Title of story Cagney and Lacey go horse riding.

I do not own Cagney and Lacey characters I have written this story for other fans to enjoy.

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I all so had help writing this story because of my dyslexia I had help with my other stories

Cagney and Lacey living in the UK

Cagney and Lacey go to court.

Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the uk.

Monday the 3rd of June 2011. The time is 9am

All is at peace in the Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family H is getting on with her life and hasn't had any problems with Max Evens.

Mary Beth and Chris are on their way to Judge Buck Weston's ranch to see how their two adopted family members are doing on their horse riding holiday with their friends Joe Hope and Twinkle Wilson.

But here was one unwelcome tagalong that had followed them it was Lisa penny that still has grunge against Twinkle H Alex and Joe.

Mary Beth.

"What you up to Chris?"


"Chekiang my emails Mary Beth my dear."

"There's one from H and Alex."

Unknown to them both after the email was sent a couple of days later Twinkle Wilson had passed away H Twinkle Alex and Joe horses was spooked by Lisa twinkle's horse had bucked her off and she had died of her injuries.

Lisa all so locked Alex H and Joe in run-down barn all night.

Mary Beth.

(Turning Chris's laptop so she could see the email and the photo on the screen.)

"Wow! Just look at them all they look their having fun."

"I'm not sure about climb up on to one of them Chris?"


"Well if the young's can climb up on one of them then we can."

"Don't worry Mary Beth they look pretty safe."

Mary Beth.

"What else do H and Alex have to say?"


"Happy birthday Chris sorry it's a bit late."

"Hope you will enjoy your horse ridding classes."

"See you and Mary Beth soon love from H and Alex."

Mary Beth.

"We nearly there Chris."

There was a big sign saying welcome to Blue Sky Ranch in bright blue written Buck Weston's ranch is based in France