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Chapter 11:

As England opened up the door to his cellar he saw how the morning sun was shining through the windows. Wow, he had been sleeping all night in his cellar? No wonder his neck felt like crap after lying on that cold stone floor! He walked up to the mirror, wanting to make sure that the spell actually had worked. His voice was back to normal and his body seemed to be like it had been before, but it felt like the mirror was the ultimate confirmation for knowing that he was no longer a "she".

After looking at the reflection he almost felt like dancing. His hair was short once again and the fuzzy eyebrows were back above his eyes. He did his best not to watch his (now-extremely-small-and-tight) school uniform, but as his eyes started to stare at the part of the mirror where his clothes were reflected he quickly turned away his head with a blush spreading all over his face. Wearing a woman's school uniform while being a man was probably one of the most embarrassing things he had ever done. Well, kissing America was probably on the top of the list though. While thinking about what he had done yesterday his cheeks turned redder.

"Maybe he's angry because I did…that?" he mumbled and started to touch his lips unconsciously. But…the git HAD responded when he kissed him…hadn't he? But maybe that was because of the alcohol he had been drinking? Sure, he hadn't drunk as much as England had, but he still…WAIT A MINUTE! He quickly removed his fingers from his lips. Why was he even thinking about that? It had only been a mistake…right? Yeah, it had been a mistake. Nothing more, nothing more, noth-

"IGGY!" The poor door who had been slammed open numerous times these last days was once again thrown open by…AMERICA? Honestly Fate? Honestly? What had he done to deserve this kind of punishment? America froze in the door opening with enormous and curious eyes.

"D-DON'T LOOK AT ME YOU BLOODY GIT!" England cried and threw the thing closest to him (which turned out to be the phone). America quickly avoided it and returned to staring at England.

"Iggy…you're back to normal! Wow! What happened? Did you find that reverse-spell or something?" He paused for a few seconds. "…Wait, why are you still wearing that school uniform…?"

"CAN YOU STOP STARING AT ME ANY TIME SOON?" England screamed, probably loud enough to scare the shit out of his neighbours. America quickly turned away his head with a small blush on his face. England seized the opportunity and dashed upstairs to find something else to wear. If he had remained in his school uniform then something completely screwed up would probably happen. The whole world would come to his house to party or something stupid and unrealistic like that. Fucking Fate.


"But wow Iggy! I can't believe that you're actually back to normal again!" America beamed and petted England on his back. "Isn't it nice to be a man again?"

"Y-yeah I guess…" England mumbled and stared at his hands, too embarrassed to look directly at America that was sitting beside him on his coach. All he could think of was the awkward event that had happened yesterday, but it didn't seem like America was even slightly bothered with it! Stupid thick-headed git! But…maybe he didn't want to talk about it? Maybe he wanted some kind of excuse? But IF he didn't want to talk about it, then it would be wrong to bring it up, even if it was for the purpose of excusing to him…right?

"Hey Iggy…" America hesitated. "…What was up with that kiss yesterday?" England jumped by the sudden question. What the bloody hell was up with the git's timing? Oh well, at least he would be able to explain now without having to worry about if America wanted to talk about it or not.

"Y-yeah, about that…I-I'm sorry America, I think it was because of those tricky female hormones! He rambled. "A combination of those hormones and alcohol is truly horrible, isn't it? Who knows what might have happened if-?"

"England." England stopped his rambling and glanced at America. He was looking really…serious? Like that time at the world meeting when Prussia had discovered his identity, but this time it was almost…less confident? "Were you serious? I mean, about that kiss?" he continued. England nervously ran a hand through his hair, not sure what to say. He didn't even know the answer to that question himself, so what the hell was he supposed to respond with?

"I….I-I don't know…I feel so confused about this whole situation…I don't even know what to believe right now because of the stupid hormones…" he said quietly. "I don't know why I…k-kissed you like that in the first place…" He could feel how a new blush was creeping all over his face. Shit, not now! Fucking hormones! America quietly observed the pink colour on England's cheeks before he spoke up.

"Female hormones?"

"Y-yeah I think so…" America eyed him with a raised eyebrow.

"…Even though you're a man now?" England froze on the spot. Oh yeah…he WAS a man now, he had almost forgotten about that. The reverse-spell seemed to have been working perfectly, which meant that all of the female hormones from his transformation should've disappeared. Then, why the bloody hell was he sitting there blushing like a freaking tomato if they were gone? Maybe some of them still remained in his body? Maybe the spell had been a failure after all? Or…maybe…maybe…there hadn't been any female hormones in his body at all? Maybe it had been a part of his imagination or something like that? But that would mean…that it had been his true feelings all this time? That it hadn't been any female hormones but…his own feelings? That it wasn't the female hormones that liked America but…HIMSELF?

