A/n: Okay PLEASE bare with me, as this involves a lot of ignoring stuff in the manga. LET'S PRETEND that after the key events Syaoran stayed in Clow with Sakura (I KNOW HE DIDN'T!) and Mokona. Leaving Kurogane and Fay to their own devices.

Fay swayed on the balls of his feet, his hands in his pockets and a true smile on his face, staring upwards. It felt so utterly refreshing, the breath of the wind on his face. It was just a little reminder that they had survived.
"We made it." He whispered. Kurogane nodded, not taking his eyes off of the blond, who looked for the first time since Kurogane had know him: calm. It suited him.
"We made it." He agreed. There was a moment of silence, a respect for those who hadn't made it, before Fay spoke.
"It's going to be strange… we won't all be together." He mused, half closing his golden eyes.
"Not all of us." Kurogane nodded. "But there's nothing to stop you and I…" He started but Fay hushed him.

"I've grown." He cut in. "So much." He insisted. "I have you to thank for that. I know the importance of one life now, I can understand and appreciate other people's feelings and emotions more." He turned to face Kurogane whose red eyes were staring into him. It had all gone unsaid, their feelings for each other had always been eclipsed by events far bigger than the two of them. Now everything hung on the line, all forced to the forefront and it was terrifying. Fay had only just learned to deal with emotion. "You've taught me so much. And now we're not tied down…"
"Exactly." Kurogane agreed, stepping closer, and wrapping his new false arm carefully around Fay's waist. Fay smiled wistfully.

"But I still have growing up to do." He told Kurogane, moving in closer. "I'm not that person anymore. I don't run from what scares me."
"Good," Kurogane whispered, moving in to kiss the blond. Fay raised his hand to Kurogane's lips, blocking their lips from touching, stopping the kiss.
"But I'm not ready for what comes next." Fay said earnestly. He lowered his hand but didn't break the embrace. "Do you understand?"
"Not fully." Muttered the ninja. He sighed and nodded. "You want to wait?"
"Hm?" Fay mused before shaking his head. "Waiting isn't the right word. I want to travel."
"Then we'll travel." Kurogane said decisively. "There's no rush for me to go home." Fay shook his head again.
"Not you." The smile hadn't faded but it wasn't false.

"You need space." Kurogane wondered aloud. Fay nodded.
"Some time alone. I need to think. Need to know that what I feel is real…" Fay raised his hand to brush Kurogane's face very gently, as one would do a lover.
"I'll tell you now that it is." Kurogane growled. Fay chuckled and allowed his thumb to brush over Kurogane's tightly pursed lips.
"It probably is." Fay agreed in an airy and cheery tone that was genuine. "But it's something I need to do alone." His golden eyes glittered, silently begging Kurogane to understand. He didn't.
"It seems to me you're still running." Kurogane's voice was stern as though trying to talk him out of it. Fay shook his head softly.
"I can't go from being a coward to commitment right away… but I'll be back," He swore.
"How long?" Kurogane growled, trying to ignore Fay's hands as they drew over every inch of his face, ingraining the memory in Fay's head.
"Not long." Fay promised. He stood on tiptoes, very slightly, before their lips met.

And it was epic. Everything that hadn't been said, couldn't be said, on their journey was pressed between them, though there was not an inch of space between their entwined bodies. Their lips meshed perfectly and Fay was for once utterly relaxed, there was no pressure and no sorrow. This was no goodbye. Kurogane's tongue flicked along Fay's bottom lip and Fay willingly accepted. This wasn't a goodbye at all. It was a so long. Until next time. See you soon. Kurogane's fake arm held Fay's waist tight, as though silently explaining he didn't want him to go.

The kiss ended too quickly, Fay was smiling, he pulled back.
"Now, if you'll excuse me… I have a wish to make." And he waved. And then he was gone.
"Not long." Kurogane repeated firmly.

How long is not long?

Kurogane's mind raced. He got everything prepared that he needed to, less focused on his own return home than Fay's arrival. He had his room changed to a double futon, had Tomoyo provide clothing for the blond.
"He'll be here soon." He said often under Tomoyo's gaze. Tomoyo would only nod silently. Then there was the wait. The wait itself was maddening. After days Kurogane was impatient with himself, after weeks Kurogane was restless, after months Kurogane was pitied, people in the castle whispered as though he was mad, and after years?

Kurogane gave up the hope that Fay was returning.

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