"why, the hell Hinata-baka gets to be with the hott guys" Ino cryed as thay walked down the hall, "yeah, what has she got that we don't" Sakura muted, Tenten sighted, Hinata was he friend why did she just dich us, to be with those idiots, Sasuke muted under his breth, waile Shikamaru yown, Neji and Naruto just stayed quit. "and is't she Naruto's girlfriend" Ino said, "errr......welll.......yeah, she is" Sakura said looking at the floor.

When thay got to the host club door, thay were more then shocked.

There was more boys then before, there are still lots of girls, but it was only 10 boys now it's more then 50 now.

"i wonder why there are so meny boys?" Sakura said, "it's got 2 girls now, and there both hott, and sexy" a radnom fan boy said, Naruto looked away, Sasuke smirked "jealous?" he whispered in his ear, Naruto's eyes winden, "n-no" he said shaking his head, "yeah, yeah" Sasuke smirked

waile this was happening, poor Hinata was conered bye the Hitachiin boys.

"are you saying that a book is more interesting than we are?" thay asked, Hinata blushed

"n-no i, d-did't mean i-it like t-that" she said, relizeing that she had hurt there feelings.

"Ma, I don't know. It's pretty insulting isn't it? A page full of gibberish, more important than us Hitachiin's." thay said hitting there cheast

"i'm s-sorry, so s-sorry, i d-did mean, t-to hurt y-your feelings, w-what can i d-do t-to make i-it up t-to you" she asked as she bowed over and over again, waile the Hitachiin smarked, and in the back ground Haruhi's eyes winden, 'she has no idea what she has done, saying that' she thoughted to her self.

"are you sure Hina-chan?" thay asked, Hinata sighted in confusion, "y-yes, Kaoru ,Hikaru" she said as she looked at them, everyone gasped, all but Haruhi, "you know who's, who?" Hunny asked, Hinata looked around,"d-dosn't everyone" she asked still confused, "no Hinata, only i know how to tell them apart" Haruhi said, "o-oh, hmmm, welll H-Hikaru is m-more outgoing t-then Kaoru, a-and he g-got a d-deeper v-voice then K-kaoru, waile K-Kaoru is m-more m-muted, t-then Hikaru, a-and Kaoru is m-more sweet, b-but at t-the e-end of the d-day Hikaru w-would not b-be Hikaru w-with out Kaoru, and it's t-the same f-for Kaoru" Hinata said, and sanked more into her kyuubi outfit.

Haruhi blinked "i never really thought of it like that" she muted, everyone agreed with Hinata, she was right, Thay twins smiled, becasue Hinata said more kinder then when Haruhi said it, then thay smarked,

"Hina-chan you need to do samething for us, becasue you hurt are feelings" thay said "i'll got open the door" Hunny giggled

"oh o-okay w-what would y-you like?" she asked, the twins smirked again, you see thay have liked Hinata since thay frist saw her she was kind and nice to them, and did't care about there looks, so thay know what thay wanted.

Naruto and the others walked thought the door and looked around the room, when thay saw her there eyes winden, Naruto gasped like a fish

"w-what would y-you l-like?" Hinata asked, thay hugged her in a sandwitched, "Hina-chan for hurting are feelings......" Hikaru sared, "we would like a kiss" Kaoru finshed, Hinata's eyes winden, it will be her first kiss

"o-okay" she whispered but thay heard her, Haruhi shack her head, waile Hikaru kissed her frist on the lips, then Kaoru, then thay both kiss her on the cheeks, Hinata gasped when she was free.

Later when everyone was leaveing, Hinata shyly walked up to the twins

"w-why did y-you want m-me to kiss you?" she ask, thay grinned "did't you like it?" Hikaru asked, Hinata epped and tack a step back when the boys stared to walk to her, "i-i umm" she said looking away, when she trun back, thay were in her face her eyes winden and she back up in till she could feel the wall, the twins were about to kiss her again when the feelt a killer sent feel the room, thay looked to the door, and standing there was

"N-Naruto" Hinata gasped, "Hinata-chan can i tallk to you?" he asked, the twins narrowed there eyes when he said -chan, only thay can say chan, Hinata was there's not his.

Out side the doors

"Hinata-chan what was you doing?" Naruto asked, Hinata looked at him in the eyes, she feelt a little hurt but other then that she feelt alright, unlike when she was with the twins, her eyes winden when she relized she l-like them more t-then friend, "i d-don't know w-what your taslking a-about" she said looking away from him.

"yes, you do, i saw you, you kiss them, then you wre going to kiss them again" he growed, Hinata gasped, "so what it's not l-like you care" she said in anger, "what do you mean" he asked, "i k-know okay, i-i saw you, with Sakura" Hinata said with tears welling up in her lavender eyes, "what" he asked, "Y-You said t-that you l-liked her, and w-was going to b-brack up with m-me, s-so i'm b-bumping y-you" she said with tears falling down her face, "but Hinata-chan i love you" he said, "n-no you d-don't you l-love S-Sakura" she whispered, "No i don't" Naruto said as he moved to hug her but she pushed him away, "i a-allready t-talled you w-were over" Hinata said, Naruto let out an angry grow, "FINE I DON'T CARE" He yelled and walked away leaveing a crying Hinata.

Hinata snifed, she stand there for a long time she rubbed her eyes, then moved and to open the doors, she pushed in letting her long indigo hair hid her face, Haruhi gasped and ran over to her, she pulled her to the girls bathroom, waile the boys walked over to eachother.

"What did that blound-teme do to her" growed the twins, "yeah what did he do to my doughter" Tamaki said shakeing his head

in the bathroom

"Hinata what did he do?" Haruhi asked, "h-he snife, we b-broke u-up" she said with tearss ranning down her face, "h-he loved h-her, h-he loved h-her Haruhi h-he l-loved Sakura" she cryed Haruhi rubbed her back, "hay it's okay, i think Hikaru and Kaoru like, like's you" she said with a warm smaile, Hinata looked at her, "r-really?" she asked, Haruhi nodded.

Thay wallked out the bathroom

"hay Hinata-chan are you allright?" Hunny asked, Hinata smiled "yes i-i'm allright" she said, "you sure, you don't want us to beat him up" Hikaru and Kaoru said, "y-yes i'm s-sure" Hinata giggled

Next tiem: Hinata and the devil twin get together, poor Hina-chan