Hey there, Dragon has landed. I just got this idea after reading a story from Path Unknown. I like this idea and so far I haven't seen anyone else do it so we will see where this takes me. It is set up around the time that Eragon first received the egg only there is going to be a bit of a twist. I will be keeping these chapters at least 1,000 words long. I am still working on my other story but this might help me get past the stupid writer's block that seems to be stalking me, (peeks around the corning just to see a block sliding along the sidewalk).

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Chapter 1

Eragon couldn't believe it. All that work and it just falls down the drain. He turned towards the explosion that scared off the deer. He edged closer to the spot, eying it wearily. It had to have been magic and as far as Eragon was concerned nothing but trouble came from dealing with magic.

As he got closer he noticed there was something in the crater that had been formed from impact. It was a stone; the most beautiful stone he had ever seen. Still on edge from its entrance he slowly knelt down and picked it up. It was lighter than it looked, roughly a pound he guessed. He studied it some more, it was a sapphire blue, as he looked closer there were veins of a lighter shade all around it. It looked quite valuable, he wondered if it might help him with his problem that it helped create.

He placed it in his pack and started his journey back home.

It took a few days, he had gone very deep into the Spine in order to catch that deer. He hoped it would still be worth it. Hopefully he could sell what he had found. His thoughts kept returning back to the stone. He didn't know what it was about that blue gem that was making him want to keep it, but he had to sell it, Garrow was expecting him back any day now; they needed the meat, winter was almost upon them. He was about half a day from the village when he felt a movement in his bag. Frowning he stopped and took it off. The bag twitched as it hung in the air. His frown deepened. He didn't have anything alive in it and the only thing that could have crawled in while he was sleeping was a snake. But he would have noticed right away if one had gotten in. Maybe it was some sort of lizard. He slowly lowered the bag to the ground. He unfastened the clasp and looked for a stick.

Locating one he slid it under the flap and quickly flicked it open. Nothing came out. He frowned again, looks like he would have to get rid of it the hard way. He walked up to it and looked down. He didn't see anything, suddenly the bag jerked to the side spilling the contents. The stone rolled out a few feet before stopping. He cursed as he quickly gathered his things, forgetting about the creature he thought was hiding in his pack, but as he reached for the stone it jerked right out of his reach. A shocked look landed on his face. It wasn't an animal it was the stone. Quickly getting up he scooped the rock up before it could jerk away again. He noticed that it was much heavier then when he found it. Curious he tried to figure out how much the weight had changed. It now felt like it was around 3 pounds, maybe four.

This was getting to be too strange for Eragon. Not only was its arrival weird but he had no idea what it was or made of, and now it was getting heavier. He contemplated leaving it in the Spine, but then again maybe he could sell it and not have the buyer notice its odd movements until he was already gone. He would just have to not mention that it was from the Spine. Most people didn't really like it and he knew that some didn't really approve of Eragon hunting in it either.

The stone seemed to have calmed down, at least it wasn't moving anymore, so Eragon started to put it into his bag again. However, as he was just about to place it back in, it jolted out of his hand and bounced onto the ground rolling 6 feet away. He scowled at it, apparently it didn't feel like going anywhere, he would have to hold it instead. He didn't like that option, too many people would notice it right away and would instantly know where he had gotten it. He went and picked up the stone again. Glaring at it, he tucked it under his arm and picked up his bag. He had half a day left, he could figure something out.

As he walked though he heard a very loud noise. Startled he almost dropped his bag, but he did drop the stone. He had felt a vibration in it the exact same time he heard the noise. He glared at the stone, it just did not want to cooperate with him at all. He looked at it as it started to rock back and forth. Then there was that noise again. A crack started to form on the stone, Eragon froze. The noise happened more and more, he started to realize that it was a tapping sound. As cracks kept forming on the stone, he started to edge back just a little. He didn't know what was in it or what it could do; but there was definitely something coming out of that sto-no an egg, the biggest egg he had ever seen.

As the cracks started to spread even more they finally connected all the way around the egg. With one final tap it broke clean in half, and standing right in front of the shocked Eragon was a dragon hatchling.

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