A.N:- This fic is inspired by H.E Grey's 'Things Team Nineteen Are No Longer Allowed To Do' , so for the rules please refer to it. Also I've asked permission to do these one-shots; I've not got it yet. However these ideas won't leave me alone, so H.E, my apologies.

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Rule 179

Ibiki blinked.


"I'd think that was obvious, Izumo."

"Shut it, Kotetsu. I've to ask, remember?"

"Yeah." The genin being reprimanded looked back at their remaining team member, one Iruka Umino, who currently had a Kiri nin on top of him.

Ibiki blinked, again.

"Method of death?"

"I'd have to say, Option A:Strangulation by ninja wire."

Izumo looking very clerical with a pair of glasses and a spare brush tucked behind his ear, nodded as he continued. "Reason for attacking?"

"What were the options again?"

"Sigh, A) Vendetta against a clan for their bloodline.

B) Vendetta against a clan for a member's action during the last war or any of the others.

C) Vendetta against bloodlines in general.

D) We're at war.

E) It's the principle of the thing. And lastly my personal favorite,

F) Just because. Remember them next time, Kotetsu."

"Right, well Iruka doesn't have a bloodline, I don't think we're at war. His clan hasn't pissed off Kiri and neither has he, Option F only relates to Gai."

"Option E, it is then. Now if you'd just sign here, here and here, initial here, we'll let you get back to strangling our team-mate."

Ibiki snapped out of his daze just in time to restrain the hysterical, fleeing Kiri nin. He shook his head; this was going on the list for sure. Only Tsunade would bet against it, and that was if she was piss drunk.

Interrogation revealed that the Kiri nin was a newly promoted Jounin, who'd only two days ago had been on the Mizukage's 'paperwork detail' as a Chunin.

Kotetsu and Izumo maintained the attacker was one of the Mizukage's exes.