"Hey, what's wrong? You look a little freaky…" America said and poked England on his forehead. England snapped out of his thinking and stared at America, not sure what to say or do. There was only one way to find out about if it was his true feelings or not but…no! He couldn't do it again just like that! Not even the frog would do something like that in a situation like this! Or wait, maybe he would've, scratch that. But still…

"Oh whatever!" He thought. "I'm already insane by now…so why not?" He grabbed America's tie quick as a flash and pulled him towards himself in order to let their lips crash together. Even though he seemed a little chocked at first, America quickly responded to the sudden kiss.


England felt like laughing in relief. It tasted the same. Coffee, hamburgers and a distant taste of mint. It felt the same as before, even when he was a man. It was the same.


As England broke away from the kiss to fill his lungs with air, his eyes were met by a pair of sky-blue eyes beaming towards him.

"Soooo….I guess that means that you were serious about that kiss after all?" America said teasingly and adjusted his glasses that had slipped down the bridge of his nose because of England's sudden move.

"Yeah I guess so…" England replied smiling, feeling a little embarrassed for kissing America like that again, but he couldn't help but feel happy about it. It wasn't female hormones after all. This was what he had truly felt all this time.

"Yay! That's great news!" America shouted while waving his arms and moved closer to England with a sexy smirk on his face. "Because I was serious about it too…" he whispered and was about to place another kiss on England's lips when he suddenly stopped.

"Oh yeah! I need to tell ya before I forget about it!" He leaned back and tried to look sneaky. "Do you remember what you said yesterday?" England sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I probably said a million things yesterday that you want to comment about." America laughed loudly and nodded.

"You have no idea how true that is! But there was one thing you said before you kissed me that I wanted to give you an answer to." He ran a hand through his hair hastily and continued. "You wanted to know what I wanted to ask you the other day when I came to your house, right?"

"I did?" England replied surprised, not sure that he remembered saying something like that. Oh well, he HAD been really drunk so maybe that wasn't so weird after all. "Wait, are you finally going to tell me about it?" America nodded excitedly.

"Actually it wasn't really a question…I wanted to tell you about that I lied when I said that I didn't think that you had any cute points. Or well…you can say that the question was if you could forgive me about teasing you like that! Buuuut I'll take these kisses you've given me these last few days as an "I forgive you"!" America said and laughed again.

"D-didn't you say that the other day? That you lied about it, I mean?" England stuttered, feeling a little confused.

"True, but I never said that that was the reason to why I came to your house, now did I?" America replied and gave him a thumb-up. "But yeah, I wanted to make it clear – I indeed think that you have cute points!"

"W-well…thank you…I guess?" England mumbled, not sure what else to say. But it was kind of hard for him to restrain himself from screaming "YES, I KNEW IT!" and jump up and down like a maniac. America DID think that he had cute points. Well, if he had said that earlier then maybe all this "becoming a female and having to go through hell for three days"-thing never would have happened. Stupid git.

"Don't you want to know about them? I mean, what your cute points are?" England was about to reply, but America interrupted him before he could answer that question. "Well, your eyebrows are probably the weirdest ones I've ever seen in my entire life!" said and quickly ran a finger through England's eyebrows. "You keep throwing things like a maniac when you are embarrassed or angry, you swear in almost every sentence that leaves your mouth, you have mood swings like no one else I know, you keep hitting me all the time, you're more stubborn then a…ya know, I could probably go on forever!" England snorted angrily.

"Yeah you tend to do that all the time. Why do you keep pointing out all of these "flaws" of mine? I thought you were supposed to tell me about my…"cute" points." he said and pouted slightly.

"Don't you get it Iggy? Those things aren't just flaws, they are things I found cute about you!" At these words England turned red and quickly looked down embarrassed, trying his best not to smile like a fool.

"Idiot…" he said and hit America's arm. America on the other hand laughed and hugged England with a bright smile.

"Would you like to know what your cutest point is though?" England nodded slowly. America leaned closer until he was just inches away from England's face, ready to shut him up with another kiss before he would have time to start complaining about what he was about to say.

"Your-so-called female hormones!"

~The End of "Female Hormones & Cute Points"~

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