"Oh my god, Hubby this is beautiful!" Vanille cheered happily as she jumped around the soft grass and the admired the lovley view of pulse.

Bradley had set up a picnic in the grass for his fianc'e. Smiling with happiness at Vanille's obvious joy he sat down and lend out a hand for her to take. She gladly accpeted and sat down beside him. She kissed his cheek.

"Made you're favorite." He said before pulling off a cloth revealing Vanilles favorite foods, Strawberrys and Banana smoothies, Breakfast sandwiches, Apple pie, And Mash potatos. Vanille's mouth was like a small waterfall. Brad only chuckled.

"When did you get the time to make all this?" Vanille asked while engulfing some apple pie. Brad scratched his head, Which was a mannerism of his when he was about to gloat.

"Well, I had some free time and you know how good of a cook i am." He stated. He wrapped a hand around the red haired girls waist. Vanille took the time to stop scarfing down the pie to look up.

"Now that we're alone..," He trailed off as he leaned in to kiss Vanille, But surprisingly he stopped and layed his head on her's. "You know you look really cute right now.." He said. Vanille had a smudge of banana smoothie on the side of her face. Brad leaned in more and licked it off her face slightly making Vanille blush a crimson color.

"Br-Brad!" Vanille gasped. Brad laughed.

"What's wrong? cat got your tougue?" He teased.

"N-no.." Vanille defended weakly.

"Than what?" Brad whispered in her ear.

"I..Love you you big idoit." Vanille admitted, Brad head shot up in surprise. Of course he knew that but he didn't expect her to say that.

"I..I love you too baby cakes." He replied while stroking her pony tails awkardly. She giggled, than out of nowhere he did to. After a moment of unknowningly traced laughter they stopped and looked into each others eyes..As they leaned in for what's meaning to be a passionate kiss-

"HEY GUYS!" Snow's loud drunk voice yelled from a distance. The couple jumped away from each other. Brad grew an anger vein from the recent disturbance.

"The hell is this?!" He shouted as a Drunk Snow and Sazh trouted over.

"Hey what's up over *Hicup* here?" Snow slured his words.


"Hey no need t- *Hicup* Yell..Whatever seeya man!" Snow giggled as he left the now recked scene.

"Geeze.." Vanille sighed with irritation. Brad's expression turned to a dissipointed one. He wouldn't be able to do anything romantic with the young woman for quite sometime.

"I'm sorry babe, i ju-" As brad tried to explain himself he was cut off by his lover.

"No Brad, i'm just happy that you did this for me. Thanks anyway." She said smiling.

"You know...I could make it up to you on our honeymoon.."