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'Talking to self'
"Demon or Summon Talking"

Chapter 1: The Mission

There were five people walking along the path to their destination. They were all silent for the most part, keeping constant vigilance in case anything out of the ordinary happened. There was four ninjas leading a man who was all in all their mission. The one leading the group was a silver haired Jounin, one of the more famous ninja in the hidden leaf village, Hatake Kakashi. Behind him to his left was a pink haired Kunoichi who was called Haruno Sakura, and even though she tried to hide it the other four in the group saw her throwing glances at the boy she had a crush on. He was to Kakashi rear right. His name was Uchiha Sasuke the sole surviving member of the Uchiha clan. His dull onyx eyes looked back and forth constantly. Then bringing up the rear was the loud mouthed Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto. His blond hair was spiked in random directions and was only held out of his eyes by the Hitai-ate that all of the ninja wore somewhere on their bodies. In the center of the group was Tazuna, the bridge builder from Wave country. He was their mission, he was the reason they were out here.

'Man I still can't believe I got stuck with Sasuke!' Naruto said and glared at the Uchiha.

Feeling eyes boring into the back of his head Sasuke glanced backwards at the blonde. "What are you looking at loser?" the Uchiha said lazily and Sakura quickly turned on Naruto also.

"Stop checking Sasuke out you FAG!" she yelled and Tazuna cringed from the annoying voice.

"Naruto stop stirring up trouble." Kakashi said not turning around to defend the innocent boy.

Naruto sighed at his team's behavior; it wasn't anything new to him. He already knew about the demon fox in him even though his two comrades didn't. Kakashi on the other hand resented him secretly; Naruto knew it for a fact. Sasuke was just a jerk and Sakura was always trying to impress her love, and if that meant being a bitch to Naruto then by god she was going to do it!

'Fuck my life…' Naruto thought and continued walking glaring at each member individually.

"We are going to stop here to catch our breath." Kakashi suddenly said and the three Genin dropped to the ground happily.

"We need to keep going, that faster we return the better." Tazuna said looking around anxiously.

"Chill out old man, we are tired." Naruto said laying back and he felt a couple glares shot at him.

"Respect…" Kakashi muttered.

Naruto stared at the sky and sat up suddenly when he heard the sound of kunai whistling through the air. He watched as his sensei was struck by multiple kunai with exploding tags on them.

"SENSEI!" Sakura screamed as they were blown back by the explosion.

Naruto slammed into a tree and groaned as he stood to his feet. Sasuke had reacted quickly and grabbed Tazuna before the old man could get harmed by the explosion. Sakura was pulling herself out of a prickly bush with minor cuts on her arms and legs.

"Shit…"muttered Sasuke as he dropped Tazuna to the ground and ran up in front of Naruto and he was joined by Sakura.

Suddenly three shapes detached themselves from the trees and landed in front of the trio. Before them stood chat appeared to be a team of Chuunin from Grass country. Naruto scratched the back of his head as he drew out a kunai to attack with.

"Why the hell are Grass nin out here?" Sasuke asked them and they didn't answer at all.

"Screw them Sasuke-kun let's just get rid of them." Sakura said and her voice wavered some.

Sasuke grunted and drew out several shuriken and threw them without a moment's hesitation. They whizzed at enemy team and they jumped out of the way of the metal projectiles and launched a volley of kunai at Team 7. Sasuke and Sakura threw themselves to the side and Naruto quickly blocked all of the kunai threatening to hit him or guide themselves towards Tazuna.

'Gotta protect the old man at all costs!' Naruto swore to himself and jumped up into a tree and launched himself from a branch. He flew at the team of grass ninja and he brought his hands out in front of him as though he was doing a dive. The metal kunai pointed at one of the members and Naruto began to spin. The three enemies jumped out of the way just as he slammed into the ground and before they could react a smoke bomb went off and covered the area.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

The green smoke cloud was blown away by a white cloud and when it died down 20 Naruto's stood staring at the enemy team.

"Let's go Bitches." He said mockingly and got ready to fight.

"Get out of the way loser!" Sasuke yelled as he ran through the crowd of clones and pushed Naruto down onto the ground as he ran at the Grass Chuunin. Sakura followed close behind and stuck her tongue out at Naruto and he hissed.

'Good for nothing team.' He thought to himself as he sat back and watched his team fight.

