Blood Bound


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'Naruto my son be strong and live long...' Those were the very last thoughts that passed through the mind of Minato Namikaze, as he looked down at his son...The hero of the Leaf!

His time was up, he could feel the last drops of life leave his body. He grunted a little as he collapsed on his knee's, yet still holding his son tightly within his arms. After a few moments of panting loudly, he decided it was time. Laying down and looking as if he was sleeping, Minato closed his eyes for the very last time...

'Thump Thump'



Crying, wails and childish gurgles could be heard as little Naruto cried. He knew something was wrong, it wasn't just the searing pain that ran through his veins and tummy, now that he thought of it. His cheeks hurt as well, quite a bit.

No, he knew something was different with the person who was holding him. He cherished that person for some unexplainable reason, he just felt a pull towards the person with flowing crimson hair and the sleeping man who's arms were circled around his small form.

He continued to wail for the loss of something he still didn't quite understand, but his wailing and balling came to a halt as he felt a presence above himself. Looking up, little Naruto was astonished with the person looking down at him with warm, caring and loving eyes. The person looked like the person with the crimson coloured hair from before in the room that stung his eyes. But she looked a lot different from that person as well.

The person in the bright room didn't have long ears.

The person bent down and gently removed Minato's arms away from his form, she caressed Minato's face for a while, eyes filled with regret and sadness...Even a bit of longing. Once she focused her attention on Naruto once again, her eyes swam with love and a tiny bit of awe.

Picking Naruto up the woman stroked his sun-kissed locks of hair, making sure not to harm him with her Claw like Nails. She sighed softly, looking over the village in the distance...

'Oh well their loss' She thought, a small sly smile on her heavenly features. Turning swiftly on the heel of her elegant shoes. She held Naruto securely in her right arm as she started to sink into the soft mudden ground beneath her...

It was time for the last Namikaze to return home.

It was at that very thought that she just suddenly noticed the feint evil and foul taint that was seeping out of Naruto's body and covering him like a veil. Hmm, she would have to get Cazador Stormrage to take a look at him. She wouldn't stay too long, he did have children of his own to look out for, Twins were they not? Maybe they could become playmates with little Naruto? Yes that was a lovely idea!

Dragon Queen or not, she had no idea how the future of the universe would change with that very 'idea'.

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