Chapter 3: The Lost Emotion Part 1

Rise of Uzugakure

"NOW YOU DIE MORTAL!" The Kyūbi roared and threw itself at the cage and at Naruto. It's fangs were bared, saliva dripping from its eager mouth. The fox's eyes were wide with gleeful bloodlust; the red seemed to shine brightly. The Kyūbi slammed into the cage with its shoulder causing the entire room to shake, and the metal bars to swing open and slam into the walls where they melted and became nothing.

Naruto stared at the giant fox in awe, a fearful awe. The Kyūbi emerged from the cage in a crouch, prepared to pounce on the blonde and get revenge for its imprisonment for the least 15 years. The beast was huge compared to Naruto and seemed like the room they were in expanded and warped until they were surrounded by white wall, the water that had originally been there was gone and in its place was a white marble floor. Naruto took a step back as he stared at the demon, its orange fur rippled, its white claws dug into the ground and the fox snarled at Naruto.

"I've waited for this day for 15 years… the day that I would be able to rip you apart!" The Kyūbi roared and raised its giant paw and brought it down on Naruto. It whistled as it flew through the air, and Naruto felt the wind under the paw pushed downwards, forcing him to cover his face with both arms to protect his face.

"Don't just stand there!" he heard a voice scream and then before he could respond he was hit hard from the side and he and whatever hit him went rolling to the right, just in time to dodge the Kyūbi's claw that slammed into the ground where he had once stood, destroying the marble. Naruto coughed as he opened his eyes and looked around, slightly confused as to what was going on. As he looked around his gaze fell upon his uncle who was crouched and staring at the giant fox, his sword drawn and held out to his left with one hand while his right was down on the ground supporting him so he could jump anyway faster.

"Thanks…"Naruto muttered as he got to his feet and stood behind Zabuza in a loose fighting style, ready to dodge anymore attacks that the Kyūbi might try to use. "So tell me…" Naruto said as he watched the Kyūbi swivel its head and glare at both of the Uzumaki. "How are we going to beat it?" Naruto asked and Zabuza snorted and jumped high in the air, but not before answering Naruto.

"We're not!" he roared and started making hand seals quickly. He landed on the serpent seal and bellowed as the marble floor began to crack and mist began to seep upward from the marble. The mist spread across the ground and began to rise steadily until it submerged the lower half of the room. Naruto cursed as his vision was obscured, he hadn't used the Mist technique for what seemed like forever and he wasn't prepared to fight a giant demon in it right now.

"We just have to hold him back for 20 minutes remember?" Zabuza whispered behind him suddenly and Naruto slightly stiffened out of shock. The man was a master at using this technique and of course he could sneak up behind Naruto…in his own mindscape. "I was only able to obscure the lower half of the room but that gives us an advantage… the Kyūbi is high above the mist, the only thing that is blocked from view are his claws and lower legs and body but most importantly…us." Zabuza finished and Naruto nodded, not knowing if the man could sense that he had just done so.

"How long have we been in here since I released the Kyūbi?" Naruto asked in a hushed voice. He felt the ground shake as the Kyūbi roared furiously and slammed a clawed hand down looking for them.

"2 minutes… this mist might keep us from his view for maybe 5 minutes…" Zabuza muttered and grabbed Naruto and ran, in which direction Naruto wasn't sure but he knew that it was away from the demon.

"FACE ME YOU WORTHLESS SCUM! MY TEETH NEED CLEANSING AND YOUR BLOOD WILL MAKE THEM GLEAM!" Kyūbi roared and Naruto wasn't able to see it but the beast raised its right arm and swung it diagonally, scattering the mist. What Naruto did know is that he and Zabuza were sent hurtling towards the ground and the mist around them swirled wildly before it was blown away, revealing their position.