Sasuke drew out two kunai and began fighting with two of the Nin while Sakura threw herself hopelessly against the last trying to look cool for Sasuke. Naruto and his clones all winced when the Grass Nin spun around and his foot connected with her face and sent her flying. Without prompting one of his clones jumped to the side and caught her before she slammed into a tree. She groaned and clone dropped her and she winced from the action.

"Damn you Naruto!" she cursed and went to join the fight again.

Naruto shook his head and watched as Sasuke was fighting with his two opponents. The raven haired boy threw a punch at one Nin and when he ducked under it the boy spun around with a roundhouse kick and slammed his foot into the other Nin's face. Naruto watched as the ninja skipped a couple feet and came to a stop. Sasuke turned his attention back to his other opponent not paying attention to the grass Nin getting to his feet. Naruto saw that the grass ninja had a kunai in his hand and the blonde swore in anger. Sakura was being overwhelmed by her opponent and he made a split second decision.

"Alright Go!" Naruto yelled at his clones.

Sakura ducked under a punch aimed at her head and saw a grass ninja about to stab Sasuke in the neck. She did the only thing she could then, she screamed. "SASUKE!!!"

Sasuke turned and saw the arm of the grass ninja already traveling down at his face. He didn't have any time to react and just as the kunai was about to hit his face 11 boots slammed into the teens head. Sasuke watched as Naruto and his clones landed without effort and looked at him.

"Pay attention." Naruto said and turned to see his other clones fighting with Sakura's opponents.

"Shut up Loser!" Sasuke shouted and blocked a kick from his opponent while Naruto ran at his own.

Sakura was startled by Naruto's clone's sudden appearances but was somewhat thankful the boy had appeared to help her. She watched as the clones began to wail on the man and when they were done he slumped to the ground unconscious from the assault. She turned and saw Naruto and Sasuke battling it out with their opponents.

Naruto ducked under a kick and sent his foot straight up at the teens chin. The point of his boot slammed into the teens chin and sent him flying up into the sky. It was then that Naruto used the attack he had practiced with his clones so many times. The first clone bent over and another one jumped off its back. This continued and soon there was a perfect line of Naruto's in the sky leading up above the boy and they all soared and held themselves with chakra. Naruto ran and began to jump off all of his clone's backs and got higher and higher into the air and as he poured incredible amounts of chakra into his feet he jumped high into the air off of the last clones back. As he soared he saw the teen look up at him as he made a single hand seal again.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two clones appeared by him and grabbed his arm and leg. They spun in a quick circle and sent him flying at his opponent.

"Oh shit!" the teen muttered as Naruto's fist slammed into his face and sent him rocketing back down towards the earth where several of Naruto's clones sat waiting for him. They all cocked their fists back and just as the teen landed they swung out at him and sent him flying back up into the air. His body flew past Naruto and the blonde grinned as he did a few flips and fell towards the earth with his stomach facing the sky. All of his clones massed together and caught him and he felt several of the clones go up in clouds of smoke as he crushed them. Naruto dispelled the clones just as the teen crashed into the ground next to him.

The blonde looked over and saw Sasuke deliver a vicious combo towards his grass Nin. First he slammed his fist into the boy's face and dropped to his hands and feet and swung around sweeping the boys feet out from underneath him. As the boy flipped up Sasuke jumped up and did a quick flip and slammed his outstretched leg into the teens gut and sent him crashing into the ground where he laid still. Naruto looked over to where his other clones had pummeled Sakura's opponent. He rolled his eyes.

'They treat me like shit and I still save their asses.' He thought and Sasuke glared at him.

"Don't ever interrupt one of my fights, ever again!" the Uchiha shouted at him and Naruto rolled his eyes and walked towards the stunned Tazuna.

It was then that in a twirl of leaves Kakashi appeared before him and stopped him in his tracks.

'Basterd!' Naruto cursed and glared at his Sensei.

"Hmmm, well done you guys, you all handled things well…besides you Naruto." Kakashi said and looked at Naruto with his one eye.

"WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?" Naruto yelled at the silver haired man in anger.

"You rushed in without thinking then you didn't let your team mates try and fend for themselves and see how much experience they had and what they had to work on. Also you didn't even think to guard Tazuna, what if there had been a fourth enemy?" Kakashi asked and Naruto looked at him and answered simply.

"Then you should have had your annoying ass down here." With that he walked past the annoyed jounin and helped Tazuna to his feet.

"Loser…"Sasuke muttered.

"Always getting in the way!"Sakura exclaimed and walked over and stood by Sasuke.

"Besides it was a test to see how you guys would do if I was killed and Naruto you acted to brash, you must think no matter what the circumstances." Kakashi said shaking his head at the blond.

