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Considering I have never found any good Mario RPG fics or flash movies or anything of the sort, I think I'll start writing one for myself. Basically this is just my version of it and my take on the characters particularly the dynamic between the two brothers Mario and Luigi and the real reasons why they never seem to go adventuring together. Also Bowser in Legend of the Seven Stars was actually a very interesting character, moreso I think than in other games, so there will be a lot of focus on him and maybe a little more on Geno. I'll be replaying the game myself as I write this so I don't leave too much out, but send comments and criticisms if you notice anything too wierd or off. I'll let you know if its purposefully deviant or not. also if you want to rec fics or flash or artwork to me I'd love that, particularly anything with Geno.

disclaimer: these characters and such belong to their respective owners, not me, unless you see any original characters. I'm not doing this for any profit, merely for fun and good practice writing.

Prologue: Peaceful Abduction, and the Sword of Terror.

The Princess of the Mushroom kingdom, Pricilla Fungala or as her friends had come to call her, Peach, was sitting in her secret garden, completely in her element. She, as a descendent of the Royal Fungii Clan (nope that's not a joke, although the Mario's thought it was at first), was a natural gardener and healer. She was a favored child of both earth and sky, as her teachers taught her, which resulted in her ability to grow thins, as well as her natural grace and beauty. If she willed it, or wasn't in a mind to control it, flowers and plants would literally sprout and grow around her or as she walked by. In fact the very reason her strange friends from another world had come to call her 'Peach' affectionately was because she naturally gave off that scent. As all women of her clan had come to gain similar nicknames in the past associated with some fruit or flower, she didn't mind it, and in fact she was proud to have friends at all as being a Princess demanded most of her time, and even moreso than most Princesses because of her special abilities.

She was growing a new patch of flowers in her personal garden, which was hidden behind Mario's house when it happened. A familiar feeling of fear and darkness filled her. Bowser had done this many times before, and she had come to the conclusion that he just couldn't help it, his genetic makeup was too reptilian for his higher brain to have much say in the matter. The powers he was born with didn't help either. She couldn't help but wonder how hard it must be for him, holding the powers of terror and darkness. He had no friends, only minions who feared him. She supposed it was her own fault for showing him kindness when they were younger. He had become obsessed with her ever since then. She called to Mario for help, but Bowser had swooped down in his terror-copter in a cloud of shadows and snatched her before she could move. She hated feeling powerless, but their two elements were exact opposites, and because of that he held a dangerous power to immobilize her. She knew from her history lessons that she should be able to fight back against him, but she'd never been able to wield the power of light like she could manipulate plants or heal. Using that power to hurt had always felt so wrong to her, and as such she'd never been able to fight Bowser on equal footing. However she did slap him as hard as she could once they had flown off, leaving Mario running after them on foot. Luigi had been away in another part of the kingdom building irrigation systems. The Koopa had had a slightly crazed look on his face until she'd slapped him, snapping him out of whatever state he'd been in. "What do you think you're doing?" she demanded. "Will you never learn? Will you never change?" Bowser turned to look at her, his eyes opening up to reveal what little humanity he posessed. "I'm sorry, Pricilla, but you know I can't help it. I have a reputation to uphold. Plus I haven't seen you in so long. I missed you." he said in a deep scratchy voice. "Please don't be mad at me."

Peach sighed and sat down in the floor of the coptor. "Fine. But I'm not responsible for whatever Mario does to you."

"Oh, Princess, Mario will have a harder time winning against me this time around, I assure you. He'll be at my mercy by the end of the day, and I plan to feed him to Boss Boo. I recently captured his entire haunted mansion into this small crystal. A useful trick I gained from our dearly departed Kamek." He grinned, which was a terrifying sight, with his razor sharp teeth. The teeth of a carnivore, but more than that, Peach could see the blackness within his mouth, that promised nothing that went in could ever escape. That's how he became stronger, by eating his enemies, or at least the strongest parts of them, that were connected to their souls. In Kamek's case, her brains." Peach cringed at the thought, and was thankful that he wouldn't want to eat her as that would actually cancel out a lot of his power. He needed to eat dark souls to stay strong. He was like the garbage compactor for evil. Which was why the other kingdoms hadn't gone to war with him, despite his repeated attempts to conquer the Mushroom kingdom. He was able to keep criminals in line in a way with fear and if one got too powerful, he would crush them and assimilate their strength into himeslf. At the moment he had his sights set on the Pirate King Jonathan Jones, that is, after he'd had his way with the Princess here.

"But first things first, We need to prepare for Mario's arrival, Princess. It wouldn't do for a Koopa to be a bad host. Bwahahahaha!"

Peach had to put up with his rantings for a while longer as she wasn't strong enough yet to fight him on her own. ----

Mario was annoyed. He'd only left the Princess alone for a few minutes so he could get the grill started up and cook them a meal, and it turns out Bowser had been waiting for the opportunity. If it weren't for all the power that guy held over the dark powers in this world, he would have fried that disgusting creature for dinner years ago. It was still annoying to have to continually rescue the Princess from him though. Horny bastard. He was always the type to want the one thing he really couldn't have. Sure, its not as if he would ever actually do anything to the Princess, as doing so would kill him because of what she was, his opposite, but he still wanted to toy with her, and keep her in his grasp. It was all some twisted game to him. He was still just a child in most ways, he thought as he lept from stone to stone on the bridge to Bowser's castle. At the door a squadron of Lakuta's threw grenades at him, which he easily dodged, and knocked out one to steal it's cloud so he could get in through a window. Inside he avoided the guards by leaping over them and throwing a couple of fireballs at their backs. People always thought he could leap so well because his legs were so strong, and while that was partly true, most of it was because of the elemental powers he gained by entering this world so many years ago. He was esentially a firestorm, a perfect mixture of fire and wind ability. The lava pits in the next room did give him pause though. Although it wouldn't kill him outright like most people, it was still hot enough to damage him greatly. So he carefully made his way across the room, taking care to kick the mechakoopa's into the firey pit. He hated those things.