"Or it might not last at all!" Zabuza roared as he rolled to his feet and ran towards the Kyūbi. The fox snarled and brought is claw down on the man, or at least tried to. Zabuza, seeing the threat jumped backwards, narrowly avoiding the claw that slammed into the ground making it shake. The man teetered for a second before he dived forward and landed on the fox's claw and stabbed his sword into Kyūbi's claw; all the way up to the hilt.

"AHH!" The Kyūbi roared in agony and lifted its paw and brought it to its mouth, ready to eat Zabuza alive. Naruto watched as Zabuza quickly began making hand seals again and as the demons jaws opened wide, its teeth gleaming, a funnel of water formed behind Zabuza and exploded outwards, straight into Kyūbi's mouth and down its throat doing a good amount of damage.

"Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu!"

The man roared the techniques name as he grabbed the hilt of his sword and ripped it free of the demons paw and dived forward and spun in mid air until he came down on the Kyūbi's, now closed, snout and landed on its nose. Zabuza proceeded to raise his sword high and was about to slam it into the demons nose but the Kyūbi growled darkly and flicked its claw, which was already near its face, at Zabuza and managed to hit the man that was annoying it.

"Shit! Zabuza!" Naruto roared as the man flew towards the ground at speeds that would make Gai jealous. Naruto could only watch as Zabuza smashed into the ground, destroying the marble beneath him and creating a crater filled with destroyed rock. Naruto dashed forward, watching the Kyūbi out of the corner of his eye. The demon was licking its injured claw and glaring at the blonde, blood dripping from its wounded mouth which would most likely heal within the next few seconds. Naruto drew close to his injured uncle and fell to his knees, sliding across the marble and to the edge of the crater.

"Are you dead down there?" Naruto asked with a shaky voice and he heard a groan of protest. He watched as Zabuza pushed a large chunk of marble off himself and slowly rolled over and got on one knee. Blood was pouring from deep gouges on his chest and arms, a splinter or stake of marble was speared through his calf and his sword was embedded deep within the rock.

"I'm done kid… he might actually kill me in here…" Zabuza said and coughed up some blood and gave Naruto a thumb up. "I wasted 5 minutes though… you just got to hold him back for 11 more got it?" Zabuza said his body faded from view followed shortly by his sword. Naruto groaned as he turned back to the giant demon that was grinning at him like the fox it was.

"I fucking hate you!" Naruto growled and the Kyūbi chuckled darkly.

"I think I will toy with you and enjoy your anguished cries and pleas for mercy!" Kyūbi roared and reared its head back and a ball of fire began to form in front of the demons mouth, fueled by a steady flame that seemed to stream from the back of the demons throat. As the Kyūbi prepared its attack Naruto stared at the demon in pure shock.

The rat bastard doesn't know! Naruto thought with glee as he got ready to dodge the attack. Too bad I'll die despite that fact… I know exactly what attack he's about to use… Naruto finished with a sad look. He had watched the Kyūbi turn a Bijū entirely into glass with the attack it was about to use, the giant ball of flaming destruction would make short work of the blonde.

"Worry not…my son."

Naruto stiffened as he heard the voice, and stared at the Kyūbi in horror as the demon shot its head forward, launching a large fireball at Naruto's frozen form. A grin was wide on Kyūbi's face as he saw Naruto's horror struck face and could sense the despair and fear radiating from the boy.

"Oni Katon: Nagareboshi!"

"Still being a nuisance I see Kyūbi." A soft feminine voice said and as soon as the last word was said a woman appeared in front of Naruto and raised her palm, catching the giant ball of flames. The Kyūbi roared in anger as its attack was halted from destroying its target, and Naruto was assisted by yet another person. "Can I ask you for a few moments of Naruto's time?" the women asked and the Kyūbi response was to jump at her, claws outstretched, prepared to rip her to shreds.

"I see…" she muttered and lowered her head sorrowfully.

"What the hell?" Naruto muttered.

"SIT YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING EXCUSE OF A FOX!" the women screamed and black chains erupted from the walls, floor, and ceiling and impaled Kyūbi's body, holding it in place. "We'll be right back." She said and turned towards Naruto and smiled. "Won't we?"