Tazuna sighed as the team assaulted the blond boy yet again and understood the boy's hidden sadness. Naruto started to walk onwards ignoring the icy stares he felt directed at his back. 'I hate my team…' he thought solemnly as he walked.

'I hate him…' Sasuke thought as he looked at the blondes back.

'He is so annoying…' Sakura cursed in her mind.

'Why was he put on my team?' Kakashi complained to himself.


They had walked for about an hour when suddenly Naruto felt something was out of place. He turned and looked at his team who stared at him dully as though to say "What do you want loser?" He was about to roll his eyes when he heard a slight noise that his sensitive ears picked up. He acted with swiftness that amazed his team. In a blur he had released a kunai into a tree and waited for an enemy to fall out but was shocked when a simple branch fell out. He looked at his team who was glaring at him in anger.

"You loser…"Sasuke muttered and Naruto didn't bother responding.

The blond turned and began walking again and was at Tazuna's side when he heard the whistling. He quickly dropped to the ground grabbing Tazuna's shoulder as he did so, taking the old man with him. Just as they hit the ground a large sword imbedded itself in the tree they were standing next to. Naruto rolled over and jumped to his feet and drew out a kunai while the rest of his team had done the same.

"Is this another test Sensei?" Sakura asked as she looked around wildly.

"No…this is real, be on guard." Kakashi said as he looked around.

"Ha-ha!" a low chuckle came from a tree above Naruto and he watched as a shape detached itself from a branch and landed on the sword. Naruto took a quick step back and observed the man in front of him. He had on a pair of loose black pants and no shirt. He had very defined muscles and Naruto could tell right away that he could use the sword he was standing on perfectly. Around his jaw were bandages that only allowed his upper face show. Then n his forehead a headband sat crooked and his black spiky hair hung over the side of it.

"Team 7 careful…" Kakashi muttered and two of the three genin's nodded.

Naruto already knew that the caution was meant for Sakura and Sasuke so he paid attention to himself instead.

"Ahh it's the ever so famous copy-cat Kakashi!" Zabuza exclaimed as he flipped off his sword and leaned against the hilt.

"Zabuza, the demon of the mist…you're A-ranked Missing Nin from the Hidden Mist Village." Kakashi said as he made sure his two students were behind him.

Naruto watched as Zabuza pulled the sword, which was stuck in the tree rather deep, out with no effort. Naruto immediately went on guard to fight off the ninja.

"Naruto do not fail again, guard our package!" Kakashi yelled at him and the blonde sighed angrily.

"So I am no suppose to help why?" he demanded and Kakashi replied simply.

"Because me, Sasuke, and Sakura can handle this fairly easy." He said and Naruto glared at him.

Naruto ground his teeth together and grabbed Tazuna's hand and pulled him away from the fight. He ran for about twenty yards when he stopped and began to observe the fight with interest. 'He wants Sakura to fight instead of me! Fuck my life…' he swore to himself and watched as Zabuza made the first move of the fight.

The Mist ninja ran at Kakashi with amazing speed and as he threatened to swing and decapitate the jounin he suddenly turned and brought his blade down at Sasuke. Naruto watched as the raven haired boy froze as Zabuza released a wave of killing intent as he brought the blade down at the teen. Kakashi acted without hesitation and appeared in front of Sasuke holding Zabuza's blade off with his kunai. Kakashi brought his leg around behind him and threw Sasuke to the side and jumped out of the way allowing Zabuza's giant blade to slam into the ground. Naruto felt the ground vibrate a little bit from the blow and winced. If that hit anyone they would have been dead. Naruto looked over at Kakashi and saw that his kunai was cracked along the blade, the spider webs slowly inching their way across the weapon until it cracked and Kakashi dropped the now useless weapon to the ground.

Naruto watched as Zabuza chuckled lightly and rested his sword on his shoulder. "Hmmm, so I see this will be like a game of cat and mouse then eh?" the mist ninja said and formed a simple set of hand seals faster than Naruto had seen anyone else do before. Zabuza slammed his hands together finally and looked up and grinned.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu!"

Suddenly mist slowly began to seep in from the woods and smothered the area, making eyesight nigh impossible. Naruto grabbed Tazuna's hand and pulled the man closer to him so he could speak in his ear. "Listen up I'm going to have a clone watch after you, don't move got it?" he asked and he felt Tazuna nod.

