New direction had made it to nationals! They were in Lost Vegas, in a fancy hotel lobby getting their room keys. Talking and joking in excited tones. Mr. Schuster called in their attention and started handing the room keys out, telling who will go where.

Passing the card to Finn, he said "You and Artie room 203." And off those two went.

"Tina and Mercedes, 213."

"Matt and Mike, 210."

"Rachael and Quinn 205. "

"Noah and Kurt, 207."

Puck broke his cool exterior, as he heard his name being called, taking a haste step towards his teacher.

"Mr. Schu!" Puck draped an arm around the man's shoulders. "You're a cool guy... Can't you swing it so I share a room with Santana." Puck gave his trademark smirk for good luck.

Didn't work. Mr. Schu grabbed Puck's wrist and unwrapped it from his body, "I'm afraid, that's against school policy."

Schu pressed the hotel key into Puck's palm. The teen was opened his mouth to complain, but was shut it with a look, he got from his teacher.

Puck sighed and turned on his heels, sulking to the elevator. Kurt had to jog in order to catch up with the Mohawk-ed man.

Puck turned to the littler dude, "First thing first, we'll be to wearing cloths at all times."

Kurt knitted eyebrows together, gagging.

Puck ignored Kurt and continued, "And on the extremely good chance that I hook up tonight, you bugger off. Find some other place to sleep."

And without even ruffling his feather, Kurt responded, "Same goes for you, Buck oh." The sass in his voice was rich, it was dripping from his lips.

Puck pushed the elevator's button already knowing it going to be a long, quiet ride.


Each boy had claimed a bed. Puck lounged over his, his head at the end. Puck had a pillow under his chest, a remote in his hand, surfing through the infinite channels.

Kurt was neatly seated in the middle of his bed, with a head set plugged in, tapping away at his laptop.

Neither of them had said a word to each other since Kurt called Puck Buck oh....Buck oh?

Puck glanced at the feminine boy, as Kurt stuck a pose, "What are you doing?"

"I have my camcorder set up. I'm trying to do upload some videos for my web site." Kurt waved the question off, his exterior cool and collected.

"Well don't, it creeps me out....Making sexy faces at a camera…" Puck returned his attention to the TV, muttering under his breath.

Kurt smirked, that sexy comment didn't get past by him, "Fine."

The room got real quiet, for a real long time. Puck glanced again at the flamboyant male, noticing blush burning in his cheek, Puck laugh internally, just knowing that Kurt was looking at gay porn.

Knocking erupted from behind the door.

Puck tossed the remote behind him, rolled off his bed with a groan, and opened the door.

There stood Tina, Rachael and Mercedes, all three of them stormed into the room as if they owned it. Kurt slapped down the screen of his laptop, turning towards his gal pals with shocked and startled expression.

Yup, gay porn. Puck cocked his eyebrow knowingly at Kurt.

Kurt blushed harder.

But the girls seemed oblivious.

"Mr. Schu, wants us to go Glee's Hall." Rachael informed the boys.

Puck asked, "Glee's hall?"

Rachael was in her element as she elaborated, "It's a grand room, which the Glee National rented for the contestants, to socialize in. So they can display good sportsmanship." And before either male could interject, "It's mandatory."

Kurt groaned as he moved his laptop, pushing himself off the bed. Before his feet hit the ground the girls dragged him out the room, and down the hall. Squeaking all the way, "Emergency, my hair's not done!!"

Puck stared at the empty doorway, when his curiosity got the better of him. Puck walked towards Kurt's computer, flipping open the laptop.

Text, not images, but text was on the screen. And after reading…

Mark's much larger hands tightened over Chris's wrists. He had the younger teen spread out under him, absolutely writhing with need. Hungry, desperate for attention.

Chris wrapped his legs around the other man's waist. Being their throbbing groins together and ground them against each other.

Mark moaned into his lover's mouth and grinded back with the same aggression.

Puck raced down the halls, abandoning the laptop in a hurry. And the confusing thoughts it gave him.


New direction's girls (including Kurt) stood in a circle gossiping about all the other girls, (who also were standing in circle, gossiping).