Konohagakure, Hokage Office
10:01 AM

"…That's a very funny joke Jiraiya, now why are you here?" The Hokage asked as he stared at his student with a serious and weary look. His hands were clasped together in front of his face, his elbows on the desk he was sitting at. Jiraiya stood in front of him, as hands crossed in front of him, a somewhat impatient look on his face.

"Sarutobi-sensei…" Jiraiya muttered and chuckled. "You know I'm as serious as I can be in this situation. We know Orochimaru wants to take over Sasuke's body and his last body exchange was shortly after the Chūnin exams which means…" Jiraiya trailed off, the unsaid ending hanging in the air where the Hokage snatched it and said it.

"We have 2 years left to stop him before he gets his hands on…. The Sharingan." The Hokage muttered and he let a tired sigh escape his lungs and he closed his eyes. "Jiraiya… I'm ashamed to say it but some of our best ninja have already searched for Naruto and none have found him. I even have heard rumors that Kakashi has looked for the boy…" The Hokage muttered and Jiraiya shrugged his eyes closing, and his face one of boredom.

"Eh, I think I have a good idea of where to look. The boy is a Suiton user right? There are only a few places he could go… that he would go. We know that he's traveling to with Momoichi Zabuza also so that limits that places even more." Jiraiya said and rubbed his left eye and yawned. "And if he isn't working on his water jutsu then he's bound to be in the Land on Iron mastering his Kenjutsu and learning a shit load more." Jiraiya said and the Hokage nodded, thinking about the information that Jiraiya had just presented.

The old man let out a sigh as he realized he was getting into a mess that was sure to give him a headache that put all others to glorious shame. "Let's say you're right. Let's say Naruto is in one of these other villages…what makes you sure that other ninja from our village haven't already checked these places out?" The Hokage asked and Jiraiya chuckled lightly.

The white haired Sannin looked at his sensei with a look of disbelief and laughed a bit louder. "You're an old fool sensei!" Jiraiya accused and slapped his forehead, punishing himself for holding his sensei in such high regard. "This is the boy who painted the entire Hokage monument without ninja noticing him, ran from Genin, Chūnin, Jōnin, and even ANBU sometimes and was never caught, the boy who was able to sneak into the Hokage's house and steal the Forbidden Scroll of Secrets!" Jiraiya bellowed and the Hokage sighed as he realized where this was going. "What makes you think he couldn't hide from some stupid ninja out for his head?" Jiraiya asked, all his playfulness gone suddenly, replaced by coldness.

"I guess you're right… but still, even if I gave you the go ahead, I must confer with the council…" The Hokage muttered and Jiraiya snorted.

"Then let us go. I wish to leave later today if possible, the sooner we get rid of Sasuke the better." Jiraiya said and turned on his heel and walked from the office, the exasperated Hokage behind him.


Konohagakure, Council Chambers
10:58 AM

"What an outrageous claim! You called us here for that?" A civilian council member cried in outrage, his face flushed as he found out that he was called in for a sudden meeting for Jiraiya's request. The Sannin was standing in the middle of the chambers; the Clan heads, minus Inoichi who stood next to him, were on his right, the civilian council was to his left, and straight in front of him was The Hokage, Koharu, and Homura.

"Sensei… why is the civilian council here again?" Jiraiya asked with a bored look. He reached up with his right hand and with a sigh he scratched the inside of his ear with his pinky, ignoring the civilian who shouted. "They like to complicate things for us." He muttered and Inoichi grunted in agreement.

"This is a matter that affects us all. If we go on with your request then the civilians will lose someone akin to a role model to them. Everyone in this village loves the Uchiha." Danzō said as he stared at Jiraiya with his single eye, his voice was emotionless, his face completely blank. It almost made him seem as though he wasn't biased to the whole situation.

