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It took Draco some time to get rid of the extreme sensations that raged within his body, and he also had to resist the urge to randomly break into a dance of victory, as he sat down in the small circle again, desperately trying to ignore the throbbing hard-on that was still pressing against his jeans.

He'd fucked Harry Potter! And the golden boy had liked it! He'd practically begged him to do it! Oh well, maybe he hadn't fucked him as much as let him fuck his mouth. But it was much the same, wasn't it? Just the glory of being able to touch that sexy, dark-haired brat was a privilege beyond what he'd ever dreamed of, he thought, smiling rather smugly at his enemy – because they still were enemies, right? He thought that Harry, whatever he was to him, looked quite nervous. Actually, now that he thought of it, Harry looked right out paralyzed. Perhaps he hadn't known that boys could have such a good time together? Perhaps he hadn't known he was into guys at all. In that case, Draco seemed to have opened new doors to him. And behind those doors, with a great smile on his face, Draco himself would stand with his arms wide open to introduce Harry to the wonders of this world. He was ready to receive everything Harry would – and could –give him, and was more than ready to give Harry everything he deserved himself. He looked briefly at the other boy again; ah, how could he still look this good – somewhat calm, even – when he'd just been fucked in the way he had in that bloody closet?!, Draco wondered, not really able to get mad at Harry. He hadn't realized that he was gazing obviously at Harry, who'd been busy turning the bottle and sending another dreading couple into the darkness and mysterious depths of the closet. Draco almost fell backwards from his sitting position when Harry laid his eyes on him and returned his curious gaze. His green, breathtaking eyes were burning with something Draco could so easily recognize: pure, raw, almost animalistic lust.

Flirtatiously, he winked at Harry and smiled encouraging and seductively, a suggestive edge to the way he cocked his eyebrows. Harry flushed into a deep shade of red, and Draco thought with an inward sigh that he looked remarkably cute tonight. Not that he didn't always look cute – but tonight... tonight, he was irresistible.

The thing about Potter was probably that he just seemed so goddamn innocent, but that Draco just couldn't imagine that no one had ever urged to have that marvelous, stunning body before. How could you not have ever desired to just touch him, stroke his gorgeous chest with those strong muscles, tousle that wonderful, pitch-black, messy mane of hair and kiss those plumb, pink lips?

It was so strange to Draco that no one seemed to dream of Harry. He did, that was for sure. And he hoped that tonight, some of his many dreams would come true – his endless fantasies and day-dreaming finally becoming real. Oh well, at least some of them. He wouldn't want to push Harry too far if he was really that virginal. The other boy shot him one long, lustful glance and licked his lips attentively. He wanted Draco just as bad as Draco wanted him, didn't he? Oh god, how was it even possible to be that sexy, Draco thought, fighting yet another raging hard-on. However, it seemed that no one in the group were noticing this anymore – the couple that had just been locked up had got to be the most enthusiastic one this evening. Draco of course knew that Harry had been just as enthusiastic as well, he just hadn't been it intentionally – hell, he'd probably not even been aware before it had been too late.

'But he will be,' Draco thought. 'When I get that arse in range, he'll be more willingly than he can ever dream of being. Slut.'

There was only one problem left, being that they were more or less unable to even leave the bloody party. They couldn't just walk out of it – no, people were more than likely to notice that, at least, and they'd probably wonder when the two arch-enemies had suddenly become so freaking fond of each other. It wasn't like they'd expressed exactly how much they'd liked to be locked up together. And Draco was very sure that neither of them would be very fond of the attention it'd bring them if they just got up and started running. Actually, they were more likely to just start dry-humping each other at the spot, which only gave them more reason to find a more... eh... private location to get things stirred up. Besides, Draco wanted them to be able to let go of all restraints – to go wild like the animals they truly could be together.

It seemed like Harry was doing some of the same thinking – he kept staring at the door with puzzlement, probably wondering if he could use the accio-spell to get his invisibility-cloak. Well, that would still leave Draco with yet another problem, wouldn't it? Oh god, just the thought of being so close to Harry, hidden from the other again, made his cock ache painfully much. Why the hell had he decided to wear such tight jeans tonight anyway? The mere feeling of the fabric against his pulsing cock made him wince and want to scream in anticipation. He had to get out of here. Now. Before he ended up coming with just the thought of having Harry by himself... naked... willing... horny... screaming for him to just fuck him.

'You'll have to change your strategy, Mr. Malfoy, or this will end up in a quite embarrassing way,' he thought, biting his lip hard and glaring edgily around the crowd. Could he somehow bewitch the bottle to turn his way, and then get seven more minutes with Harry? Draco shook his head mentally; no, they'd definitely need far more than seven minutes in the way his body was reacting to just the thought. And Harry seemed just as excited as he was. God-fucking-dammit he needed to plunge his dick into something right now! Why could time not freeze and let him get out of here?! Why, oh, why?!

The couple stumbled out of the closet, both looking messy and, well, freshly fucked. Their breathings were heavy, and they almost couldn't manage to get the air properly into their lungs. They even smelled of sex, which made Draco even hornier. He hadn't deserved this, had he? Had he been that bad a person? He'd never killed anyone! And truly, only a murderer deserved a punishment like this. A murderer could just rape someone. Draco had to wait. He hated waiting. Especially when what he wanted was so close to him.

