Six Years Later

-I slipped into my new bedroom, I just couldn't take it any more. I had to leave this town, this palace, my home needed me! I could tell that. Grandmother saw me, and I explained that I was the last one left if they killed Grandpa. I just had to go back home. Grandma agreed and we slipped out of the palace at the night. I just hope that Grandad wasn't killed yet.

-We walked past the edge of the forest and headed to the place where I hid the sword. Either someone else inherited the throne (impossible since I had the sword now) or they didn't kill Grandad just yet. We slipped through the forest but soon I started to sneeze like crazy. We were ambushed by five wizards. I sucked up their magic before they could finish the spells. Then I used it back on them. Just then I felt dizzy, and I heard something being shouted by many voices.

-I woke up an hour later. Grandmother helped me up. We continued the journey. We sometimes bumped into wizards, but I took care of it. Every so often I would hear something being shouted, but after that I couldn't remember what was shouted. There seemed to be an abundance of wizards in the Enchanted Forest lately. We joined up with the good creatures left. Then we got close.

-We peeked around the tree. We saw a shield around the palace, and I could sense wizards inside. Just then a huge burst of energy shot from the palace, it knocked me and Grandma over and then the forest went crazy. Grandma cried, I hid and creatures came from everywhere. Many saw Grandma and tried to comfort her, but all failed. I stood up and marched to the palace. The wizards saw me, and I used the magic to scare them out of the palace. There the others took care of them. I knelt next to my Grandfather's empty body. I cried and cried until a group of four human like creatures came in with a lot of cats. I stood up and turned to them, it was Grandmum, Morwren, Telemain, and Tollog. Grandmum was crying hard with Morwren comforting her. Tollog ran up to me and started comforting me. Telemain covered up Grandad's body.

-I was pronounced Queen of the Enchanted Forest. Everyone attended my ceremony. But I was wearing black, along with everyone else. I refused to drop the initials and go by my true name. Everyone attended the party, where everyone had a great time, except me and Grandmother. She was extremely sick and no one could save her. She was slowly fading away. She passed away two minutes later. I married Tollog and that's were the next story begins!

A/N: This story is finished and there will not be a second.