Life's Choices

Chapter 157

October 29th 1993

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Derek was trying to get out of the college; he was going to be late for practice if the two people in front of him didn't move it along faster. It was a crowd all trying to get out the doors at the same time. He sighed before going to the far door taking off running to the truck grabbing his bag and going to the locker room.

They had a game in three hours, but they were going over plays and running some so that game time they wouldn't be cramping like hell. He hated when that happened, because cramps weren't something that was fun at all. He'd gotten one before he'd been trying to relax get the soreness out him and fell sleep in the tub which Pen had forced him into and about killed him trying to get out with the cramp he'd had.

Derek was going make sure he never fall sleep in the tub again, that was for sure. Derek changed into his football gear looking in his helmet finding a note from Pen. He smiled reading it, "Kick their asses hot stuff love u, be waiting for you at the entrance after you win another game," he smiled putting it up knowing she'd be there either way but she always wanted them to win. She bragged on her quarterback to everybody that listened.

Most the people in the area were college football fans and came to almost every game, he had fans besides his family, Pen had only missed one game and that was because she had gotten back late from the store because of the traffic.

He smiled looking in his locker one picture of his kids; two other ones hung there two, the entire family and the other one was of Nick and his kids with Rachel. All of them kept him going every day; he knew he'd given up probably if it wasn't for Penelope coming into his life.

"Hey Derek, was wondering if you'd be at the practice today," Jack one the other plays said.

"I only missed one and that was because somebody changed practice and didn't tell me," Derek said.

"Yeah I know, but it was the assistant coach not us, and not my fault cause didn't know you were out town," Jack said.

Derek just nodded before closing his locker, "Coach can't get here till game time, I'm running the show today," he said with smile before walking away knowing that Jack hated when he was in charge of practice.

Jack never would understand why the coach, who was his own dad stuck Derek in charge if he couldn't make it instead of him. It always pissed him off, because they'd never do what he wanted to do. Of course his dad wouldn't even do the plays he wanted, too dangerous as he declared them.


Penelope packed up her book bag which Derek thought of more like a purse since she kept every thing she needed in it during the day including her wallet. She picked up the bag she had for the kids extra changes of clothes for all them including Nick's kids two of everything even extra pair of shoes and put it in the van. Derek hated the van so most time he'd drive the car which Rachel had gotten month or so back it held all three the car seats along with Pen and him. Holly had pleaded with Nick to stay with Desire over the summer while her arm had healed up from the break. She still was staying at the house with Fran; she was supposed to move back in come Christmas break.

Rachel came down stairs carrying Dani who had wrapped her arms around her leg till she agreed to carry her. Nick would fuss if he was there since he wouldn't let her carry anything since she was almost three months pregnant now. She was lucky if he let her carry her books but since they didn't go to the same campus now she toted them herself. She argued Fran said she had to do some exercise so she didn't just lay around.

"I got one of my three, Jer's trying to get over the baby gate but still no luck," Rachel said setting Dani in the chair before she went back up getting Kate and Jer letting them hold her hands as they walked down.

Pen smiled she couldn't believe how fast they were growing up. Just yesterday she remembered Jeremy coming to live with them, then Kate and Dani being brought into the world. However, she knew that this time the kids had a mom, Rachel didn't want to fight against how Nick lived, who his friends were. Rachel had been her friend first and fell for Nick along the way.

Nick walked up behind Rachel wrapping his arms around her when she reached the bottom of the steps. "You are my sexy queen," he said kissing her neck.

Rachel leaned against him with a smile, "You're my prince," she said back.

"No mushy," Jer said looking at his dad.

"You no like kisses?" Nick asked going to his son and picking him up before he started covering him in kisses making the little boy giggle.

Rachel smiled watching the two them, "No daddy, no," Jer said trying to get away, but he wasn't going nowhere and he knew that. He wouldn't want to be anywhere else either.

Dani got out her chair and went over to Rachel sitting down hanging on to her pants again trying to get some attention too. They all laughed looking at the little girl. Nick put his son down picking up his little girl, "You want attention too huh," he said, "I'll carry you out to the car," he said before he grabbed the bags and carried Dani with him outside.

"I'm glad I found him," Rachel said.

"I'm glad you got me drunk that time so you could meet Nick," Pen said before they walked out the house getting Aidan, Nikki and Kyle who had been sitting in the living room.


It was hour before game time when the rest the fans started arriving, most them lived near by and the drive wasn't long. Jeff and Ruth were at home because their two had colds not wanting to make them worse they told them to call when they won the game.

Fran showed up with Desiree and Holly both in NWU jerseys with Morgan on the back of it showing their support for their brother and Uncle. "Glad we didn't miss kick off," Des said, "Gotta see my brother kick ass," she said with smile.

