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So umm...HEY THERE GAIZ? :D Nice to meet ya all! Anyways, this is my first fanfic ever (EWWW A NEWBIE!) but I hope that you'll be able to enjoy it ^_^ And I'm sorry if my language kinda fails...english is not my first language so I'm having a hard time when I want to explain certain actions...But I'm gonna do my best!

Okay everyone, ready? LET'S GO!

Chapter 1:

England opened the door with a force that almost made the paintings on the walls jump off from their nails and fall towards the floor. He hadn't felt this angry since Scotland had stolen his car and tried to crash into Big Ben. On purpose.

"Stupid frog…" he snorted and entered the kitchen in order prepare a cup of calming tea. The reason to why he felt so pissed off was because of the World Meeting he had just returned from. Everything had been as usual (America suggesting stupid ideas while eating hamburgers, France trying to seduce anyone that was less then ten meters close to him, Germany trying to make the meeting proceed, Italy crying about how he wanted to eat pasta, Russia being…..creepy etc) when France had dropped a comment that made England's blood boil in anger.

"Oh Angleterre, how do you think you'll ever get a partner if you act like such a stuck-in-the-mud? You truly don't have any cute points at all!"

Well….actually it wasn't just the comment that had made him so frustrated. France had told him worst things during the years that he had been able to ignore. The thing that made him angry was the fact that America had laughed at France's comment and shouted "I totally agree with you on that point France!" and they had been laughing together for ten minutes while pointing out "England's un-cute points".

England poured the tea in a neat cup made of finest china and sipped on the hot drink while staring at the rainy London through his window. Nothing could calm him down like a good cup of Earl Grey and a view like this. He signed and his mind went back to the comment.

"It's not like I'm interested in having a relationship anyways...wait why do I even care in the first place? They have laughed at me before like this; I should be used to it!" But he knew why; they had hurt his pride. Yeah that was it! They had hurt his pride and that was why he felt so frustrated. That was all that was to it. Yeah…Nothing else…He stared at a little puppy that was running across the street outside his window. Stupid cute dog.

"So, I have no cute points at all?" he said and slammed the now-empty cup on the table. "Well I'll show you! Both of you!"


And there he was, standing in his cellar with a black coat wrapped around his shoulders and a spell book in his hands. On the floor he had drawn a pentagram that he had never seen before this. It had taken him hours to find a spell that he thought could give him some "cute points", but he still wasn't sure what would happen. No one had written an explanation to the spell and he had never tried it or heard of anyone trying it. But since it was in one of his book, it must mean that someone had had the same problem as him. He looked through the text again before stepping into the circle. He took a deep breath and then started to chant the Latin words that were written in the book. The spell seemed to work so far; the pentagram started to glow and he felt the magic flowing through the air. He continued his chanting, full of confidence. Then suddenly, he heard an earsplitting BANG and it felt like something had exploded inside of him. He fell headlong to the ground and felt how his consciousness was fading. The world around him was turning black.



When he opened his eyes it felt like someone had just hit his head with a baseball bat. Or maybe a water pipe. How long had he been lying there? Slowly he rose himself up until he was on his knees. He felt extremely dizzy and…weird. But he didn't really care to find out the reason why at the moment. It didn't seem like the spell had worked since he didn't feel any "cuter" (although he wasn't sure how you could feel "cuter"…) and the explosion that had hit him couldn't be a sign of success. Maybe he could try it again? Maybe he had just made a mistake when he had drawn the pentagram or maybe he had said the wrong words? He reached his hand into the pocket on his pants where he had put his chalk.

But then it hit him; what was up with his bottom? It felt more….soft, curvier, maybe slightly bigger too. He let his hands continue up to his waist. Why did it feel so thin? Sure, he HAD been working out lately but he hadn't felt this thin yesterday? "This is getting freaky…" he thought to himself and continued up. When he reached his chest he froze on the spot. Instead of the rather plain surface of a man's chest, he felt two soft bumps. Okay that was NOT supposed to be there! Also, what was up with his clothes? It was almost like if they had gotten bigger or….he had shrunk.

"What is thi-?" He covered his mouth in surprise. Why was his voice so squeaky? What was going on here? Why was his body almost like…like… Realization hit him straight in the face.


He ran staggering up the stairs, still dizzy from the effects of the spell, and stopped by the first mirror he could find. In the reflection he saw exactly what he had feared. He had turned into a woman. A woman with long sandy-coloured hair, thin arms, smooth skin and female curves. A BLOODY WOMAN. After staring at the mirror for a few minutes he buried his face in his hands. How could this have happened? Why would there even be a spell in the first place that turned a man into a woman? Why was he so stupid to try it out even though there was no explanation to what the spell did?

He looked up to the mirror again and glared at the reflection. The reflection glared back. He had no time. He had to find a spell that could turn him back into a man quickly; before any of the other countries found out about his "new self". Otherwise, he would surely be haunted for all of his remaining life by their taunts. He walked down the hallway towards the library to the left of the front door in order to find a spell book with a "reverse back"-spell.


The front door had slammed open just like if a hurricane had hit his house unexpectedly. Although he would have preferred the hurricane at the moment. Anything, anyone except that babbling, self-centred, idiotic American git that was now standing on his threshold and staring at him like if he had just seen a ghost. Or maybe Ronald McDonald eating a healthy salad instead of a burger.

"…Who are YOU?"

~End of Chapter 1~

So...that was chapter one! Sorry that it was slightly boring, but it gets alot more awesome now that everyone's favorite American has showed up! (...Hopefully :D). Oh yeah and I have a question too! Do you want me to write England's actions as "he" or "she"? (Ex: England started to dance a stupid dance called "Caramelldansen". He/She felt like a idiot, but atleast his/hers hips were moving like there was no tomorrow!) Right now I'm writing it as "he" since it's still Arthur, only in a new body. But please tell me if you find this confusing and would rather have it as "she"~ ;D

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