**I'm for You is by Toby Mac.

Chapter 3: I'm for You

Tell me where its hurting

Are you burning?

Running just to catch your breath?

And going nowhere

It's getting old when you feel like you got nothing left

Well it ain't over 'til it's over

I told you since the day we met

So let me be the voice through all the noise

Whatever I gotta be

I'll be for you

Whatever you need from me

To see you through

Everyone of us has stumbled

Everybody's humbled

We hit the ground and our lives crumble

Whatever I gotta be

I'll be for you

I'm for you

If you never knew

If you never knew

I'm for you

You know it's true

I know the feeling

I know it's real when the drama's all in your face

You see a mountain I hear a promise – it's never more than we can take

Well it ain't over, 'til it's over

We can learn from our mistakes

So let me be the voice through all the noise

Everyone of us will fall

Have our backs against the wall

And everyone shares a need to be loved

You've always been for me

So I will be for you

That's just what it means to love

As the music ended Leo's image appeared on screen.

"Hey guys," Leo said softly.

They all sniffed and fought sobs.

Leo shifted forward and rested his clasped hands on his knees.

"I'm not sure how it'll happen or why, but I don't care about that…just know that I love you all. The letters I left for you will tell you all the stuff that needs to be said, but this video…is just to remind you that…I'm there still, that I love you," Leo told them.

His golden brown eyes locked with theirs as the screen faded out.

Images flicked onto the screen, pictures and short video clips of them all goofing off, arguing, laughing, Leo glaring as he shook his himself off from being soaked as Mikey laughed hysterically. Other things, little things, a picture of Don sprawled over his desk as Leo gently tried to wake him.

Master Splinter meditating in the dojo as coils of smoke rippled upward. Raph caught in shadow as he was performing a Kata. Raph watching a movie and trying to hide tears. There were a few chuckles at that. Mike setting up a prank and the shocked look when he saw the camera. April leaned over the counter at her shop with a book cradled in one hand, the other lifted up to brush a strand of hair away. Raph and Casey arguing about who got the last cookie.

The music repeated itself as the movie played on, sobs soon made their way out as the family watched the pictures and short clips go by. So many memories locked into that little computer.

Leo appeared one last time a soft, though sad, smile on his face.

"Love ya' guys," Leo whispered, "don't forget me and don't hide in sorrow. Remember I'm always for you."

The screen went dark as Leo held up a peace sign and smiled a little, a single tears trailed down his cheek.

Sobs broke out before Raph pulled Don and Mike to him and they clung together as they all wept.

"We'll remember bro," they got out.

Raph looked up at his father and knew that they were again a family, he had never been hated, but now knew that he had the heart and courage to keep going.

He would watch over all of them.


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