Naruto formed a cross and whispered quietly.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

A clone appeared out of nowhere and the mist around it swirled.Naruto had the clone latch on to Tazuna before slipping off to join the fight, not because he wanted to protect anyone, but because it was his duty as a Konoha shinobi. Naruto quietly made his way along the grass and closed his eyes to focus and he heard a whistling noise coming towards him. He jumped out of the way as the area he just stood exploded and sent chunks of dirt flying in all directions. Naruto saw mist swirling around the body of Zabuza and Naruto cursed. He ran to his left and crashed into something.

"What the hell? Naruto!" Kakashi yelled and Naruto jumped away quickly.

"What are you doing here loser, you're supposed to be guarding the package." Sasuke said angrily and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"I should be out here fighting not Sakura; she is so weak it's pathetic." Naruto said and he heard Sakura growl angrily.

"Don't get in the way!" Kakashi said and pushed Naruto aside.

The blond clenched his fists and drew out a kunai and held it in front of him while Kakashi slowly leaned over towards Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke care to heat things up for us…?" the jounin said and Sasuke smirked as he made a quick set of hand seals. He took a deep breath and launched his attack straight out in front of him.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

The fire ball lit up the blind conditions and roared away. It didn't take long for the mist to immediately start to evaporate from the heat. After a few seconds Naruto could finally see his own hand again and looked over at his 'Team'. They were glaring at him and he ignored the looks and looked over to find Zabuza staring at them lazily.

"Took you losers long enough." The mist ninja said as he did a quick back flip and landed lightly on the small lake that had been near them. Naruto watched as Zabuza started making hand seals and slammed the last one together.

"Suiton: Mizu no Muchi!"

A whip of water rose up from Zabuza's side and swirled around him before lashing out and speeding towards the team. Naruto and Sasuke jumped out of the way while Kakashi brought up a kunai and tried to block the attack but wasn't so lucky. The water whip hit the kunai and split into two ends that wrapped around the jounin. Kakashi realized the danger to late and the water whip yanked him backwards and he flew towards Zabuza with startling speeds. Zabuza cocked his fist back and punched Kakashi square in the face and sent him flying high up into the air. As the silver haired man flew the water whip still held on to him and when he was about 200 feet up in the air it pulled him back down and slammed him into the surface of the lake sending large waves in all directions.

"Hehe whip lash…" Zabuza muttered and watched as Kakashi dragged himself out of the water. The man was sputtering and his clothes were soaked.

"The dumb ass!" Naruto cursed and Sasuke grunted in annoyance.

They watched as Zabuza made a few more handseals and they couldn't hear what he said but suddenly Kakashi was inside of a water bubble that there was no escape from. Zabuza looked at them lazily before speaking.

"Yo, your shits in my water!" the mist ninja said and Naruto sighed.

"Your too old for that dude…" the blond muttered and Zabuza chuckled.

"I'm only 23 actually…but either way I take that as a rude comment." He said and Naruto shrugged.

"As though I care, go and take your lame sayings and shove it up your ass." Naruto said and got into a fighting stance.

"Ha you think you're so-"Zabuza began.

"DO IT!" Naruto yelled and Zabuza stopped speaking. "DO IT NOW MOTHER FUCKER! BRING ME A KUNAI AND I"LL DO IT FOR YOU!" Naruto screamed and his team stared at him in shock.

"Kid, I'm gonna kick your ass."Zabuza said as he held his sword up in front of him.

"Well I'm gonna shove my foot up yours sideways…"Naruto mumbled and ran at Zabuza. He got to the edge of the lake when he realized two things. First, he couldn't walk much less fight on water yet. Second, Zabuza's attacks were water based.

"Well this isn't gonna feel good…"Naruto muttered as a large ball of water slammed into him.

"Suiton: Suidama!"

Naruto hit the ground and skipped backwards several feet and finally skidded to a stop. He groaned and slowly rolled to his feet and stared at Zabuza who was obviously smirking in triumph. Naruto reached into his pocket and drew out a kunai and ran up to Sasuke and got ready to fight.

"What do you want loser?" the Uchiha said darkly and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"We need to work together to get out of this mess." Naruto said and Sasuke shook his head.

"I can do this just fine by myself." He said and drew out an oversized shuriken and threw it at Zabuza. It whirled at the man and Naruto watched as Zabuza simply leaned out of the way ad let the shuriken pass him by harmlessly. Sasuke grinned and yanked his hand back and the shuriken changed direction and came whizzing at Zabuza from behind. The mist ninja turned and swore as he jumped out of the way of the large weapon losing concentration on Kakashi's water prison. The jounin fell to the surface of the water coughing and sputtering as Zabuza watched him with interest.

