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Red and white,

brown and blue.

It's all the same

to me and to you.


We both fought them,

both knew one.

Killed some of them too.

Their lightsabers fimiliar,

and their fa├žade the same.

Always act so kindly,

until you play their game.

We even knew one that turned,

you to me,

and I to you.


We both were one,

and some we fought.

In training though,

and always with thought.

Killed them?

Oh never,

that was your play.

But me,

I always went against your way.

No Sith ever turned,

as the green troll said.

Though I know you hope for different,

my lightsaber no more red.

During war, there always a difference,

to kill,

or be killed.

We always chose the former.

There always was a difference,

until that fateful day.

Then we separated mercilessly,

and drove the lines away.


I still see no difference.

I know you share my view.

Red and white,

brown and blue.

They're all the same

to me and you.

This kinda came out of nowhere. My art teacher mentioned that red and blue are different. And I thought that they weren't, to a point. And WHAM this idea hit me on the head. And, tada! You read it! Now how about that review, down wonder with those green letters.