IV. Hufflepuff

Yellow like ducklings and dandelions; Black like her beautiful last name.

It's on a dewy summer afternoon that she learns all about Hogwarts, or Hoggywars, as she pronounces it. Some distant cousin (who isn't a distant cousin to the black family?) tells her about the four houses - green and silver, blue and bronze, yellow and black, red and gold. Not even fully comprehending it all, she instantly chooses her future house. Perhaps it's foolish to choose one's company based solely on childhood choice colors, but at age three, it's sound logic to her. She prances around the manor that day, proudly telling anyone who will listen what colors she'll be wearing at Hoggywars.

Daddy doesn't find it amusing, and she has the the bruises to prove it.

Yellow like hornets and hangnails; Black like her horrific last name.