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Category: Humour

Note: Just so you know, the abbreviation SNAG stands for 'sensitive new age guy.'

Rating: PG, for themes

One SNAG's Trash is Another SNAG'S Treasure

By LTP-girl

Owen's lesbian moms, Judy and Judith, decided to pay a surprise visit to New York City, and dropped into Owen's work unannounced. They had planned on spending the whole week with him, taking him to the zoo, the Empire State Building, ferry rides, and the Statue of Liberty, and were surprised to find that he was too busy and uninterested to join them.

"I'll come!" cried Kipp, dropping his paper work and following them into the elevator, his face beaming. He flashed them his trademark smile.

To their dismay Owen, their own son who they had brought into the world and raised with good values, didn't want to spend time with them. And yet this spoiled yuppie, Kipp, did?

"Okay, you can come with us," Judith sighed, exasperated. "You seem gay enough."

Kipp jumped up and down in excitement, and grabbed his wallet. "Let's go to the park and feed the ducks first," he suggested, as they got off the ground floor platform. "We should take lots of photos."

"Oh no, my hair's out of whack from the flight," Judy piped up, as they headed towards the lobby. "There's no way I'll look good in any photo today."

"This is going to be so much fun!" Kipp said, leading the way.

"You're telling me," Judith chimed in sarcastically, sardonically rolling her eyes.

What you think? Will Kipp make a good substitute son for Judy and Judith while Owen's too, eh-hem, 'busy?'