"Hmmm, let's see if I can beat the shit out of Kakashi." The mist ninja muttered and waited for the jounin to prepare himself to fight.

Kakashi slowly got to his feet and looked over at the Genin. "Good job Sasuke, watch over everyone else since Naruto doesn't know how to. I will take care of things here." With that Kakashi reached up and removed his Hitai-ate from his eye and Sasuke gasped at what he saw. His clans Sharingan and Kakashi was baring it as though he was an Uchiha.

"How the hell…"Sasuke began but Kakashi cut him off.

"Another story for another time." The jounin said and watched as Zabuza began to make some hand seals.

Sasuke watched as the two ninja began to battle and turned towards Naruto. "You heard what Kaka-"


Sasuke was sent skidding across the ground and came to a stop when Sakura fell to her knees and held him. Sasuke looked up in shock to find Naruto staring at him dully his fist outstretched.

"NARUTO!!!" Sakura screamed and Naruto ignored her.

"You loser how dare you hit me!" Sasuke yelled and Naruto shrugged.

"Well you want to do what you want then I'll do what I want."Naruto said and Sasuke jumped to his feet seething.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean loser!"

"Why do you think Konoha has ninja teams? So that they can work together to get a mission done smoothly. If they wanted a person like you to act alone then they wouldn't have put you on a team now would they!" Naruto yelled at him and the Uchiha stared at him darkly.

"Not everyone is on a team loser." Was all Sasuke could think of.

"Yeah, if their doing a mission where stealth and large numbers aren't available. Even Itachi was on a team…"Naruto finished knowing that would get to Sasuke more than anything else.

"Don't you dare to ever say my brother's name again you piece of shit loser!" Sasuke yelled and was about to slug Naruto when Kakashi's voice stopped him.

"Sasuke don't waste your time on him; focus on the task at hand! We will deal with his actions later." Kakashi yelled as he created a water dragon just as Zabuza did.

Naruto watched as Sakura and Sasuke sauntered off towards Tazuna who had seen the whole ordeal and had sided with Naruto on the matter. 'Poor kid…' the old man thought.

'Fuck my life…' Naruto sighed angrily and began walking towards his team… even though they really weren't. As he walked he felt a sudden presence and looked up in a tree to find someone hidden in the leaves. The person noticed that he saw them and was about to do something when he shrugged and winked at them and continued walking. The person in the trees saw his lips moving and knew he was speaking to them.

"Do as you please." Was all he said and walked past?

Naruto chuckled inwardly; if his team was going to be a bitch to him now then they would have to deal with the consequences he guessed. He listened as the ninja he had ignored acted swiftly and interrupted Kakashi's battle.

Zabuza had succeeded in getting a hit on Kakashi when he performed the hidden mist technique again and nailed the jounin with a water dragon. Now Naruto watched as several Senbons stopped Kakashi as he brought his hand out in front of him to use some type of attack. The Senbons had hit all of the points in Kakashi's arm that would make it go numb and make it useless. Naruto watched as the figure he saw dropped from a tree and landed next to Zabuza and he grinned wildly.

"Oh you bitches are dead, meet Haku!" the Mist ninja laughed and Kakashi jumped back worriedly.

"Master…we cannot fight anymore we have our orders, let us go." The ninja said and Naruto took in their features. They had long black hair that was in a braid and a pair of shorts that looked like a skirt. Their shirt hung over the shorts making the whole thing look like a dress, but that wasn't what stuck out to Naruto the most, no… the thing that really stood out was the mask they were wearing. It was pure white with six vertical red stripes going through it and a pair of horns emerging from the forehead. The eyes were crazy yellow and Naruto shuddered at the grotesque image.

Zabuza chuckled as Haku grabbed his shoulder and they disappeared in a swirl of what looked like mist but Naruto watched as it sparkled before fading away. He sighed in relief, that threat was now gone. He turned and began walking when he suddenly heard Kakashi's voice stop him cold.

"Naruto…you're in some serious trouble for what you did."

'Fuck my Life…' Naruto thought for what seemed like the tenth time that day.

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Jutsu's Dictionary

Kirigakure no Jutsu = Silent Homicide Technique

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Shadow Clone Technique

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu = Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique

Suiton: Suidama = Water Release: Water Ball

Suiton: Mizu no Muchi = Water Release: Water Whip