"Ah, role model my ass!" Jiraiya said and crossed his arms and pointed at a random civilian, a woman with shoulder length brown hair. "You want your son to look up to a rapist?" he asked and turned to the man next to him. "And do you want your daughter to hang out with the boy who looks up to a rapist and will follow in his footsteps?" he asked and watched as the two civilians mouths opened and closed and remained that way.

"Back to your request!" Homura snapped; her eyes boring into Inoichi's as she spoke. "We will not allow you to leave. We will organize special teams to retrieve Uchiha Sasuke; we won't waste your time in finding him." She said and Jiraiya chuckled lightly and looked at Inoichi.

"They won't waste my time eh?" he said and Inoichi chuckled darkly in response. "Woman I got nothing but time for a traitorous rapist!" Jiraiya roared at Homura and she promptly sniffed and raised her chin, as though she was dismissing Jiraiya's statement as nothing more than trash. "Besides, like I already stated!" the white haired man said and looked at his sensei who was looking at Jiraiya, with a glazed look showing that he was slightly detached from the proceedings. "We are also going to find Naruto and have him help us." Jiraiya said and his statement caught the attention of a few people gathered in the room.

"Going to snare the fox eh? About time we went after him!" a fat civilian said and chuckled, his laugh making Jiraiya scowl. "Been nothing but trouble, what, with his accusations against Sasuke and others!" the man exclaimed and began coughing into his sleeve from laughing.

"What do you propose to do with Naruto when you find him may I ask?" Homura asked with distaste, the name making bile rise in her throat, or it seemed that way. "Bring him back to the village? He won't last a day within these walls before he is torn apart." She said matter-of-factly.

"Oh no!" Inoichi exclaimed, speaking up for the first time. "We plan to ask for his help in fighting Sasuke. If you remember correctly… Orochimaru has an elite guard and Kabuto, me and Jiraiya will have to fight against them as it is. We are going to ask Naruto to finish what he started back at the Chūnin exams and also before he left." Inoichi said and after he finished speaking he heard several cries of disbelief and protest.

"Silence!" The Hokage said with a sigh, his hand resting on the side of his face as he looked at Jiraiya. He had already heard the proposal but he had to still act business like and get answers for everyone who didn't know already. "What do you plan to do with Naruto after you finish with Orochimaru and Sasuke?" The Hokage asked curiously. Jiraiya had never told him about the 'what happens now'.

"We go our separate ways." Jiraiya said with a shrug. "I doubt he wants to come back, he has stayed away for a year, and I don't think I have the strength to kill my student, who has done nothing wrong." Jiraiya said and looked towards Inoichi who was nodding in agreement, his face still dark and his eyes focused on Homura.

"I won't raise a hand against the boy either. If he fights for my daughter then he hasn't done anything wrong to me… he treated her with respect while he was here and so I can only assume that he isn't hell bent on destroying our village so he can't be a real threat." Inoichi spoke and someone cleared their throat commanding the attention of several people.

"I agree with Inoichi, Naruto doesn't seem like the type to try to destroy his home village. The only thing that concerns me is that another village may get their hands on him and due to what he holds…" Danzō said letting the rest of the sentence hang in the air, letting everyone else make their own assumptions.

"I say you guys go and search for both Naruto and Sasuke and bring them back…" Inuzuka Tsume growled from her spot, getting the attention of everyone. No one from the clan side had spoken up in the matter but now it seemed as though they were offering their input. "I know Naruto can be a little fierce, he reminds me of my clansmen! He is loyal…or was until we messed up but still he has had a year to get revenge on us and honestly…" Tsume said and with a throaty chuckle that sounded more like a growl. "We all know that he jumps into things without giving much thought on the matter." She said and she heard a few people laugh and agree with her.

"If he was going to get his revenge he would have done it by now. Besides there are people in this village who he still loves so I doubt that he will try to destroy us. Sasuke on the other hand… he needs to be killed or placed in the most secure prison that we can offer. I say we lock him in the basement of a Clan Compound like the Hyūga's." Tsume finished with a growl and many people looked at her curiously and then their attention shifted to Hiashi to see what he would say.

