Twilight ipod Shuffle

Couple: Edward/Bella


Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING OF TWILIGHT, execept books i bought out waterstones and Dvd out of WHSmiths!! =]

Bored so I Decided to do this

Russian Roulette - Rihanna

I took a breath and exhaled i could do this. I looked over the edge of the cliff, he wanted me to be human? Well I was... I threw my jacket off and it landed onto a rock next to me. i sat my ipod down next me and took a few steps back "This is For You" I whispered, even though i knew he wouldn't hear, I took a deep breath and then. I jumped. My last thought? "I'm Sorry"

"As my life flashes before my eyes I'm wondering if i will ever see another sunrise"

Ugly - Sugababes

"Your Beautiful" He whispered to me as he played with my hair. I smiled i remember when i first meet him....

17 years ago

"Your Weird"

"your Short"

"Your hair is funny looking"

"Your laugh is stupid"

"Your Ugly"

"HEY!!" A boy around my age was standing in front of me "We're all people!! and besides I think she's pretty!! Your all just jealous!!

That was the day i fell in love with Edward Cullen and 9 years later we got married at 21 years old and 3 years ago I had my beautiful baby girl, Janie

"People are all the same and we only get judged by what we do personality reflects name so if I'm ugly then so are you!"

I'd Lie - Taylor Swift

We were sitting in his car driving to his house. He was telling me about his date with Jessica Skankley, I couldn't do anything but laugh "Bells!!" He whined like a baby "It ain't funny!" i giggled "your gonna fall in love one day soo.." Hopefully with me he ran his hand through his hair "I don't think so" i laughed


"BELLA!!!!" The pixie ran for me so i hid...behind a vase, not my best idea, Alice was around 5'1 same age as me and Edward, she dragged me to her room "Soo...."She said suggestively "Sooo..."I answered Mockingly "When are you gonna admit your in love with my brother?" I nearly had a heart attack "SHIT!! i scream she just giggled


I heard music coming from Edward's music room I popped my head round the corner and I was met with Edward singing and playing guitar, He'd never tell anyone he played, "Hey Bells come on in" I closed the door behind me



I sat in Edward's room hiding from the party. Edward stumbled in 15 minutes later tripping over the door jamb "SHIT....FUCKK!!" he exclaimed i giggled as this was one hell off a sight

He looked up and sharply inhaled "Bella?" he asked shakily "yeah?" "I love you" Wait WHAT?!!

"If you asked me if i love him I'd Lie"

Use Someboy - Pixie Lott

I was in the club when Pixie Lott's cover came on i sat in a chair remembering my most favourite time hearing that song

"May I present the new Mr & Mrs Cullen" I couldn't believe i was a Cullen. He held me and he dance around the room he whispered sweet nothings in my ear my favourite had to me "I Love YOU Mrs Cullen" It sent shivers down my spine

"Hey Beautiful" I looked up into sparkling green eyes and smiled "Let's get out of hear" i whispered in his ear

"You know that I could use somebody"

Take A Bow - Rihanna

"Bella PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!!!!" he screamed I just threw the bags out the front door "BELLA FOR GODSKAE IT WAS JUST A FUCKING KISS!!" I blew right there "JUST A FUCKING KISS!!!! EDWARD WE'RE MEANT TO BE GETTING MARRIED AND YOUR FUCKING AROUND!!" "I'M SORRY I-" "I DON'T FUCKING CARE GET OUT!!!" "BUT I LOVE YOU" "SURE YOU DO!!!!" And I slammed the door in his face and I did the only thing I could do. I cried.

"But it's over now. Go on and take a bow"