Chapter 1 Hurt

She walked into my school, she had on the biggst smail, she did't know that today here live will be changed around.


A girl with short indigo hair looked up from her locker, she smiled shyly "h-hello, N-Naruto-kun" Hinata said, The blound smiled "say, Hinata yah cameing to hang around with us?" he asked, Hinata looked at him with her lavender eyes, "y-yes" she smiled as he grapped her hand, and began to drag her down the halls.

The blue eyed boy looked back at her, "good, becasue Sakura and Ino are going to that horroble host club" he muted, Hinata sighted here we go again "N-Naruto-kun it's n-not nice to be m-mean" she said shly, Naruto blinked "yeah whatever, hay why don't you go?" he asked her, Hinata sighted, "b-becasue i d-don't need to, i h-have a b-boyfriend" she blushed, as Naruto stopped walking and looked at her, Hinata looked into his eyes, and saw sadness, she was confused about it, did't he like that, he is her boyfriend, when Hinata was about to say samething, the sanness was gone, "yesh your right" he muted and begane to pull her again, N-Naruto-kun what are't you telling m-me.

When thay got to the back of the school, Naruto pulled Hinata, down to the sakura trees.

In the middle tree, was a boy with dark hair in a shap of a duck butt, Hinata smiled at him, he nodded, "yo Sasuke-teme" Naruto said with a happy smile "hn" he muted, next to him was a girl with her hair in to buns, "hay Hinata sit next to me" she smiled, Hinata nodded "y-your in a g-good mood T-Tenten" Hinata said, Tenten loughted, then on Sasuke's right was a boy his hair in a pony tail "hmmm" he sighted, "looking at clounds again, Shikamaru" said a girl with her hair in 4 pony tails "yeah Temair" Shikamaru said to his girlfriend, how just giggled. Hinata looked around, she smiled at the boy how was sitting on the tree he had long hair "hay N-Neji" Hinata whispered, Neji nodded, (there not family).

" so bitch's what's up to day?" Temair asked, Sasuke rolled his eyes, "hay were's Saku and Ino" Tenten asked looking around for the pink head and blound head, "at that host club" Naruto spat, "i don't see whats so cool about them" . "well dope thay make girls happy for same reason" Sasuke muted, "n-not all o-of them a-are boys" Hinata whispered, Tenten smiled "yesh thats right that Haruhi, person is a girl" Tenten said, Hinata looked at the floor, Haruhi never has time for her anymore, she is her best friend, she did't want Hinata to hang with Naruto that, she said Hinata would only get hurt, Hinata sighted, well she still talks to me in class thats samething, but then again the Hitachiin boys are all ways there.

Then suddenly the belly when

Sasuke got up frist and wait for Naruto and Tenten thay are in the same class, Hinata slowly got to her feet, she blinked a little she was in the same class as Shikamaru but he did't talk to her, Hinata sighted theres no reason for her to stay and wait. "b-bye N-Naruto-kun" Hinata said shly, Naruto nodded and Hinata stared to walked back to class.

Sasuke looked at Naruto, "you know, your only hurtting her" he muted, Naruto sighted " i tryed to say no to Sakura-chan really" Naruto said looking at the floor, "yeah, yeah"

After Class, Hinata began to walked to the Sakura trees, when she got there, she smiled. she can see Sakura and Naruto talking, Hinata did't think anything of it. She was about to say samething when she hear.

"Naruto-kun, when will you tall her" - Sakura

"i'll tall her soon" - Naruto

"Okay Naruto-kun" - Sakura

Hinata's eyes winden, no tears feel down her face, Naruto and Sakura lips toched, thay kissed, "w-why would h-he" Hinata could finshed what was saying, she truned and ran away crying

"H-Haruhi s-she was right, s-she was r-right"

Haruhi walked out of her class room, she sighted, she really missed her friend Hinata, all she doe's was hang with those horroble boys

"HARUHI" a girls voice cryed out, Haruhi trun around to the owner of the voice, Her eyes winden "Hinata" Haruhi called out when she realized she was crying she ran up to her and hugged her, "Hinata, whats wrong" she asked, Hinata cryed harder, "y-your r-right" Hinata cryed on her shoulder, when she said that Haruhi realized, what she was saying, thay hurt her, "what did thay do?" Haruhi asked darkly, Hinata shivered, "N-Naruto he, h-he cheated o-on me" Hinata cryed harder, Haruhi rubbed her back, " it's all right Hinata, hay i know you can hang around with me and the err boys" Haruhi said to her best friend.

Hinata looked at her "a-are you s-sure?" she asked, "yes i am Hina" Haruhi said, "a-alright, Haru" Hinata smiled shyly, then thay giggled

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