~Four months later~

Rebecca and Devin were in guerilla position, psyching themselves up for their match.

"You alright, Beck?" Devin asked, checking for the umpteenth time that her friend could handle this.

"I'm fine, Devin. I'll be just fine. Really," she assured, not believing the words herself.

"You know, you don't have to do this. You could ask Teddy to say something to-"

"No! No, it's fine. I'll survive."

Devin opened her mouth to check again, just in case, when their music- How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday- hit.

A loud cheer shot from the crowd as the kayfabe Vengeance twins made their way down the ramp.

They slid into the ring in perfect synchronization, making their opponents, Michelle McCool and Jillian Hall, take a few steps back.

Rebecca grinned at Michelle, loving the intimidated look on her face.

Devin slid out onto the apron, Jillian doing the same, and the match was started.

Before either woman could lay a hand on each other, however, a bell tolled.

The arena went black and Rebecca's heart stopped cold.

She had been pretty sure she was able to handle this, but now she wasn't so convinced.

"You sure you're alright?" Devin asked quietly, joining her "sister" in the ring as Michelle and Jillian scrambled up the ramp.

"I'm fine," she answered quietly.

"Hello, ladies," a gravelly voice greeted through a microphone.

Rebecca and Devin turned around to be met with the sight of the Undertaker standing in front of them.

'This was planned,' Rebecca reminded herself. her face showing the genuine fear coursing through her veins.

"I've been watching you, Dodger. Since the day you and your sister came here, I've shadowed your every step."

A shudder ripped through Rebecca's body as his words sunk in.

There wasn't a doubt in her mind that he'd done just that.

"I've noticed that you and Daylin have picked up a few friends on the roster," he continued, a malicious grin on his face.

Okay. Now she was confused.

Friends? There was nothing about friends in the script she'd been given.

"Yeah, we have." She answered, fighting hard to keep the bite in her voice. "So?"

He merely nodded his head toward the titantron.

Rebecca was hesitant.

Firstly, looking at the titantron required her turning her back to Mark.

Secondly, after he had nodded toward the screen, a horrified gasp had left the crowd.

Finally she managed to convince herself that looking was more important, and she turned to face the screen.

Now she knew he was off-script.

Matt was bound tightly to a wooden chair, a gag in his mouth.

He was struggling violently, eyes pleading with Rebecca.

"MATT!" She cried, unable to suppress it.

Concerned by her friend's shout, Devin turned around, an equally terrified cry leaving her.

"Let him go, Mark," Rebecca demanded, careful not to speak into the microphone. "He has nothing to do with this."

"He does," Mark objected. "And he's not the only one."

Her heart froze in her chest.

'Mike!' Her mind screamed.

A sigh of relief left her as the screaming electric guitar of his entrance blasted through the arena.

Mike slid into the ring, standing closely behind Rebecca.

"Matt's gonna be fine, Rebecca. John's looking for him right now," he assured her.

Another terrified gasp left the crowd, and Devin squeaked.

An evil laugh blanketed the arena, and Rebecca barely repressed a shriek.

She'd know that laugh anywhere.

Glenn Jacobs.

But what was Glenn doing there?

She was afraid to find out.

A cry of pain was heard, and now she knewshe didn't want to look.

It wasn't Matt who had cried out.

Mike whipped around at the sound of his best friend's shout.


Now that Rebecca was the sole person looking at Mark, she refused to turn her back to him in case he should try to take advantage of their distraction.

John cried out again as Glenn lifted him from the ground by his hair.

Devin winced at the sound, her eyes trained on his face.

Rebecca's vision went red, anger coursing through her body at the cry.

"YOU LET THEM GO!" she screamed, lunging at Mark.

Mike managed to grab her arm and pull her back before she could get herself hurt.

Mark smirked as the lights went out, and he vanished.

"What a....strange series of events we witnessed this evening, Cole," Rebecca heard faintly from the announce table.

'So they're going to play it off,' she thought.

"Can't argue with you there, King. This was Monday Night RAW from Atlanta. Thanks for watching."