Disclaimer-I own nothing

Across the stars.

What a despicable plea.

Can't you see,

it's just you and me?

There's no more racing,

no more to hide.

We're free now, darling,

to do what you please.

You beg and you plead,

but there is no use.

Why should we run

when no reason you give?

No reason, at least,

that makes sense to me.

"While we still can"

Don't you see,

don't you listen?

Plenty of time,

to go where we glisten.

-Who is that?

Is this why you ask?

Is there some meaning

behind those sick words?

You bring him to kill me,

not to bring me home!

How dare you!

I have killed milions for,

I gave you the galaxy!

And yet,

you're with him,

and you act like it's nothing.

You try to speak,

to tell me you love me.

But listen my sweet,

it's way too late.

As soon as he walked down-

we sealed your fate.

The last four lienes in italics are Anakin speaking too, not just Vader. Just so you're not confused.