Kurt gave a sound of disgust, "Do you see that girl's chest? She partiality has them hanging out." He smirked at her. "As if that will help her win."

Mercedes laughed at the comment, stopping as something caught her eye...

She sucked in air and she took in a beautiful sight, "Look at that man's ass."

All of the girls turned on their heels, following Mercedes' gaze. All of them sucked in air through clinched teeth. Tilting their heads the same way, at the same time.

Kurt bit down on his hand, teeth sinking into one of his knuckle, as he tried to suppress a throaty groan.

They were staring at this man, as he was bent over a table, filling out some kind of form. His jeans hugged at his hips in just such a way, draping in the right places. As he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, the girls (and Kurt) sighed.

"Yo-you could bounce a qua-quarter off it!" Tina stuttered, her voice thick with arousal.

That's when he turned around. They everyone turned beet red as Mr. Ass look directly at them.

He smiled and brushed his black, perfectly, shaggy hair out of his green eyes. He made eye contact with Kurt. And winked.

Kurt's face dropped, completely dumfounded, "Did he just-?"

Mercedes pushed at his back, "GO, talk with him!"

Kurt nearly falling face first, before he regained his balance. His cheeks were stained scarlet, as he offered his limp hand, "Kurt Hummel."

Mr. Ass took his hand, bring into his lip, kissing it politely.

Kurt melted at the touch and smiled as he heard his friends squeal behind him.

"Nick Gibbons." Nick gave Kurt a very charming half-smile. Nick stood at Finn's height, with a strong build. With a broad chest… Kurt found himself drooling.

And they hit it off.


Hours went by, curfew was drawing close, and Kurt was feeling bold, "Do- Do you want to join me in my room?" Kurt asked in his most reformed voice.

"I'd love too." Nick flashed his thousand want smile, causing poor little Kurt's heart to flatter.

Kurt put a hand over Nick's nicely formed bicep, "Just give me one moment."

Nick nodded in understanding.

Kurt smiled back, turning on his heels, his face dropped into a scowl, "PUCKERMAN!" Kurt hollered in a very un-Kurt like manner.

Puck was on the other side of the room and the hairs on the back of neck stood on end. Puck turned to see a very angry looking Kurt barreling towards him, "What I do?"

"You can't come back to the room." Kurt put a hand on one of his cocked out hips, "I will entertaining some company."

Puck couldn't believe it, "You're getting some ass."

Kurt tilted his chin up, looking down his nose at the taller teen, "You phase it vulgarly, but yes."

Puck was actually proud of Kurt, "Alright, I can always find a lonely older woman to bunk with...have at it." Puck offered his fist to be pumped, to hit in a sigh of endearment.

Kurt was surprised at Puck non-offensive reaction, and awkwardly tapped Puck's knuckles with his own.


Nick had Kurt plastered against the hotel room door, his hands in the smaller man's hair. Their lips crashing together, fighting each other and they loved every minute of it.

Nick broke their kiss, attacking Kurt jaw, "Key?"

Kurt detangles his hands from Nick's shirt, and fishes in his pocket. As he pulled it out Nick grabbed at Kurt's wrist slamming it into the wooden door.

Nick's force sent shivers up Kurt's spine, it spread to his toes. He groaned loudly as they somehow managed to get in the room.

Nick's grabbed Kurt by the waist, throwing him on to the closest bed. Kurt didn't even care that it was Puck's. He got a little too distracted by the man on top of him. Kurt ran his hands up said man's back, attacked Nick's Adams apple, sucking and nipping.

Nick thrust into Kurt's groin, forcing the teen's thighs apart. Kurt yelped and a smile grew across his face as he spread his legs, welcoming Nick.

Kurt ground up into Nick, and Nick bore down with more force and strength.

Their hard, hot, cocks fucked against each other.

Nick dragged a slant mouth over Kurt's. And Kurt mewled into it.

Well until Nick sank his teeth in to Kurt's bottom lip, splitting it open. Kurt's eyes shot open at the taste of his own blood.

