What does it feel like, waking up and feeling like you aren't yourself? What does it feel like to hurt inside, then just let it all out? What about the times you just look up at the ceiling and say "Why me?"

What is my escape? I don't own an escape, for I am a slave to whatever runs this place called home. Called Earth. Called the universe. Nobody knows what the heck is out there, so why should I care. What does it matter if it is destroyed? I wouldn't be there to see it. Well, actually I would, so in another instance I am automatically a slave to it. Again, am I that important. Wake me up, I must be freakin' dreaming. But I know I'm not. Even my dreams are real. And now THIS has to happen! Lovely. My life is so wonderful. It hurts to even mention the word "wonderful" any more because nothing is. Nothing is wonderful. Just another blip on the map of this wide world universe that I cannot stand. I wish, just wish, I could create my own universe. Maybe then, then I could prove it. To prove that I am going insane. Somebody needs to help me.


I'm suffocating, what is happening to me. Kyon never goes insane. He doesn't sound like this. Act like yourself. Calm down.


Deep breaths. This isn't like you


Who are those voices? I really am going insane! Am I paranoid? I need committed before these voices tell me to kill someone.


Don't give up


You can wake up now