Bri Nara Production

This is a bunch of guesses put together. I promised Suka-sempai I would make a "Naruto Discover the Internet", and this is the result. -__-"


There was a random light-brown-haired boy sitting at a computer. Then Naruto came up behind him and asked "What are you doing?"

"Um, playing on the Internet."

"What's the Internet?"

Meanwhile at the same time, Akatsuki were trying out their new computer.

Google is great

Ino and Sakura was messing around with Nezumi's computer and the first thing they found was Google.

"Hey, Ino. This thing searches everything."

"Can it get me a picture of Sai?"

Sakura googled 'Sai' and got 10000000 smoking hot pictures of him. Both of them drooled over the monitor.

"What about Sasuke?"

Sakura googled Sasuke, and they got about infinity hot pictures of him. They started cheering like men at a football game.


Profits from eBay

"Naruto?! What the heck do you think you're doing?!" Tsunade roared.

"I'm getting a Sakura plushie!" said Naruto as he clicked the order button.

"You just ordered 100, you idiot!! And with my credit card!!"


"... I'll give you 5 seconds to run..."

...Meanwhile with Akatsuki...

"Kakuzu? Have you seen my scythe anywhere?"

"Yeah, it's with 'ImaHidanfangirl911.'" (Made-up screen name.)

"It's with who?!"

"People will buy anything off of eBay." That's all he said before Hidan started strangling him.

Then Konan walked into the room. "If you sold my flower on eBay, you're going to need more stitches."

Yay for Youtube

All of the ninja from the Leaf and Sand Villages were staring blankly at the screen, because they all just finished seeing the first 20 episodes of Naruto Abridged.

"Huh? Do I really sound that annoying to you guys?" Naruto asked.

"Yes," they all answered.

"I'm not that lame, right?" Sakura asked.




...Meanwhile with Akatsuki...

The Akatsuki had seen many many Akatsuki fan flashes. They finished seeing the Kisame, Tobi, and Hidan Shows and now those three members were having a massive argument about who's show was better.

Now Deidara, Zetsu, Kakuzu, Pein, and Konan were laughing there heads off at almost every funny Itachi video available. Itachi was sulking in an emo corner after he saw the video of him die laughing.

But they all stopped laughing after they finally found a video of the entire Akatsuki doing Carameldansen.


They all immediately got off Youtube.

Fantastic effects of fanfictions

Deidara covered his eyes, and ran out of the room screaming "AAH! THE YAOI! IT BURNS!!!"

The Akatsuki were looking at , and they found many fanfictions that... caused more than one member to run out screaming. The only ones left in the room were Itachi, Zetsu, Tobi, Pein, and Konan. (Everyone else went to get mind-soap after reading their yaoi pairings). Zetsu was incredibly happy that he didn't get as many pairings. Everything was fine until they found a rated M fanfic.


"Leader, I don't get what they're doing."

"When you're older, Tobi."

Meanwhile in the Leaf Village...

"Shikamaru... C'mere and see this." Choji said.

Shikamaru's eyes widened as he looked at the screen. "Uh... Who wrote this?"

"Someone named 'Bri Nara'."

"And she's my fangirl? Great."

"C'mon, cheer up. It could be worse."

"How? I'm tortured in her fanfics. And I have a feeling somethings about to happen in the next 5 seconds."

"What could possibly happen?"

Suddenly a random hand came out of the computer and grabbed Shikamaru.

"OH MAN!!!"

Then he got pulled into the computer as Choji wondered What the heck just happened?!