"Desiree Morgan," Fran said.

"What Derek cusses," she said back with innocent look.

"You're not Derek," Fran said back not falling for her daughter's innocent look.

"I just hope we win because this team we're against is tough as hell," Nick said, "They about lost to them last year, but Derek won the game, by the little hair he has," he said with laugh.

"Yep Derek grows it out a little for football season then shaves it afterwards, it's like his thing," Pen said putting the blanket she's brought over the kids so they wouldn't get cold.

Fran passed the bottles of hot chocolate she'd made to them, "I got enough for us all," she said.

"Good cause I'm freezing," Rachel said, "I don't remember it getting this cold this fast in October," She said.

"You've only lived in Chicago for little while, it gets cold here," Nick said getting close as he could to her wrapping his arm around her letting her lean on him.

Kate looked up at her dad and as she called her mom before she stood up moving beside her mom. "Hug too," she said which came out hug eww. Rachel picked her up setting her on her lap letting her get warm as well.

Pen sat making sure all the kids stayed under the blankets, she didn't want them to get a cold, but wanted them to see their dad play at the same time. It was a family thing, which she hoped they carried on for two more years.


Derek and the team were in the locker room about to go out on the field the coach was giving a speech about doing their best and surpassing what they thought they could do. He smiled thinking about his baby girl up in the stands watchin him. She told him once if he didn't play she wouldn't come, she didn't know much about football still even though he'd taught her everything he knew, but she still came. That was what mattered the most to him that she came out to the game to watch him play.

"Okay men go out there and win, so we can stay 6 an O," the coach said before they were announced to come out. They did the usual run out with Derek leading them since he was the captain of the team.

The fans stood up screaming when their team came out they'd been waiting for this day for week since the last game. The visiting team came out from their side and got cheers from their fans but NWU fan got louder trying to drown the other team fans out.

The teams lined up on the line waiting for the coin toss to see who was starting. Derek watched the coin go up calling heads. The referee smiled calling heads as he uncovered the coin, "Time to play," he said before moving away to the side lines.

The players lined up waiting for the whistle to blow and when it did the boys got the ball back to Derek who took off running with it turning sideways avoiding one guy trying to tackle him he looked around finding anther open player before he threw the ball a good yard down the field to one his teammates who took off running trying to get to the touch down line before he was tackled. He ran full speed ahead with his teammates behind him blocking the other guys from getting to him.

Derek ran down the field to catch up to protect the guy too. He was trying to get through the season undefeated again. It wasn't about the rewards it was about knowing he could help his team get there.


The game was tied ten to ten with five seconds left in the game they needed one more touch down to win the game and two their players were already on the bench with broken wrist and dislocated shoulder. They would probably be out for the rest of the season if they didn't heal up quickly.

"Okay we're going to trick them hope they fall for it, go with play three b," he said, "Collins get me the ball, Baker make sure I'm clear we got five seconds to get me down that field," Derek said before they broke out the huddle going back to the line.

Penelope was sitting in the stands hoping that the game would end soon. Nick had ended up taking the kids home after they'd gone into double over time. The temperature had dropped a good ten degrees since they'd gotten there and the kids had gotten cold so she said she'd ride home with Derek. Fran had left as well telling her to have fun with Derek afterwards.

She'd moved down to right above were the players were sitting watching them from her spot. "Come on Derek," she said with smile, "You win this I'll give you a victory you won't forget," she said to herself.

Derek heard the whistle and caught the ball faking a pass to one the other guys before he took off running once the other player was tackled. There were small chances that this play worked but so far it was working. He kept going not looking back getting to the last yard line before the end zone. He gave it all he had hearing the buzzer go off as he crossed the line winning the game for the team.

The cheers from the stands and his teammates running at him signaled that he had yet again helped win the game. It had been the first game in while he'd ran the ball down himself to win, he'd let couple the other players have the chance, but it felt good to be the one that won again.

"HELL YES," they yelled out cheering as the coach came over as well two the other players dumped the water container all over Derek who'd just gotten his helmet off.

"Are you trying to freeze me?" Derek joked feeling the cold water hit his body going through his gear and jersey.

"No, but you'll warm back up when you get with your wife," Jack said getting elbowed by Baker.

"Shut up dude for he does kick your ass one day for that," he said.

Derek ignored Jack walking over to where Penelope was standing wrapping his arms around her kissing her as he picked her up, "Hey baby girl," he said.

"You go get cleaned up and we're going to have some fun, the kids are home in bed, and so is everybody else, your mom said congrats," Pen said once he pulled away for air.

"Yes ma'am," Derek said with smile putting her day before he spanked her ass as she turned to walk towards the parking lot to wait on him.

"Bad boy Derek Morgan," Pen added with a smile on her face.