Chapter 7: Reunion

Raph was sprinting, he had caught a glimpse of Mikey and then lost him about twenty minutes ago. Don was underground hoping to find Mikey making his way toward the lair.

Raph skidded to a stop and whipped around.

Mikey was hunched in the back corner of the alley, trembling, blue eyes huge, and staring at him.

"Sorry," Mikey whimpered as Raph slowly came forward.

"Shhh bro, come on, come on let's get you home," Raph coaxed.

Mikey whimpered and then burst into tears.

"I didn't mean to! I didn't!" Mikey sobbed, trying to melt into the wall as Raph came forward.

Raph sighed and dropped into a crouch, moving forward and gently wrapping Mikey's trembling body into a hug.

"We've been worried about ya' bro," Raph told him.

"But…Leo…" Mikey whimpered.

"Freaking out because you disappeared on us. Come on. Let's get you home," Raph coaxed.

Mikey sobbed and then clung tightly to his brother.

"He's ok?" Mikey wept.

"He's fine, come on," Raph whispered, gently gathering Mikey up and carrying him toward the motorcycle parked blocks away.

Mikey hugged Raph tight and relaxed as he was cradled.


"April? How is he?" Don whispered as he slipped in.

"Still out of it, after Leo talked to him he finally fell asleep," April replied, glancing toward the cuddled fugures.

Leo had Mikey wrapped in a hug and Mikey was simply clinging to his brother as if afraid he'd vanish into thin air.

"I'm just glad he wasn't hurt worse," don sighed.

"We all are Don, now…you better go get some rest," April said firmly.

Don chuckled and nodded, walking over and curling up on the matt on the floor beside Raph, glancing toward Leo and Mikey before he nudged Raph and the figure grumbled and scooted over.

April rolled her eyes a little but smiled.

"Rest easy guys," she murmured as she slipped out.


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