He caught Harry's eyes, and mimicked three simple words:

"Need. You. Now." He almost growled with frustration when the girl giggled and toyed with the bottle. He wanted so much to just end this idiotic game. He wanted Harry, and that crowd was the only thing standing between Draco and his enemy's gorgeous arse. Could anyone beside him see the significance of this problem? He could feel very clearly how he was seeing the world through sex-goggles right now.

And then, suddenly, Harry got up, glaring confusedly at the crowd before stuttering a bit. Then he gathered his voice and flushed. Everybody was directing their glances at his stiffened cock, which was pushing visibly against his jeans. Harry cleared his voice and tried to speak firmly, looking at Draco the entire time.

"I'll just go to the bathroom," he said, sounding very non-Harry. Lust. His voice was hoarse with desire. When everybody turned at the new couple, Harry smirked at Draco and mimicked five new words, sending another wave of lust through the blonde.

"Then. Come. And. Get. Me."

When Harry had left, Draco was up before anyone could get to react. He'd left the room before you could count to ten, and was panting although he was quite fit. He searched the corridor for any signs of Harry, but was unable to determine where he'd gone to. Had he really went to the bathroom? Was that some sort of kink he had, Draco wondered.

He decided to lean against the wall for a few seconds and gather his breath. Then he walked towards the first empty classroom he could find, hoping to find his long-wanted reward in there. He was disappointed to find it empty, and angrily slammed his fist into the table, letting out a loud, growling sound before feeling a familiar, hot breath in his neck and inhaling the most alluring scent he knew.

"Potter!" He almost screamed, being turned around and leaned into a warm embrace. "You fucking bastard! Where've you been? Pissing?!"

Harry chucked breathlessly and pulled Draco into a long, yearning kiss. He took his time to explore the blonde's mouth and tease him just the way the other boy had teased him in the closet. Draco thought he was going to explode with the strong sensations Harry was filling him with.

"Mm, I want my sweet revenge," he murmured in a raspy voice, kissing Draco's neck softly, leaving small love-bites to mark his enemy. Draco winced and twisted in his arms, and didn't even do an effort to control his breath anymore. Their cocks were rubbed against each other, and Draco was grinding his hips against Harry, begging for attention to his lower parts.

"Fuck you," he panted, claiming Harry's lips again, beginning to undress him clumsily. He didn't even know how to move his hands, but just searched for whatever might feel like buttons, ties and belts. Just to challenge Harry, he began rubbing his cock through the fabric of jeans, feeling how they were already becoming visibly wet with the moisture of his pre-cum.

"No, I am gonna fuck you," Harry corrected him, almost ripping Draco's shirt off, suddenly kissing him with much more force than the other boy had expected. He let out a surprised moan, and bit his lip hard in an attempt to control himself. He pressed his eyelids together, and focused on the tiny spots of light that was dancing in the darkness. Harry took in his lobe and nuzzled it in a teasing manner.

"As I said, this is my revenge. This is my seven minutes."

Draco snorted, but couldn't really make it sound right, as he was now groaning from the intense pleasure that Harry was causing him. He'd begun to stroke his chest, taking his nipples in his mouth before curling his tongue around them. Draco wanted to say something, wanted to make him stop and just let him fuck him, but couldn't get a single syllable out properly anymore.

Harry smiled smugly and kissed his belly, placing his hands at Draco's hips, kissing the tip of his cock lightly.

"I knew you wouldn't mind," he added, taking Draco in slowly, toying with the tip of his cock, making him wait just longer. Draco growled again, but this sounded more like some sort of whining. He leaned back against the table behind him, his legs going weak, his body not able to stand up by itself any longer.

"Potter... fuck... I'm... gonna... come... if ... you don't... get... your bloody... act... together!" He managed to get out, as Harry took him in more entirely, sucking eagerly on him in a reckless manner. And although there was no specific rhythm, Draco was still having a hard time not just screaming out his – lover's? Enemy's? – name and coming hard. Harry grinned.

"Everything in time, Draco, I just thought you wanted to know how it feels to be screwed like this," he commented between his attempts to practically mouth-fuck the blonde. Draco had noticed, and was pleased to hear, that Harry was using his first-name. Something he wasn't sure he'd be able to do. For now.

Draco snarled at Harry and did something he'd always wanted to – he reached out and grabbed that black, messy mane, pulling his head closer, and in the same time forcing him to slow down the pace. Jesus Christ, if this continued, he wouldn't be able to fuck Harry in the way he'd intended to.

"If only you would let me screw you!" Draco said bitterly, waves of pleasure weakening him visibly. His uneven breath was getting faster, and at some point, he'd stopped breathing for several seconds. Harry chuckled and got up to kiss Draco again. The way that the alcohol, pre-cum and Harry's breath were mingled together made Draco feel slightly dizzy. He pulled Harry's hair and groaned. He could still feel Harry's cock pressing forcefully against his crotch.