Kurt jerked his head back, forcing it further into the bed, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"

Nick ignored Kurt, continuing to roughly hump Kurt.

It suddenly didn't feel so good.

Kurt pushed at Nick's chest, pounded at it, "Get the FUCK OFF me you LUG!" Kurt screamed into the man's face. Kurt went to repeat himself, only to have huge fist smack itself into his eye. Stars formed it in Kurt's vision, and pain stabbed him in his brain.

Nick stopped holding back. He sat on Kurt's stomach, still thrusting into the boy.

Kurt could feel the man's disgusting cock, glide over his naval. Repulsively nudging it.

Nick ripped Kurt's shirt, the buttons went flying. The sound of tearing cloth made Kurt's skin crawl.

Nick devoured Kurt. Biting at his nipples, leaving deep red imprints.

Kurt cried out in protest, only to be forced feed a pillow.

"Shut the fuck up, or I'll make it worse!"

Kurt was scared, real scared, and he couldn't do anything about it.

As Nick's hands went for Kurt's pants, Kurt squirmed, thrashed desperate to get out from under Nick.

Nick punched Kurt in the throat, all functions of it temporally disabled as Kurt felt his windpipe collapse.

Kurt couldn't scream, he could hardly cry.

Nick tore and pulled at Kurt's jeans, exposing him. Kurt fought trying to knock Nick's

hands way. Nick grunted as he twisted Kurt's wrist.

Kurt cried out into the pillow, in shrill blood-curling scream, to company sound of snapping bone.

Nick pressed down harder on the pillow.

Kurt's legs searched for purchase, something to give him a chance. He was only able to mess up the sheets.

Nick groaned in rage, he dug his fingers into Kurt's side, grabbing at the flesh. Twisting the flesh and pulling at it. Threatening to tear it off, "You fight, I kill you. You calm the fuck down, you might even enjoy yourself."

The idea of enjoying this made Kurt taste bile.

Nick sat up, peeling of his shirt.

Kurt rolled, ending up on his stomach again fighting to get from under this, this MONSTER.

Nick snatched Kurt's neck. His thick finger bit into him. Nick held down Kurt with all over his weight. He leaned over the teen bring his mouth to Kurt's ear, "What the hell did I just say?"

Kurt could feel the words burrow into him, and he stuttered.

Nick pressed a bony knee in the small of Kurt's back as he undid his pants and wriggled out of them.

Kurt felt like he would snap in half. He yelped as he felt hot flesh slap onto his up-turned ass, after it was freed from Nick's pants.

Kurt scrambled, clawing at the bed, never stopping.

It was made difficult by the hand, holding him down by the neck, trapping Kurt. The only relief he got was that Nick removed his knee from Kurt's spine.

Nick slipped his knee in between Kurt's milky thighs, forcing them to spread apart. Nick aligned himself up for the kill.

Kurt could feel the dangerously close cock, against his hole. Kurt screamed, tearing his voice box, but it was useless. It couldn't be heard through Puck's mattress.

"You might want to relax."

Want?? How the hell could Kurt relax?!

Nick thrust, forcing himself in, all the way to the hilt.

Kurt's back arched and fire spread through his body. Killing everything it touched.

Nick fucked, and fucked. And Kurt never knew he could hurt so much.

Kurt's muscles clenched around Nick, making any movement difficult. Nick had to push for every inch. And Nick just grunted as he did so.

Kurt's body was jumping with the determined thrusts. His body moving, as Nick made it move. Nick's disgusting grunts sounded every time Kurt's body was launched forwards.

Kurt was tearing. He could feel threads of flesh being ripped away from another. Kurt knew he was bleeding, he could feel it in his thighs. They were able to move against easier, as he struggled.

The more Kurt bled, the easier Nick was able to rape him. It was a natural lube.

Nick was getting closer to his crude climax. He was fucking harder, losing himself in the tight hot hole he was abusing….so his hold on Kurt's neck loosened.

Kurt was able to turn his head, giving his mouth room to move, room to scream, "HELP!!"

It was short, harsh and gravelly, completely unlike Kurt's normal voice, but it got the job done.