Prologue: The bad news

It is news that most people regret. The words 'you have colon cancer, Sid' struck me like a brick hitting my skull multiple times. I've almost died twice in my life; do I need to die again? I'll be getting massive amounts of chemo to get rid of the cancer. I'm scared… scared to death

One by one everyone stopped by. Mac and Stella came first of course; they gave me flowers, Danny and Lindsay gave me a nice get well soon card, Don gave me a ticket to see the Bucket List, Adam gave me ticket to cruise around the world in a Carnival Cruise liner and Sheldon gave me $4,000 to help pay for my chemo.

They were the nicest things anyone has ever done to me in years. A few tears fell down my face. "M-Mac if I don't make it…," I began bawling. "I-I want you to be my-my pallbearer…"

"Sid…, don't say that…"

"Mac… how can I not?" I stared at the ground. "I'm dying…"