"You think that you're gonna fuck me?" Harry asked in a light, breathless voice. Draco shrugged, and looked into those green eyes; they had a playful shade that he didn't really know if he cared much for. He just really, really wanted to have sex. Why did Harry have to torture him in this way?

"Well, I thought that was... obvious," he said, sinking a lump, surprised that he could even get the words out in the way his body seemed to have lost all power. Harry kissed him again, continuing down his neck, licking and nibbling and sucking as it pleased him. Draco couldn't make himself tell the boy to stop right now. Just the feeling of Harry's soft lips against his body seemed to over-power him entirely. The room was spinning, and Harry was taking in his cock again, drawing his tongue up the hardened shaft in spirals. He moved his hands down Draco's bum and felt it with a sigh. Then he smiled.

"No, I think I'll want to take care of that one myself," he concluded, getting up to kiss Draco again. "Don't you agree?"

Draco groaned impatiently, grinding his hips against Harry. His cock was still aching for attention, and Harry hadn't finished him off yet. Again, Draco found himself wondering what he'd done to deserve this kind of torturing. When this was over, he'd start being a good person. And probably try and get it on with Harry again. God, his body was godlike. It was overwhelming.

Harry kissed his cheek, his forehead, his lips – it seemed like every inch of his burning skin had been touched by Harry's lip, gently, roughly or just briefly. But that was not all he wanted.

"Please, Harry, just shag me. Now!" He added in an ordering manner. He'd been used to getting what he wanted – but Harry just seemed to love the way he was keeping him in the dark. Oh yes, he was truly in a dark place.

Harry sighed overdramatically and kissed Draco, before turning him around cautiously and grinning at him while taking his arse in view.

"Are you sure you can handle me?" He teased, kissing the back of his neck quickly before reaching for his wand and doing a lubrication-spell on himself and a preparation one for Draco, who snarled warningly. The warmth only reminded him of what was coming.

"Stop boasting and start fucking, all-right?" He asked, arching his back and reaching out to get Harry closer. The other boy nodded with a smug smile on his swollen lips. He leaned in and nibbled Draco's earlobe playfully.

"If that's what you want, that's what you'll get," he whispered, pressing his throbbing member against Draco's entrance. The other boy winched and gasped in anticipation. "After all, you always get what you want, don't you, you spoiled little brat?"

Draco's hissing noise was ruined by a loud, surprised groan when Harry pushed into him, cautiously at first. But Draco seemed used to this – and he wasn't even sure that he was surprised by this. He drew himself out before plunging in again, making his thrusts harder and harder for each time, not even concentrating on putting force into them. He'd waited for this in what seemed like years.

Draco was moaning and twisting at his moves, and for every time Harry slammed into him, his cock twitched. He'd almost forgot how hard – not to mention close – he'd been himself, but in the moment he remembered, he reached out for his rock-hard member and started pumping it in the same rhythm Harry was producing. He clenched his teeth as Harry entangled his fingers with the blonde's and joined in on his frantic touches. When Harry raised the pace, Draco allowed himself to let out a groan, and wasn't sure whether it was of pain or pleasure. Harry was slamming into him forcefully, and had left out all restraints when he lost control over his body. His head was spinning, his body was shaking and his movements had become reckless and uncontrolled. He couldn't count the sensations that went through his body every time he thrust hard into Draco, and was forgetting to bite his lip. He was screaming Draco's name out loud, and could feel the other boy approaching his climax as he came closer and closer to the edge himself. The next few thrusts were almost painful, as his entire body was aching to just come, his cock pulsating madly. Unintentionally, he pushed himself into Draco with more force than ever, slamming their bodies against the table as he'd squeezed Draco's cock , making him come all over their entwined hands. The blonde arched his back and moaned out Harry's name in an almost screaming manner, as Harry felt himself being emptied inside the other boy. He was overwhelmed by the intense wave of pleasure, and lost his breath and mind completely as he stumbled forwards, leaning in over Draco, who was kneeling on the floor.

"Holy f-fuck," Draco panted, clenching his fists hard as he tried to comprehend the sensations that were filling his body. Harry's naked body was sprawled over his, and he wasn't sure that his lover was even conscious. It wouldn't surprise him if he'd fainted.

However, Harry soon gathered enough strength in his body to sit down on the floor, leaning against the table for support. He was blinking, absorbed in thought, before he turned at Draco.

"You're bloody amazing," he said, breathless and worn out. And although he was sitting on a cold stone-floor, he also felt amazing. "You're..."

"Fan-fuckting-tastic and, what's more, so incredibly sexy that it shouldn't even be fucking legal," Draco ended his sentence, smiling wryly, glowing with awe. He'd had sex with Harry. Harry had been inside him; Harry had kissed him and touched him and shown his affection for him in every goddamn visible way he could. He was in heaven.

"But you know what?" Draco asked, kissing Harry softly just inches from his lips – on purpose. He smiled. "This is fucking unfair."

"It is?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. Draco nodded, trying very hard to be serious.

"Yes. If I'd this long, I would've done way better in there. I want more than seven minutes to return the favour. I want another shot!" Draco said in a complaining voice. Harry chuckled and pulled Draco into another kiss before replying:

"I would've given you that anyway."