"I must ask, Tsume, why do you propose that he be locked within my compounds basement?" Hiashi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Cause you guys wouldn't waste time poking that bastard in the heart and ending his existence. Don't try to say you guys don't hate the Uchiha." Tsume said and grinned at Hiashi. "Unless you have some positive feelings towards Sasuke?" she asked and Hiashi's face, which was already blank, seemed to become even blanker, almost pale at the thought of liking Sasuke.

"No… no I do not." He muttered and Tsume laughed at his expression.

"Neither do I. But I must ask… why do we feel the need to unleash Uzumaki Naruto upon the boy? Does he deserve such punishment?" Aburame Shiba asked in his emotionless and calculating tone. Many people were shocked to hear the man speak up but Jiraiya wasted no time in answering his question.

"Ok we don't have enough time to answer every question in existence right now, no offense to you Shiba since you bring up a good point. Bottom line is this." Jiraiya said and looked at everyone. "Sasuke went to Orochimaru who is going to take his body and acquire the Sharingan. I want one person in here to try and tell me that Sasuke can beat Orochimaru." Jiraiya challenged and he heard no one try to defend the Uchiha boy and so he continued. "You guys thank Sasuke is strong and the Sharingan is the village's most powerful weapon? Imagine what happens when the man that hates our village, more than the Kyūbi does, acquire it! We are dead. Bottom line." Jiraiya said and he saw many pale and heard many gasps.

"Are you sure about this?" Shikaku asked and Jiraiya chuckled.

"Yes, Orochimaru wants that, he said as much a year ago…which reminds me, he will take Sasuke's body in two years. We have never been able to find and capture Orochimaru in the last 20 years so what makes us think we can do it in these next 2? Here's what. A blonde who never gives up, a father who wants revenge and me… who wants to rid this earth of a traitorous team mate. That's why we release Naruto upon Sasuke! He won't give up, especially when he hears about what the brat did to Ino!" Jiraiya said and he saw a few nods on the civilian side, surprisingly, and all of the clan heads nodded.

"Okay Jiraiya, your request sounds reasonable. But Inoichi… if you leave who will take your place?" The Hokage asked warily, already dreading the answer.

"Isumi." Inoichi spoke and many people paled.

"No…not again!" a civilian whispered in horror, a hand unconsciously reaching up and touching his cheek where he had been hit by a frying pan by the blonde woman.

"Alright… you may try to find Naruto and Sasuke but I warn you!" The Hokage said and Jiraiya cocked his head at him. "If I get any complaints from another village when Naruto goes berserk, its coming out of your hide! Am I clear?" The Hokage demanded.

"Hai!" Jiraiya said with an amused expression.

"Hai!" Inoichi said darkly. Who knows if Naruto will even be able to get a piece of Sasuke when the time comes? The man thought as he pictured himself tearing into the raven haired teen. Soon Ino… soon you will be avenged!


"Who are you?" Naruto whispered and looked around wildly, the sound of Kyūbi's growls were gone, and in fact everything was gone. There was nothing but pure white now, no walls no floor nor was there a ceiling. Naruto looked back towards the women and took in her features carefully trying to see if he recognized her. Red hair that hung down past her shoulders, down to her lower back and looked silky soft. She wore a red dress that was tied around her waist with a black belt and her eyes were a deep green. She looked to be in her twenties, not much older than Zabuza in fact. "Where are we?" he whispered and the woman giggled into her hand that she brought up to her mouth.

"Naruto…" she said and cocked her head at him. "You don't know who I am?" she asked in a playful tone and took a step towards him, and he took a step back. The woman paused, a hurt look crossing her face for a second before she sighed.

"I guess you wouldn't know…" she whispered sadly. She looked at Naruto, her eyes piercing his and Naruto froze, a warm feeling flooding through him. He had seen those eyes before; sometime in the past those eyes had looked upon him with the same kindness. Naruto took a hesitant step forward and he felt the warmth grow and soon in his mind a picture began to form. A women holding him and smiling, but he only saw her green eyes. "Are you recognizing me now?" she asked in a hopeful tone.

