Title: Whispers in the Air
Author: SourPicklesFX
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Undecided

Warnings: many and various, but nothing too bad

Disclaimer: Obernewtyn chronicles characters and universes are the property of the copyright owners except the ones I made up. No money being made by me. As with all my fics, while my goal is to stay as in character as possible, any discrepancies are my mistakes.

Note: if you have not read the Obernewtyn books I suggest you do so as this is the AU after whenever carmondy decides to end this series.


Elspeth starred into the starless night and wondered for the last time with evident despair. She saw what was coming: her past, present and future helplessly merged into one new beginning. This is her story after the beforetime weapons were dismantled…

There comes a time we all know

There's a place that we must go

Into the soul, into the heart

Into the dark

I've been here sleeping all these years

Now my true form reawakens

It was all clear now. I was a powerful misfit and a special person, so special that I wished death more than any other person did. Yet, there was a sense of longing to survive. I remembered the terrible fight with Ariel and my betrayal by leaving Obernewtyn, looking back now my only regret was not saying goodbye. But in the end, every thing turned out not as I had expected.

The elder did not lie to me nor did she tell the complete truth. The true purpose of the Beast legend was to test the limits of me, and help the red queen regain her throne. However, it came with a terrible price and that price was Obernewtyn and my existence. I would rather forget these memories if not for the promise I made to myself in what seemed like eons ago. A promise to see my friends again even if I from afar. I long for Obernewtyn.

But maybe Lud was generous after all. He gave me a new life, a new companion, and greater powers. Now standing on the edge of a cliff I looked down at the prospering land with my friend Jasper at my side. I smiled. It was simply a remarkable morning for me. It marked my first day of rebirth and the beginnings of a normal life. Of course, my looks have not changed at all; I could still see my silky black hair dangling irritably behind my back and my much-loved jade green eyes. However, there was one problem. I am back to my 12-year-old self. Well only physically. Even now I am awed by the knowledge of the beforetimers and what their powers could achieve for my battered body. In my moments of delirium whilst lying in the blacklands bleeding to death I heard voices of comfort that soothed me and reminded me of my mother's arms. When I awoke, I was resting in the mountains of the agyullian birds, which ironically where the catalyst for my journey.

I may sound delirious but it is true. But even I am not as selfless or arrogant as to questions this gift of a new beginning. I cannot say that I feel disappointed now that no body remembers me, but I will be happy. For as much as I have heard from the elder, an old couple living down at Sutrium had agreed to take in an orphan, namely me.

Again, I looked down at Obernewtyn, perhaps for the last time. Tears came to my eyes and I for once cried because I felt I needed to let out all that stress.

"Elaria! Elaria dear, we're going now!' said the travelers who were bringing me to Sutrium. For a moment my mind did not register with my new name, then after a few seconds of hesitation I climbed into the spacious carriage. I was glad to leave to the times of pain. I had done my best for the elders and lived up to my promise. The weapons are at last gone.


There were few people around when the carriage pulled to a stop at the gates of Sutrium. It was very early and the air still bought chills to my skin. Sutrium was no longer an old gloomy town under the new ruling of the rebel leaders. Even at this hour, I could feel the lightened atmosphere. Unexpectedly my thoughts wondered to the gypsies and Swallow. Where are they now? Still with the Red queen? As if sensing my melancholy mood, Jasper softly nudged my face and tenderly caressed my cheeks.

"Be strong ElspethInnle, freedom has been given to you." He purred gently into my mind. "The Old ones sent me as the watcher/protector of Innle and the dream trails. Sleep now, troubles will be solved tomorrow."

"Thank you, I am glad. I agree tears are not good for me." I sent to Jasper, hugging his long snow-white fur tightly in a vague attempt to forget everything and fell into a dreamless sleep. I wondered why I did not just run away.

I tilted my head up slightly at the sound of a massive parade; groggily waking from my sleep, I opened the carriage doors and gasped. How foolish of me to forget the moon festival. There were so many people all laughing and talking with each other. I guess the time of fear and pain has finally gone. Amongst the ocean of people I spotted an old couple waving frantically at me. I smiled as I saw a shy little boy hiding behind the old couples back. I guess he was my cousin then.

"Come on Elaria, welcome home!"

I smiled innocently as I made my way towards them and waved goodbye to my ride; yes, this will be my new home from now on. The scene around me was truly magnificent and it brought back hazy memories when I first visited Sutrium with my father. Funnily, I was also ten at the time, but considering the circumstances now, nothing was ever going to be the same again.

"You're called Elaria aren't you?" said a shy boy I spotted earlier. "My name is Lantis."

