ALRIGHT! Here is Mammon's verson.

Personaly, I like Fran's version better, but I cant forget about the orginal Varia Illusionist can I?

Split Personality?

"Squalo, are you sure we should do this?" Asked the high pitched voice of none other than Mammon, the Varia's mist guardian and illusionist.

"Vroi! Quiet Mammon, and yes. He deserves it. That guy is really getting on my nerves with all his "I am Prince, Obey Me" thing. Plus, aren't you curious too?" Squalo whispered… rather loudly though.

Mammon thought "I guess you're right, but you still have to pay me"

Squalo sighed. "Yeah yeah" and the two proceeded.

Now you're probably wondering, what the HELL are those two doing? Well here's your answer.

Apparently, Squalo and Mammon decided to do a prank.

On who?

Our very own Prince the Ripper of course.


Squalo snapped, angry about how Bel always bugs him. Squalo just forced/bribed Mammon to help him, and the illusionist was curious too, so he didn't have such a hard time doing so.

What's the prank you ask?

Well it's simple. Cut the Princes bangs while he's asleep, have him show his eyes to the world, laugh at his reaction, and see what happens.

If you're curious too, then read on. I certainly am.


Me: Alright alright I will. Calm down Squalo

Morning came at the Varia castle. Everything's going normal with Xanxus throwing things at Squalo, Squalo shouting at everyone, Mammon counting his money, Levi all Do What Boss Tell's You To, and Lussuria being all gay and motherly.

But the thing is… where is the Storm Guardian?

Everyone was seated at the long table in the dining room. Squalo and Mammon were eager to see the Princes reaction. Bel was the only one not there.

The door opened

"Uhm… Good Morning" spoke a meek polite voice that sounded familiar, .TOO familiar that it brought chills down everyone's spines because owner of said voice was NEVER meek NOR polite.

All heads snapped to where the voice came from. Eyes widened and jaws hit the floor. Even Xanxus.

There standing at the doorway to the dining room, was a blonde haired blue eyed teenager, clad in a simple white T-shirt and denim shorts that reached just below his knees. His eyes gave him the polite, loyal and kind air around him. He was holding the door, peeping in almost shyly.

That guy was…

You guessed it

Prince the Ripper, Belphegor

He walked in slowly and sat at his usual seat.

"B-B-BEL?" Asked Squalo

"Good Morning Squalo-kun" He smiled kindly. Not smirked, not grinned, SMILED!


"Woah… I can't believe this" said Mammon

"Hello Mammon-chan" he greeted him.

Mammon stared…..

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!" was heard all throughout the Varia base


Lussuria proceeded to suffocate the Blonde in his all too famous lung crushing bear hug

"L-L-Lussu-uria-san" Choked the 'Prince'

Someone cleared his throat

"Hey Trash, mind explaining?" the leader, Xanxus, asked

"Hi Xanxus-sama, what's wrong?" asked Bel

Xanxus stared…

"What's up with you? Your bangs are gone, your eyes are visible to the world, and your acting all nice and polite!" he stated, weirded out.

"I don't really know, Boss, I woke up this morning and it was already gone, I don't remember cutting it. And what are you talking about Xanxus-sama?" Bel replied

Xanxus looked to Squalo

And the rest followed suit.


"Because it's more likely your idea Trash" replied Xanxus

Squalo didn't say anything…

After they finished eating, Lussuria began collecting the utensils

"Here Lussuria-san, let me help you" Bel began helping him

"Aww, thank you Bel-chan" Luss said

"You're Welcome" Bel smiled

Everyone else just stared…. Again,

"I never thought he'd end up like that" said Mammon, though he was clearly amused.

Squalo and Mammon, having got the shivers from the Ripper's weird personality change, went to the file room looking for more information as to why the prince was acting that way, finding nothing, they decided to sneak in the Prince's room

"Neither did I, who knew just removing his bangs could cause a MAJOR personality change. ITS UNHEARD OF" said Squalo, rummaging through the paperwork in Bel's room

"People to kill, People killed? He keeps records on these things?" Mammon asked, reading file names "Using up this much paper is a waste of money you know"

"People to stab to death, People to kill in their sleep… VRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIII! WHY THE HELL IS MY NAME IN HERE?" Squalo questioned, flabbergasted

"That's not new is it. He keeps telling you that whenever you two cross paths" Mammon stated

"… Good point" Squalo replied. And they searched some more.

When they Found a file stating Belphegor's birth and other past stuff, they began reading.

"Age, Date, Status, yada yada yada. AH! Here we are" Squalo said as he found the specific information

"Somehow Insane, Masochistic, Narcissistic. Yup, that's Bel alright" Mammon commented

"Claustrophibic? Really?" Squalo read on

"Has a love for sharp objects, Loves to Kill. We already know that" Mammon said

"Has Split Personality Syndrome… well this is new" Squalo voiced out

"Where, let me see!"

"Belphegor, just like his twin brother Jill, has been diagnosed with Split Personality syndrome since birth. This can be triggered by his eyesight, apparently the more he can see, the more kind hearted he gets, the opposite applies too. Reason or explanation as to how this is even possible is unknown to the specialists." They both read

"Wow… ok, if I thought the kid was weird before, this takes the cake" Squalo announced

"I agree" said mammon

"You know, it's bad to look into people's private lives, especially the Prince's " said a familiar voice from behind the two

They Froze


The two slowly turned around, only to see Belphegor…

With a blind fold on

"The less he can see, the more violent and blood thirsty he gets" said Mammon

"Prepare to die you two" Bel said, around him a menacing aura that can put Rokuro Mukuro's 5th path to shame. His Knives at hand and he was cut, deeply. Blood oozing down his arm.

They both gulped


Squalo and Mammon ran away

"I'M NOT BEING PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS!" Mammon complained, flying as fast as he can

"VRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOII! BE QUIET!" Squalo screamed, also running as fast as his feet can take, while dodging weirdly shaped knives

"Ushishishishishi~" Maniacal laughter filled their ears as the two ran for their lives. Knives flying within inches away from their skins

After all, being chased by an Insane, Masochistic, Narcissistic, Lunatic Murderer Maniac who can't even see anything, but has a very accurate aim, what else can you do?


Me: huh? (looks behind and see's bleeding, blindfolded Bel) AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Bel: Ushishishishishi~ (licks knives) Please R&R