"I… I've seen you before…in my past…" he whispered and took another step forward so that they were only a few feet apart. A face appeared in his mind and he saw himself, small, swaddled in blankets, his small arms waving. "No…" he whispered as a word began to form in his mind. "It can't be….your dead!" he said and froze but the warmth stayed within him, still touched every part of his body and beckoned him forward.

"Yes Naruto, I'm your mother." Kushina said as she smiled at her son. She swooped forward and wrapped her arms around Naruto's stiff form, making the boy stare over her shoulder at the white nothingness in shock.

"M-mother?" he asked as tears formed in the corner of his eyes. Kushina laughed and took a step back her hands on his shoulders still. He was the same height as her, maybe a bit taller, but still she held him as though he was smaller than her. She smiled brightly at him, showing her pearly white teeth.

"The one and only!" she said and stepped back and placed her hands behind her back nervously. "So… I see you're fighting the Kyūbi eh?" she asked and Naruto nodded slowly before he shook his head.

"How are you here?" he asked as he wiped away at his tears furiously, trying to hide his embarrassment. "How long?" he asked and Kushina shrugged and looked at her imaginary watch, making her son laugh slightly.

"I don't know, an hour, a year, forever?" she muttered and raised her hands. "I guess for awhile…" she said and Naruto nodded and looked away hesitantly. "What is it?" she asked and he shook his head sadly and stared at her.

"I wish you had come maybe 5 or six minutes ago… he muttered and she stared at him curiously, her green eyes shining.

"Why's that?" she asked and Naruto hesitated before he answered his mother.

"Zabuza was here…fighting the Kyūbi with me." He said and he watched at Kushina stiffened at the mention of her brother. She stared at Naruto in disbelief and brought her right hand up and rested it on her heart.

"Zabi-chan was…" she whispered and tears formed in her eyes. "I thought he was dead." She whispered and wiped her tears away as they began to flow. "Oh well… I guess if you snooze you lose!" she said half heartedly and Naruto shook his head.

"I…I can tell him anything you might want to say. But first, I want to be selfish!" the blonde boy said with a chuckle and ran forward and hugged his mother tightly again, enjoying her embrace as she wrapped her arms around him. "H-how did you…d-die?" Naruto sobbed into her shoulder and Kushina brought a hand up and stroked his head softly, trying to ease his pain.

"When the Kyūbi attacked… you had to become the host for the demon… I was there when Kyūbi was being sealed, watching over you. I was prepared to grab you after the demon was sealed but… something happened. Before the Kyūbi was entirely sealed away… he tried to kill you, he came so close but… I-I…I threw myself in front of the fox's attack and Kami smiled upon me that day. I was able to deflect the attack but in the process I died and was caught in the cross fire of the sealing and was also sealed away." Kushina whispered into his hair as she kept rubbing it affectionately.

"Thank you… thank you…" Naruto whispered as tears continued to soak her shoulder. He had never been able to cry on someone's shoulder like this… he finally had the chance to do so with his mother. "My life has sucked… but… Zabuza he helped me!" Naruto whispered and pulled away from his mothers shoulder and wiped his tears away with the back of his right hand.

"He better be!" Kushina said with a small laugh and wiped her own tears away. "…Naruto… you asked how much time I had here? I lied… I only have a small amount of time and in that time I want to tell you some things." Kushina said and Naruto nodded and followed his mom's lead as she sat down on the white floor that really didn't exist.

"What is it?" Naruto asked and Kushina laughed and looked at him.

"I fear that you'll have to fight a demon within yourself one day, its powerful but-"Kushina began but she was interrupted by Naruto's sudden laughter. "What's so funny!" she yelled and was about to punch Naruto when he slowly began to stop laughing until he was able to speak again.

