – returning her to the unwanted place where she had started. At the sound of water, Sadako had ceased crying, and flailed helplessly in her arms to escape from the cold arms of water. She had felt guilty back then, for causing a mere baby to react in clear fright over her reckless actions. She had taken her home, and had tucked her into her sleep. She never even thought about that incident again -- until now.

And now she was standing at that cliff, arms spread out wide with her sleeves flapping in the cold and damp wind. She thought nothing other than the repeating fact going over and over in her head like a mantra, "This has to end, this has to end, this has to end. Because it is what Sadako wants. It's want she wants, what she wants, what she wants,"

What everyone wanted.

Like stepping into a calm, stagnant pool to dip her face in, she tipped her body forward, and the rock crumpled a little where her body was before.

Whew. I have to say that this was sort of a gradual series of drabbles. I wrote this sometime before, but I didn't finish it until now.
For me, this is a momentuous fanfiction, because I am not a big fan of horror movies. I rather skimmed through the Ring as if it was a cursed video itself. Here's the thing between me and horror movies. There is always a 90% chance that once I finish watching one, I'll have nightmares about it, and I can't sleeepppp. That's why I need my boyfriend if I'm gonna watch a scary movie :(
But for the parts of the Ring that WASN'T scary, I really liked the plot and the imagery used. Skimmed through Ring 2 after PARTIALLY watching the Ring, and I was like "Ughhhh."
Anyways I hope you liked this.

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Favorite? I know you want to read this again sometime. I used a lot of symbolism, allusions and imagery for those of you who are literate as in the sense that you are those textual freaks like me that likes to analyze every piece of writing. ;)