My eyes twinkled. So, my cousin was named after the great scholar Lantis. Slowly I gazed at him. He was taller than me by a head, but his features were delicate and fragile and his eyes still held the look of virtuousness as if implying that childhood never left him. His eyes, wore the deepest shade of blue and his soft black hair trimmed at his shoulders gave him the perfect image of an angel. I guess you could say that he was a beautiful creature.

"Hello Lantis, nice to meet you." I said in a sweet tone that a 12-year-old girl should have and eagerly awaited a response. The boy was cute, very cute, he reminded me of Jes. Jes was always the shy obedient son and I was the opposite of him in every aspect. Again, I let my eyes wander over his face as if to capture a piece of him with me. I will protect him, that is my vow. Gradually, after what seemed like eternity he looked at me, and was about to whisper a message when a group of mischievous children marched in front of him stating the obvious.

"Well look what we have here!" shouted a choppy looking boy. "If it isn't Lantis!"

"Yep the pretty coward." Cheered another girl.

Unexpectedly the auspicious looking girl turned toward me, and was about to attack me. I merely eyed her coldly and sneered. However, jasper was more protective of me, jumping between us with viciousness that almost seemed unnatural to a dog, he howled ferociously at the others.

I smiled. It was so pleasing to watch them from this angle, with Lantis safely behind my back. The elder had indeed chosen my companion well. Jasper was everything I could want in a friend, his long silvery mane swayed boundlessly around his lean muscular body as he slowly cornered my attackers.

"Jasper that's enough!" I pleaded silently. "They are merely kids and not worth our time. Come now my friend, we do not want extra attention do we? Besides I'll be jealous very soon if you pay too much attention to them."

Jasper smiled, but it was a bitter smile with an intelligent glimmer in his lavender eyes. Jasper was too smart for his own good. With a sign, I beckoned Lantis to follow me and our grandparents. He did not question me about my evident peculiarity with Jasper, and I was glad of this. Things have to be taken care of 'one at a time', any more would be disastrous.


"Hey no fair, Elaria!" Lantis screamed childishly even though he turned 16 this summer, which technically made him 4 years older than me. It was just another sunny afternoon spent with an adoring Lantis who seems to be too naïve, and did I mention too arrogant? Conceeted and everything else that children at his age seem to be!

"Well since when were animals not allowed to be a part of this game?" I laughed and softly nuzzled Jasper's mane earning a deserved purr. Much to my amusement and dismay Jasper silently prowled upon Lantis and gave him a huge wet lick on the face.

"YUCK! Did you have to do that Jasper? I swear that wolf has a mind of his own."

"Well what did you expect from Jasper he's my pet and friend, and he is most definitely not a wolf, just a large dog. A white protective dog." I giggled.

"Yeah right!"

It's only been four months since I have settled into my new life. I had to admit it was not easy. The elders still contact me occasionally to inform me of the essential overall knowledge. Recently I was informed that swallow had come back from the red lands and has returned to Sutrium unaware of my new façade. I did not care, we each have our own roads to walk, he choose his, and I choose my, so there is no need for him to be aware of me, until it is necessary.

I laughed, not a happy heartily laugh, but a sound filled with melancholy and hatred. I love everything, every living creature in this world, yet I hate the lack of choice in my existence ten times more. I sighed, wishing it were not my nature to see life as if it were the reflection in a window. I could never just accept it.

"Elaria, earth to Elaria!" Lantis whispered grinning impishly, while tickling me. "Hey Snap out of your daydream!"


"You're so weird, you know that. Sometimes I wonder if you are even a child."

I was suddenly shaken from my thoughts by his statement. I slowly backed away from him staying close to Jasper. I suddenly realized that I was alone again, alone and miserable. I shifted momentarily hiding my tears from Lantis. He will never understand. Never.

If was as if months of frustration in pretending to blend into a family that I could never be with had finally caught up with me, I jumped up and screamed all my years of hatred at him. "Well what do you understand? You're just a pretty boy! You will NEVER understand how I'm feeling. You just treat me like a little girl!"

Visibly taken aback by my enthusiastic if not rather harsh response, he slowly wound his shoulders around my. "I'm sorry I know you feel painful and regretful of the past." He said. His words held boldness and strength that I never thought he possessed. However, how did he know how I felt, he was no empath, the only person to know me was Dameon. But then again who could say Lantis was not and empath.

Now that is interesting, I mused half-heartedly. Since my so-called grandparents are both healers, it is only a matter of time before the find out about Lantis. Then…we will be going to,



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PS: for those that don't know, an Empath is some one that can sense other people's emotions. And Obernewtyn… well if YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OBERNEWTYN IS THEN FIND OUT!