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Chapter 1

I sighed and pulled the covers up over my head. They were fighting, again. The voice of Charlie Swan, the police Chief of Forks who also happens to be my father, echoed through the walls of our home. I pressed my pillow over my ear, trying to muffle the curse words and cries that were traveling upstairs.

They were a few feet away from my door when I heard Alice cry, "You don't understand. I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was home by curfew!"

"Just because you were home on time, doesn't change the situation. The friends you're hanging out with are unacceptable. The guys at the station are always making comments about the hooligans that hang around the Forks Movie Rental. No daughter of mine is going to parade around this fucking town like a whore! What kind of role model are you being for your younger sister? She is supposed to be able to look up to you!" Charlie shouted.

He never stumbled over his words, even though I was sure that he had already downed at least a twenty-four pack of Coors Light by now. I was shocked that my father could obtain his high profile and role in our community, and no one would ever call him out on being the town alcoholic.

I flinched at the sound of Alice's door slamming and my father's retreating stomps back down the stairs. Charlie is an all right guy, he just has…issues. We all have issues, his were just so easy to pinpoint.

Pulling my covers down, I sighed and threw my legs over the side of my bed. I couldn't pretend that I didn't hear the harsh words that came from my father. Alice needed a shoulder to cry on, and I knew that out of everyone in my family, I was the only one she could count on for that.

I quietly padded across the hall and into her room. She was laying face down in her pillow, sobbing. I sat down on the corner of her bed and she peaked out of her pillow at me.

"Oh, Bella…how could he call me a whore? I don't dress slutty, I don't sleep around, hell, I'm a virgin!"

She lunged into my arms and began crying again into my shoulder. "Alice, you know it's only because of the string of rumors that go around town about that place. He doesn't like the thought of his daughter getting into situations that can get you into trouble."

She glared at me. "You know better than anyone that most of those rumors aren't true. You don't really think that we are all druggies who sleep around with each other, do you?"

I took a deep breath in and shook my head.

"You should hang out with us this weekend Bella. I know that you'd really get along with them. They understand me, and so do you. They know all about you! Please Bella." She sobbed into my pajama pants and closed her eyes. My hands methodically ran through her short, layered hair as I thought over everything.

I didn't like the group of friends that my sister associated with. She knew this, but didn't understand. I was fifteen years old, and even to me they look like trouble makers. My sister was the only one in her group that was still in school. Everyone else had graduated, yet didn't have a job.

One of the owner's of the Forks Movie Rental store was a twenty-six year old who had way too much time on her hands. In my father's words, she allowed delinquents to loiter in her store until all hours of the night. The store had such a bad reputation, many of the people of Forks stopped renting movies from there.

I remember going into the store with my mom to pick out a movie and there were about seven or eight of them playing pool. The room fell silent as we browsed the movie selections. I felt like I was prey for the animals. That was why it was easy to agree with my mom and dad about the negative occupants of the store.

"Bella, honey, I've got the movies that your dad wanted to watch. Have you picked out yours yet?" my mom asked as I ran my hand along the covers of the VHS tapes in front of me. It was a small selection of classics that I'd watched thousands of times.

I cleared my throat and answered, "No…not yet." I bit my lip and looked around the store at the eyes that were still penetrating me.

"Okay, well I paid for two extras. I'm just going to run next door to the post office and pick up the mail. I'll meet you in the car." She squeezed my shoulder and walked outside.

I quickly averted my eyes back to the movie selection and picked up the first two that my shaking hand could grab. I walked towards the counter and slid the two movies across the counter to the black-haired lady who sat adjacent to me.

"You're Alice's sister, right?" she asked as her long manicured fingernails tapped the countertop. I nodded and an evil smile appeared on her face. "I'm Gianna. You two don't look a lick alike. How did Shorty manage to come from a family like yours?" She chuckled and her eyes searched the crowd that was behind me.

I didn't listen to what she had to say after that. Her evil smirk and laugh made me uneasy. I quickly turned on my heel to head towards the safety of my mother. Before my head could turn in time to keep up with the rest of my body, I had slammed into a tall, muscular body. The person stood their ground as I was knocked towards the floor. I clenched my eyes and waited for an impact that never came. The sound of my movies hitting the floor and the feel of strong hands surrounding my frame made my eyes open wide.

I was surprised to come face to face with the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen. Under his opened, light blue button up was a white beater that clung to his hard chest.

His bronze hair was perfectly styled, wild and carefree. His appearance surprised me as he was almost, dare I say, preppy looking. He didn't look like he belonged amongst this group.

He pulled me upright, but when his hands didn't release my body immediately my eyes began to search his. I've never been looked at like that. His green eyes seemed so—hungry.

A crooked grin appeared on his face that made my heart tug in my chest. "Fuck G, why do you always have to scare the pretty ones away?" He chuckled and finally released me. I watched in awe as he bent down and picked my movies up to hand them to me.

My brain disconnected from my mouth and I began to stutter slightly. I opened and shut my mouth as unknown vowels spewed from my mouth. "I…I…a...a…" I couldn't for the life of me form a proper word. Finally, when my feet began to move, my mouth let out the words I'd been searching for. "Got to go!" I squeaked as I fled from the store.

I rocked my sister to sleep, as I thought back to the first day that I met Edward Cullen a couple of weeks ago.

I had no clue why, but he had scared me. I could tell that his preppy look gave off a false pretense to the guy that was truly behind the deep, emerald eyes.

When I had gotten home, I rushed Alice to tell her what had happened. She laughed at my fear and joked lightly about her friends. She said that Gianna acted like a bitch, but deep down she was a sweetheart.

Alice said that Edward was a flirt, and probably was giving me a hard time because I was her sister. When I told her that I thought he was handsome, she raved about him. At first I thought I saw a hint of desire in her eyes as she told me about Edward; however, when I mentioned as much, she quickly dismissed it and said that they were just really great friends.

Alice rolled her head off my leg and snuggled deep into her bed. I was in the midst sneaking back into my bedroom when I saw my mother's profile slouched against the wall.

"Mom?" I whispered, unsure of her presence. She obviously had been eavesdropping, but why?

"I know you love your sister and will do anything for her Bella, but you have to stay away from that group of kids. They will cause you nothing but trouble, not to mention break your father's heart that both of his daughters are unruly teens." She sighed. Her voice was shaking with concern that I didn't understand. My father and mother were making this group out to be far worse than what they really were.

"Mom, you make them sound like murderers or a part of a horrendous gang," I joked, "and at least they've taken our little Alice in under their blood tinged wings."

She glared at me and stood up. "You know our feelings, Bella. Stay away from them."

I retreated back to my room and pulled the covers around my head. Edward Cullen had starred in my dreams for the past two weeks, but now I knew that he wasn't good for me. Now, I knew that my parents would never condone even a friendship between him and me.

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