"I already fought that demon! His name was Shi and he explained everything to me… you were one of the only 2 female Uzumaki to beat their demon!" Naruto exclaimed and his mom smiled as he started talking about how cool that was.

"Naruto, we don't have much time." She said and patted him on the shoulder. "I know it's awesome but it's even cooler that you were the first and only male to ever beat his inner demon. Now, when you beat your demon did it offer you power? Did you absorb it?" Kushina asked and Naruto shrugged.

"Nah, I got something cooler instead… but I don't want to take it out… its… a big secret." Naruto said and stared at the ground for a bit.

"Really?" Kushina asked curiously and Naruto laughed.

"Nah!" He exclaimed and jumped to his feet. He held his hand out and waited for Ranjin to appear…but it didn't. He stared at his open palm, as did his mother, with confusion. "Ok…never mind it didn't work." He muttered and sat down.

"What was supposed to happen? I can see the markings on your hand and everything but…" Kushina muttered as she stared at her son's palm. He green eyes tried to figure it out but she couldn't come up with an answer.

"I got a sword, pretty awesome sword. The Ranjin! It choose me for some reason and then I absorbed Shi into the sword." Naruto said as he sat down and Kushina stared at him, mouth slightly open in shock. The women shook her head in disbelief and put her fingers on her forehead as she laughed lightly.

"Well, then… I guess I can move on to the next thing. If you've been with Zabuza then you know about your heritage and title?" she asked and after Naruto nodded she continued. "Okay… well the final two things that I need to tell you are these. First off do you know that our clan has a bloodline?" Kushina asked and watched as Naruto stiffened and stared at her in shock.

"Wh-what?" he exclaimed, a look of pure shock crossing his face. Kushina chuckled lightly at his expression and nodded.

"Yes, we have the ability to use Ranton jutsu, the Storm Release Bloodline. Very powerful, but hard to control. I'd give you a huge lesson on it and tell you to be careful and everything but Zabuza should know where the Clan scrolls are… I want you to read everything, everything!" she said seriously and Naruto nodded, allowing her to continue. "Second… I want to ask you a huge favor. Tell Zabuza… tell him that… tell him that I love him and that I forgive him. I know he never meant what he said and that it didn't burden me when I died and I regret saying anything I ever said to him. If he doesn't believe you tell him that I said… 'I love you Zabi-chan, try not to cut your head off with your stupid sword!'" Kushina said with a chuckle and Naruto laughed.

"Actually… he's a part of the Seven Swordsmen, or well he used to be until a bunch of drama happened. Then we met up and here we go." Naruto said with a chuckle and laid back and stared at the nothingness. "I have so much to tell and ask you…where I should start I don't know…" Naruto muttered.

Kushina smiled at her son and was about to shift her feet when she found that they were unresponsive. The women looked down and her heart broke when she saw that her legs were transparent and were fading. "Naruto…" she whispered.

"Oh, I should tell you about what I was able to do! I was able to master the Yondaime's technique in 22 days! The Rasengan it was so awesome!" Naruto said and sat up and looked at his mom. "What's up?" he asked and the women stared at him in shock before her face turned to one of sorrow, her head nodded down towards her legs.

"It's time…" she whispered and Naruto looked down and saw that her legs were disappearing, the transparency was spreading upwards.

"But… I didn't get to tell you about the Rasengan…." Naruto whispered and suddenly his mom's eyes widened.

"How could I be so stupid!" she groaned and was prepared to slap her forehead but found that her arm was now transparent. "Naruto, in Konoha do you know where the hill behind the Hyūga compound is?" Kushina asked quickly and Naruto nodded slowly, he was tearing up as he watched his mother disappear.

"Yeah why?" he asked and scooted closer to her.

