Here we go. This is the prologue of a Grand Theft Auto/Harry Potter crossover I thought of

--------------------(Story Start)-----------------------------

"I give Don Greengrass a bit of a tribute and maybe just maybe, she can put in a good word with the Commission about the Malfoy Family becoming a member" Draco Malfoy sneered to his bodyguards, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle

Malfoy and his bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle arrive at the location of the meeting with the Greengrass Family just in time to see a jet black Mercedes turn up. The door opens and Lisa Greengrass steps out

'Idiotic little ferret thinks he can just waltz into the Commission with a little tribute' thought Lady Greengrass as she walked towards the young man, knowing full well that the moment, the tribute changed hands, the snipers in the building across the yard would pick off the little man and his goons

"Ah, Don Greengrass, it's my honour to meet you here today. I trust that this tribute will go a long way to ensuring my family's intentions" said Draco Malfoy, smirking inwardly

"Yes, it will. I will ensure that everybody remembers the day that the Malfoy Family humbled themselves" sneered Don Greengrass

Draco inwardly bristled with anger at what this woman had said about his family 'Maybe I should teach her a lesson and let her know where her place should be' he thought as he handed over the backpack, lined with money

The moment that the backpack was in Don Greengrass's hand, 3 shots rang out and Malfoy and his goon slumped to the floor 'Another rat dealt with. I'm sure that Don Potter will be glad that his school annoyance is dead' thought Don Greengrass as she climbed back into her Black Mercedes and drove away from the dead bodies of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle

------(Preview End)--------------

That is merely the prologue of a thought that has been in my hand since the beginning of the year and I had to plan it out to stop my skull from exploding due an overactive imagination