Friday the 8th of June 2011 the time is 4pm.

Alex H and Joe are packed and ready to go home even they haven't been up that long because they have all got a really bad hang over from the night before.

Mary Beth and Chris were waiting for them in the min bus.


"Nice of you to join us."


"Auntie Ruby have you got any aspirin."

"I could have please I have got one hell of a headache."


(Passing Joe a bottle of water and two aspirins.)

"There you go."

"Looks like H and Alex are already gone to get into the min bus."


"I said my good byes to all of them before I can in here to you."

"I decided that want to stay."

"If that's ok with you?"


"That fine with me Joe my love and dose H and Alex know?"


(Giving Ruby a hug.)

"They do know and I know."

"I need to be near family at this time."

Now in the min bus on their way home Mary Beth and Chris where passing H and Alex a bottle of water and H was sat next to Mary Beth.

Chris was sat Alex.


(Putting her arm around Alex.)

"You all right Alex?"


(Now in tears.)

"I'll be ok Chris I'm just really upset about."

"Leaving Joe behind."

"H she lost two friends Twinkle and Gem."


(Peeping over the headrest at H and Mary Beth.)

"Don't worry about H we here for her."

"We here for you too."

Mary Beth.

(Turning around and now peeping over the headrest at Chris and Alex.)

"How are you two doing at the back there?"


"We alright Mary Beth someone still a bit upset."

Mary Beth.

"Chris will get them throw this."

"They been throw the worst of it"


"Mary Beth!"

"Looks like someone could do with your help?"

Mary Beth had turned round and had passed H a bag just in case she going to be sick.

Mary Beth.

(Brushing H's hair out from front of her face and talking softly.)

"H my love you look dreadful!"

"You not going to be sick are you?"


(Looking at Mary Beth and given her a half smile)

"No ma'am I'm fine."

Mary Beth.

(Putting her arm around H.)

"You sure you ok?"


(Now crying and had cried out in pain because she's still in pain from falling into the pig pen the day before.)

"Mary Beth have you got any painkillers handy?"

Mary Beth.

"One bottle of water and some aspirin for you."


(Having a moth full of water before answering Mary Beth and still crying.

"Thank you Mary Beth."

"I hope we didn't spoil yours and Chris's holiday?

"I really miss Gem and Twinkle so much."

Mary Beth.

(Now holing H and she had moved H's head so it was resting on her shoulder.)

"Sh now we all here for you and no you didn't spoil our holiday"

"Now close your eyes and get some sleep."

Mary Beth.

(Now talking to Alex.)

"You too Alex you need some sleep too."


"Hay Mary Beth there's no need to tell Alex."

"He's a sleep."

Mary Beth.


"Chris we want belong till we back at home."

It want be long before they are back at home and in their own beds at Summer Set Rise College.

The end.

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