"there is a house up there, hidden within the forest. No one knew about it because there are powerful seals in place so that it is only detectable by those linked to it by blood. When you enter the forest you will see a large white rock. Cut your thumb and place your blood upon it, you should already be linked to it due to your father's blood. Afterwards keep walking forward and you'll see five more white rocks, do the same with each white rock. After you place your blood on all five rocks you'll see a house, place your blood on the scroll hanging from the door and you'll be able to enter." Kushina said and she looked down and gasped when she saw that her entire body was now see through, her head was the only thing still solid.

"the house is small! Single floor and single room with a bathroom! It's yours, but there's something more important than that. In the center o the room is a large futon mat that me and your father used to sleep on. Under it is a trap door that opens up to reveal a small cellar where me and your father have placed all of our scrolls and secrets. In there is your true inheritance!" Kushina said in desperation and Naruto nodded and knowing that his mothers time was short he threw himself forward and wrapped his arms around her, shocking them both when he found herself caught in his hold.

She hesitantly and hopefully raised her arms and was happy when they responded. She wrapped her son in the final hug he would receive from her and she smiled. "I love you Naruto." She whispered and he nodded fresh tears spilling down.

"I love you to mom…" he whispered.

"Make me and your father proud." Kushina said and Naruto pulled away from her in shock and stared into her eyes.

"Mom, my father! Who is he?" he shouted. He had forgotten all about the fact that he didn't know his father. Kushina's eyes widened and she began to speak to him in a quick tone.

"Your fath…ame….s….Na…ze….na…o…." Then she was gone… just like that Naruto had lost his mother again and his father's name escaped his grasp.

"Damn it!" the boy shouted and slammed his fist down into the white floor, but nothing happened. His fist just stopped and he felt no pain. "…" Naruto wiped away his tears and stood to his feet and as he rose the room around him began to shift and warp until he was back with his old foe.

The Kyūbi.

The demon was still held by the chains but when he appeared they began to fade, leaving a very angry demon. "That bitch! She dare hold me back…" Kyūbi growled and then roared at Naruto who stood with his head down, hair obscuring his features. "You weren't gone for that long mortal. It seemed as though you disappeared and reappeared a few seconds later. Did you get some new power? A pitiful way to attempt to beat me?" The Kyūbi roared and took a step forward, his anger radiating off of his body in waves. The demon was mad at everything in the world right now, he wanted to taste the blonde blood and flesh within his mouth but people kept interfering.

"Yeah, she gave me a new power… she gave me something I never had nor could I ever hope to get in my life but now she gave it to me. She gave me a mother's love, something she could only give and you know something furball?" Naruto asked in a cold and dark tone, making the Kyūbi stare at him with interest. "I found out why I never had that in the first place, I found out why I don't have that right now." The blonde growled; The Kyūbi began to grin as he saw Naruto about to give up, the boy was shaking in fear and sorrow. "Want to know what took that away?" Naruto asked, laughing slightly as he nodded his head at something.

"What you foolish mortal? End your games and let me feast on you already! I want my freedom!" The Kyūbi roared and Naruto waited for the beats to become silent and he slowly began to look up at the demon that crouched in front of him, waiting to pounce.

"A stupid fucking, worthless flea bag. The thing that took my mother away from me…" Naruto said and his head snapped up, his eyes were so cold that they could freeze an ice cube. "Was you!" he hissed.

The Kyūbi might have been angry but Naruto was pissed and he no longer cared about holding the Kyūbi back. He wanted to kill the demon in front of him.

This fight was personal.


Next chapter we get to see the outcome of the battle. Just a warning though, there is a very good chance that Naruto is going to go berserk on the Kyūbi. As to those of you who are feeling bad for out poor blond I feel for you. Every time he is about to find out who his father is something happens and he doesn't find out. First he couldn't figure out who Kakashi's sensei was, and then in that stadium Kakashi challenges Naruto's right to use his sensei's technique but Naruto doesn't really catch that part and he forgets about it. Poor kid. Anyways, two updates for this story… I think I'm going to take a small break.

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu – Water Release: Exploding Water Bullet Technique

Oni Katon: Nagareboshi – Demonic Fire Release: Exploding Fire Comet